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Highly reflective and sophisticated finish shower heads helps to personalize the shower experience with multiple spray modes.

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  • Concentrated rinse with two fully functional sprays
  • Advanced and self-pressurizing rainshower technology
  • Easy cleaning with a rubber spray nozzle
  • Velocity showerhead of adjustable water flow
  • Best shower heads for pressure
  • Iconic style with a solid brass concentration
  • Head patented streams 360° system effortlessly
  • Features corrosion-resistant metal finish construction
  • Efficient showerhead plungers to control water flow
  • Best shower heads for hard water
  • Patented nozzle delivers secure and full spray patterns.
  • Beautifully polished chrome finish
  • Convenient shower heads for large drops
  • Best shower heads for low pressure
  • Luxurious feel with higher-water pressure
  • Constructed with lightweight ABS plastic
  • Swivel ball for easy adjustment of shower head angles
  • Controls the water flow with restrictor
  • Best shower heads for walk-in showers
  • Efficient and self-cleaning spray holes
  • Reduces the time spent scrubbing and cleaning
  • Provides more warmth with broad patterns
  • Adjustable spray allows for drenching shower
  • Durable deluxe design for peerless function
  • Rust-resistant chrome finish
  • Multiple settings of spray options
  • Heat resistant solid ABS construction
  • Best shower heads for couples
  • Clean jets for drenching high-power rainfalls shower
  • Advanced built-in water sensors
  • Colour changes functionality for water temperatures.
  • Best shower heads for outdoor showers
  • Five setting overhead shower option
  • Waste-saving economy rain and pause
  • Conical brass hose nuts for easy hand tightening
  • Best shower heads for massage
  • Compact and superior rain spray at low pressure
  • Easy to clean and silicone jets prevent hard water.
  • Streamlined shapes make the shiny look.
  • Durable brass ball connection to prevent leakages
  • Best shower heads for the master bath
  • 100% stain-resistant chrome-plated finish
  • Cleaner and more energetic shower with high-pressure
  • Built-in microban lifetime antimicrobial protection
  • Dual-zone antimicrobial and anti-clog nozzles
  • Best shower heads for maximum pressure

How to Choose the Best ShowerHead For Your Home?


Did you know that an average American spends at least 13 minutes in the shower each day? Bathing has become more than a daily ritual to maintain hygiene. Taking a good shower not just refreshes you. It also relieves your stress, improves blood circulation, and eases body pain. Good Home Appliance like showerheads play a crucial role in the overall showering experience. Without the right showerhead, you will be deprived of the complete benefits of taking a shower, and it can also lead to massive wastage of water.

That is why right at the time that you decide to buy a new showerhead, you must make a well-thought decision and opt only for the best shower heads. Today, showerheads are available in different designs, materials and are made to function under different water pressure. Given the extensive number of available choices, selecting the right one can be quite a tricky task. Having a good understanding of showerheads can help you in making the right choice, as per your needs.

What is a Shower Head?

A showerhead is an essential component that completes your shower system. It is that piece through which the water sprays out when you turn on the shower valve. Its primary function as a part of the shower system is to dispense the water for final use. Along with the valve, it also plays a vital role in regulating the amount of water that you finally receive. The best shower head kits include other components such as bath faucets and valves that complete the entire system.

Why Are Shower Heads So Popular?

Shower heads are a popular piece of hardware that is installed in almost every household. The shower heads reviews enumerate several factors for which shower heads are so popular. Chief among these is that it doubles the pleasure of taking a shower while reducing the water consumption to less than half of what you would consume if you used a tub or bucket. Thus, in turn, it reduces your water and heating bills and saves your money.

How a Shower Head Works?

There is no complicated mechanism behind the working of a showerhead. In making the best quality shower heads, every minute detail is well considered for the decent performance. You may have noted that when water comes out of a hosepipe, it flows out in a stream in an undisciplined manner.

Further, it uses a large amount of water, yet it cannot cover much surface area. When water enters a shower head, it is in the form of a similar stream. The shower head simply diffuses this stream into mist or a spray and evenly spreads it out over a much larger surface area. It also creates sufficient pressure using the minimal amount of water so that you may avail maximum satisfaction.

