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High-quality standard ball bearing construction skateboards ensures a smooth experience for performing any style of skateboarding.

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  • Concave feature to provide maximum control
  • Easy to manoeuvre attractive design
  • Highly comfortable bamboo and maple wood construction
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  • Produces great speed with ball bearings
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  • appealing brand apparel for luxury looks
  • Highly-resistant and durable deck productions
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  • Slimeball wheel for easily moving
  • Floral and classic dot hand pattern skateboard
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  • Goat dude Sandoval and skateboard
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  • Polymer material layer with comfortable grips

Buyers Guide To Purchasing Skateboard For Beginners


A Fantastic Sports that involves performing and riding tricks is what skateboarding is. This action sport requires a skateboard that enables the skater to slide along the traverse path comfortably. Carefully crafted skateboards can indeed make skateboarding much more relaxed and fun. There are numerous skateboard brands currently available. In addition to a sports activity, skateboarding is practiced as a recreational activity or a means of transportation. Best skateboard brands produce commodities that carry the rider comfortably, skate along with minimal abrasion, and are durable.

A good quality skateboard makes the act effortless and more comfortable, thereby making it more enjoyable. Let it be a beginner or an expert, a functionally devised design of skateboard can help a lot in learning or improving the skating skills of the personnel.

This article attempts to discuss different aspects of skateboards. The things to be noted while buying these riding platforms, benefits of this product, the different types, and the means of assembling it are discussed in detail in this article.

If you are someone with even the slightest interest in the sport of skating, the following excerpts are just for you. Read on to find more details in this regard.

Different Types Of Skateboards Available Online

Modern days have seen the coming of skateboards in different shapes and forms. However, things were not the same in olden days, where the wooden or clay wheeled skateboards were the only type available. With time, the material of manufacture of the board has evolved. This is why skateboarding lovers these days are blessed with plenty of them on their doorstep. Have a look,

Mini Skateboards

During the times, when the act of skateboarding was gaining popularity, the mini boards were the standard boards resorted to. However, nowadays, these types of boards are usually possessed by the children category. The characteristic feature of this type of board is the small size of these, as the name suggests.

Old School Skateboards

Do you want to identify an old school skateboard? Notice the deck. If it resembles a fishtail, it belongs to this category. These types of boards come up with a variety of graphics.

Cruiser Boards

Any type of skateboards can be converted into cruiser boards. Wondering how? Just replace the wheels of the original board with softer ones, and there you are with the cruiser boards. These type boards combine both speed and fun in the same mix.

Mini Cruiser

You have learned about mini boards and cruiser boards. As you might have expected, these type of boards combines the features of both of these boards. That is the small size of mini boards blended with the broader and softer wheels of cruiser skateboards. The drawback of this type of board is that they are suitable only for cruising and not for performing tricks. But the miniature size makes it convenient and handy.


As the name indicates, these are boards that come in long lengths. When compared with a cruiser board, they are longer and broader. These are more reliable boards. The characteristic feature of such boards is the soft wheels.

Longboards suit the beginners best as they have a better-balanced structure and thus make the riding comfort. For cruising or downhill racing, what better than this type of board.

Downhill Skateboards

These boards are dedicated to skaters traversing long distances or for professional skaters. The advantage of such boards is that you can proceed at high speeds without any wobbles or disruptions.

Based On Users Skillset

The choice of skateboards will vary with the amount of expertise you have in the sport. Skateboards have to choose those that match your level of skill and experience in the arena carefully.

Skateboard For Beginners

Being a beginner, you should choose the one that promotes a safe and comfortable board that is easy and smooth to operate. Once you have acquired the required level of competency, you are free to choose the higher grade ones. Longboards are most suitable for beginners. Manoeuvring, hopping and cruising can be achieved easily with this type compared to other ones available.

Skateboard For Intermediate Level

If you are already into the sport and acquired some skills in it, but you don't have all the expertise and confidence to skate like a professional, then you fall to this level. You need not rely on simple longboards and start practising in downhill skateboards. Start slowly and get your pace once you are all set and feel confident enough.