Features of Top-Quality Shower Heads


The two main types of shower heads that are popular among the buyers are the hand held, and the wall mounted ones. Both of them are incredibly adjustable such that you can focus the head in such a way that the water sprays on the particular area that you desire.


The high-sierra shower heads are water efficient and save you several hundred gallons of water each year, even for a single bather. The shower heads are efficiently designed in such a way that they can create the desired pressure even with the least amount of water. So, even if your connections do not have ample water, you can install shower heads for low pressure to tackle the problem

Variability of Stream

The best shower heads in the market come with an adjustable stream. So whether you would like to go only for a gentle wash or prefer the shower to drench you like the rain depends entirely upon your discretion, all with a single showerhead. Just adjust the valve as per your liking, and you are ready to shower just as you desire.

Temperature Control

At times the overhead water heaters can make them extremely hot and cause burns if they are not used cautiously. To avoid temperature extremes, the shower heads and faucets are designed to efficiently mix the hot and cold jet so that you can enjoy optimal comfort and keep accidents at bay.

Material of Showerhead

The first significant categories of shower heads are based on the materials used in their production. From metals such as steel and aluminum to synthetic materials such as plastic, shower heads are produced from a variety of materials. When you opt for the best shower head upgrade, ensure that the material that you choose is rust free to ensure long term use.


While the wall mounted shower heads are fixed in one place, many of them come with adjustable heads so that you can set the direction as per your liking. The best shower head handheld combo is entirely mobile. Depending upon the length of its pipe, you can move as far away from the source as you like and in every direction. In fact the mobile ones are the best shower heads for thick hair.

Pressure of Water

Based on the water pressure from your source tank, there are variants of shower heads including the best shower head for low water pressure and best shower heads for high pressure. Designed with care, the best shower heads to increase water pressure are suitable if you feel that the water pressure in your faucets is not enough. Similarly, the high pressure ones diffuse the jet to give you a pleasant stream. The best shower head for gravity fed system, as the name suggests, is another subcategory that is meant to handle water from gravity fed source. Many other such subcategories are available for different kinds of water feeding and pressure systems.

Nature Of Water - Preferably Hard

Water quality is not uniform everywhere. The best shower heads for hard water can efficiently improve the quality of the water with the help of its iron filters. They also do not get clogged easily, ensuring that you get uniform performance throughout. If you have any other water related problem, then you can also opt for the best shower heads with filters, which can bring a qualitative increase in the water that finally flows out.

Benefits of Installing Showerhead In Your Home 

Minimizes Power Bills

Right from the amount of water that you spend to the water bills and electricity bills for heating, shower heads offer an all-round saving. So, buying them is more like a one-time investment that gives you substantial returns every month in the form of savings.

Saves Environment

The latest range of best shower heads 2020 is made in conformation with the federal laws and averment protection pledges. Since freshwater is a limited resource, these shower heads dispense only the required amount of water and promote water conservation. By installing the right shower head as per your local laws, you can also contribute to the cause.

Aesthetic Value

The speakman shower heads are not just diverse in terms of functions but also the color and the designs. Buying sets that complement your bathroom's other hardware can add to the aesthetics and give your shower space a stylish edge.

Affordable Cost

Shower heads vary in price range based on the material of their make and additional functions. The basic shower heads are extremely affordable, and yet it performs its functions very well. If you prefer the best shower head and control valve combo, then you can get it at a reasonable rate compared to buying each part separately. The prices may also vary based on the brand. The best shower heads are a balance between price and efficiency.


Some of the reputed brands offer lifetime warranty on their entire bathroom fixture, including the shower heads. It is good to ensure that the shower head that you pick out offers a comprehensive warranty period so that you may enjoy complete peace of mind. You can find out about the warranty from the terms section of the product.

Conclusion- Which Shower Head You Should Buy?

Each household has some unique needs. To pick out the Moen shower head for you, all you need to do is access your own needs. After all, no one can understand your needs better than you. The best quality shower heads can meet all your needs while also being within your budget. So, feel free to make your pick and enjoy a lifetime of pleasant showers with the best shower heads.

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