Skateboard For Professionals

Once you become a professional, you get all the freedom to choose the skateboard from the board to the bolts. Try out different ones and find the one that is most suitable and comfortable for you to skate. Downhill skateboards are preferable for professionals. You can hop, grip and flip along the traverse at a competent pace.

Things to Consider While Buying A Skateboards

The act of skating very much relies on the skateboard that you choose. As mentioned before, a carefully designed skateboard can make things easy and comfortable. Thus, you are destined to get more entertained and thrilled with this fantastic sports activity. Some of the best skateboard brands are available in the market these days.

The most popular Ambush Skateboard brands possess some of the design features that render the skateboard an authentic look as well functionally active. With several skateboard brands available these days, it is no wonder that one often gets confused with landing on one for you.

Matters can turn out more confusing if you are a beginner. However, you need to worry as there are numerous best skateboard brands for beginners. So, what are the things to be noted while purchasing the skateboard for you? The requirements are listed in the following excerpts.

Select The Right Outlet

By choosing the best skateboard shops, things seem to be half done. This is because if you note a few more aspects, you are destined to pick the most suitable and best skateboard brand for you or something close to it.

Pick The Right Size

Yes, picking the correct size of the skateboard is inevitable to help you skate comfortably without toppling or slipping. Right-sized skate shoes and boards will play an essential role in how effortlessly you can ride along with the board.


The selection of deck size depends on the nature of the terrain that you are likely to skate over. For instance, if you intend to ride along a park or riding pool, then it would require a deck of size 8" or more. However, if you are riding over the streets, then a deck size of 7.5" to 8" would suffice.

If you are a beginner and have not yet turned up your mind on where you are going to ride over, then it is better to begin with a deck with 30" length and 8" width. Some of the best skateboard deck brands are available.

Skateboard Wheels

It is to be noted here that a park skating wheel will be usually more massive than the skating wheels resorted to streets. This makes the street skating wheels easier to flip and promotes higher responsibility. The size of wheels is typically specified in mm range.

A street skater shall have a wheel of size 49 mm to 52 mm. That is the best skateboard wheel for the street. If you intend a vert or transition skating, then a wheel size in the range 54 mm to 60 mm would be sufficient. This greater size helps to cover a higher surface area, resulting in greater speeds.


Deck size should be checked before deciding upon the truck size. The truck size should be arrived at such that it complements with the deck size. Ensure that the width of the deck and axle length are complementary. This means that the trucks and deck width should fit against each other. This can eliminate the possibilities of situations where they do not either stick in or stick out too much. Instead, they shall be aligned against each other. Considering a standard case so that you get a rough idea on this regard, a 149 truck size suits best for an 8" deck.


As skateboards these days come in a wide variety of shapes, it is no wonder that you get confused in the beginning. Thus, you might not be able to figure out your taste and preference at first. However, once you get over your beginner board, you can try out various deck shapes. You might most probably like some of the forms better.

Begin skating with a conventional board and master it. There is no recommendable shape. It all lies in your preference. On considering the form, you have the freedom to choose what best suits you by trying out different types.

Material Quality

Material quality indeed matters a lot. Since skateboarding boards are often subjected to abrasion and frictional forces, a material that is good enough to sustain these forces is most desirable. Good quality material ensures durability and thus makes it long lasting. Nowadays, skateboards are available in diverse kinds of stuff. This is unlike olden times when skateboards come only in two or three elements.

Now, the user gets the freedom to choose from a multitude of materials available. A most popular material used up in this regard is the Canadian maple. The stability it renders and the wood quality makes it one of the best materials that can be employed for skateboard making. Boards made out of Baltic Birch plywood and bamboo are also liked by many. A much cheaper alternative is plastic. Also, fiberglass decks and aluminum has several users.

Comfortable Gripping

Element skateboarding is a sports activity that requires a great deal of flipping and gripping. In that context, to perform the act effortlessly, the quantum of comforts it provides in terms of gripping is quite essential. This, in turn, determines how effortlessly one can skate over the board.

Hence, this becomes one of the essential parameters while you are going to purchase a skateboard. Irrespective of whether you are a beginner, intermediate or a professional, a skateboard that offers comfortable gripping is of prime importance.

Bolt And Bearings

Mounting bolts are available as a set of 8 bolts and nuts. The connection between the trucks and deck can be established using bolts. These come in different sizes and brands, thereby providing a wide range of choices to make. It comes in various lengths, colour, type etc. Commonly used ones in skateboards are the ones without riser pads with 7/8". Another widely used size is 1".

The wheel is allowed to roll on its axle utilizing bearings. A body similar to a disk encases two shields. In this, some balls (6,7 or 8) are enclosed. Most bearings come in the universal standard size. There are certain brands which use removable shields. This feature is incorporated to facilitate lubrication and cleaning.


Indeed, skateboarding is cool and has numerous physical and mental benefits. However, there might be times when you will not find it that cool. This is when you get into some accident. To protect you from the undesirable, protective gears play an important role.

The commodities that come under protective gears are suitably fitting helmets, wrist guards, elbow pads and knee pads, shatterproof glasses or goggles and closed-toe shoes. In cases of any likely danger, while skateboarding, there is a good chance that you will not be harmed significantly provided you wear these protective gears.

Proven Health Benefits Of Skateboarding

Like most other sports, skateboarding also has numerous benefits which are predominantly health-based. Both physical and mental wellness is what it has to offer in a nutshell. The advantages of taking a ride on a skateboard have numerous benefits, which are detailed below.

Complete Fitness

Do you want to burn up calories? Does your heart yearn to get back in shape? Why not go skateboarding. The amount of calories that are used up or burned while performing this act is way higher than most other physical activities. An estimation of the calories consumed is anywhere between 150 calories to 500 calories.

Being Flexible

Isn't it so tempting how the body twists and turns while a person skateboarding? Perhaps, you might be someone who falls flat in how a skater bends and flexes his/her body and has made up your mind to master the skill.

Indeed, everybody part moves while you ride over the skateboard. There are not many sports that engage your body as much as skateboarding does.

Stress Relief

Like most physical activity, this sport also plays a role in helping you relieve stress. This is often why many people use this as an act for recreation. From this hectic world of tensions and stress, people are subjected to poor mental health.

In this era, where caring for mental health is mostly gaining significance, why not take some time for yourself. Engage in this entertaining act and get out of the world of the stress for a while.

How To Assemble A Skateboard?

Assembling a skateboard can be challenging if you are a beginner. However, by following carefully the steps mentioned below, you are more likely to gather in the right manner.

Griptape application is the first step of assembling once you have the products and associated parts of the skateboard purchased. Remove excess grip tape, if any. Bolt holes shall be poked out. In the direction of skateboard holes, risers have to be aligned. Truck installation follows. Insert bearing to the wheels. Wheels to be installed on trucks. Ensure adequate tightening. The skateboard has been assembled and is ready to go skating.

Few Words To Summarize

Skateboarding is a fantastic sports activity that can engage most parts of your body as well as gives you mental relief. However, to get the correct essence of fun and joy, a careful selection of skateboard and its parts is mandatory. The right choice of boards can enable you to skate effortlessly and enjoy the sport thoroughly. The benefits of performing the sport, the things to be noted while you are buying skateboards, the different types of the skateboard, the boards suitable for beginners, intermediates and experts are detailed in this article.

The details mentioned in this article shall certainly help you identify the best skateboard brands for you. Choosing the top skateboard brand can help you enhance the thrill of skateboarding and thus obtaining the most out of it. So, why not place the orders for your skateboard today itself. Get the most suitable Bamboo Skateboard for Beginners that matches your forte. Get ready to have all the fun in the world with the top skateboard brands.

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