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Effectively expel moisture from shoes and boots with heavy-duty and smart shoe dryer to eliminate bad odours and kill bacteria.

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  • Suitable for shoe and glove dryer
  • Kills bacteria and removes odour
  • Two removable extension tubes for boots
  • Helps to eliminates growth of bacteria
  • Ideal to rain soaked shoes to soggy gloves
  • Whisper quiet technology for noiseless performance
  • Best shoe dryer for hunting boots
  • Powerful 250 watt heating coil and motor
  • Built with 180 minutes timer for different drying period
  • Arched support to hold footwear to gives heats
  • Skin-friendly design to removes virus and mold
  • Strong thermal convection heat for drying
  • Ergonomic and sturdy design shoe dryer
  • Simple to operate with start and stop button
  • Air ventilation tubes for overheating purpose
  • Dryer handles uncomfortable wet boots
  • Compact design and safe to use shoe dryer
  • Delivers hot air to remove moisture and bacteria
  • Heavy duty dryer for all types of boots
  • Smart dryer expells moisture quickly
  • Boot dryer deodorizes all footwear and garments
  • Best all purpose shoe dryer
  • Adjustable rack for easy moisture elimination
  • Multi-functional and easy to use deodorizer
  • Innovative boot dryer for ski masks and gloves
  • Temperature controller dries shoes without damage
  • Heavy duty dryer removes moisture and perspiration
  • Preserves footwear for a long duration
  • Smart deodorizer keeps feet healthy and dry
  • Electric press removes wet and sweat from shoes

Buying Guide for Choosing High-Quality Footwear - Shoe Dryers

Though it may seem that a shoe dryer is a non-essential home appliance or equipment without much value attached to it, it is a vital necessity for people working outdoors in a rainy or snowy climate for hours. Shoes are in use from the early ages of humanity to today's lifestyle, and dryers come in handy when the upkeep and maintenance of shoes are considered.

Wearing a wet or moist shoe can be a potential health hazard to self and other people because it is always a source of germs like bacteria, fungus, and molds. It is usually embarrassing when someone takes off their wet and fills up the room with a foul and annoying smell. The bacteria present in the wet footwear breaks up the protein components of sweat and thus creates a nuisance. It makes you less productive on a wet shoe and may make you sick from cough and cold. Wearing a wet shoe also spoils the footwear quality besides a possibility of serious allergy and skin infection in feet.

Global Trend

The global shoe dryer market has been witnessing stable growth in the fashion industry, and there are primarily four major factors driving this market.

1. Increased awareness of online retail 

2. The steep rise in awareness on health and hygiene in post COVID era

3. The growing interest in personal fitness and immunity through higher participation in both indoor outdoor games, gymnasium, and athletics 

4. The advent of new and innovative technologies

Top Benefits of a Shoe Dryer

Best shoe dryer and deodorizer can benefit us in many ways and can be summed up as under:-

  • A shoe dryer helps to keep footwear from best shoe brands dry and cozy and provides us comfort and joy. In turn, it increases human productivity.
  • Sportsmen often suffer from sweat related allergies, bacterial infections, and boils in their feet, mostly due to moist footwear. Drying up of footwear prevents moisture-related issues and helps them perform better in their respective games.
  • Drying up of sneakers help in reducing foul and repelling odors and keep shoes fresh.
  • Shoe dryer and deodorizer can ensure timely removal of moisture and sweat from boots and keep the material protected from early deterioration. 
  • Best Shoe dryer helps to fight against the bacteria, mold, and fungus and keeps us healthy and safe.

6 Basic Things To Consider While Purchasing Shoe Dryer

Once you made up your mind to invest some money in footwear drying, a few things need to be considered before the final choice. Identifying your requirements vis-a-vis the technology available and cost involved often help you decide on the right type and brand.

Heat Energy and Temperature

Not every shoe dryer can heat up to the same temp level simultaneously. Knowing what temperature level a dryer can reach becomes most important. Adjustable temperature modes with automatic timers are available, making them more versatile and safer for use and certain types of boots. A low heat shoe dryer is available in other cases, making the drying process safer though time-consuming. Knowing about your sneakers and the time you can afford for drying will ultimately dictate your choice for a dryer model.

Size and Capacity

Before selecting the most suitable type of shoe dryer, you should know how many boots you like drying up at one time. In the case of personal usage, a small-sized dryer with limited heating capacity would suffice. However, in the case of offices where a group of people may visit at one time, a bigger sized dryer for high quality mesh shoes with multiple heating facilities needs to be chosen.

Drying Time

If time is the essence and you need to dry up your shoe at the shortest possible time, a higher capacity dryer is needed. However, if time permits and you can keep your sneaker overnight in the dryer, a lower capacity dryer will well serve your purpose.

Dryer with Trays

When you dry up boots completely soaked in water, it is recommended to have one tray as an integral part of your dryer. On drying, water is liberated from the sneakers and falls on the floor, making it unhygienic and unsafe. As to avoid a water pool around your shoe dryer, a tray is provided where the water drops fall and get collected, only to be disposed of from time to time.

Port Height

The dryer tubes need to be sufficiently long so that these can dry up even knee-high boots and remain versatile for all the future needs, same as Lavieair shoe dryer.

Articulating Tubes

As to derive the maximum versatility, a shoe dryer comes with articulating tubes so that other items can also be dried up with the sneakers.

Usage of Hygroscopic Materials

Drying up with Silica Gel involves filling desiccant Silica Gel in a well-perforated hard shell or tube that can be placed inside the sneaker. On leaving the tubes overnight inside, the Silica Gel absorbs all the shoes' sweats and moistures and dries up. There is no direct and indirect electricity usage or temperature in the drying up process and considered the safest for the footwear. As the sweat is absorbed, the bacteria don't have the opportunity to grow

Every 8/10 uses, the Silica Gel pouches are taken out of the perforated tube and dried up to remove the absorbed moisture and recharge the Silica Gel for reuse. The slow process of drying couldn't make it useful where immediate or rapid drying is required.

Natural Air Drying

Room temperature air is blown inside the dryer from rear side vents, which in turn is heated up by low power heating elements, sometimes 18 watts power rating inside each tube. The air is thus heated up, becomes less dense, and rises to circulate through the footwear and dries the boots overnight. As there is no forced hot air, this mode of drying is also slow but safe.

Forced Air Drying

For rapid drying, forced air is blown through the drying tubes to a temperature around 40 degrees centigrade. These dryers from brands like Dryguy, usually come with articulating or extension tubes to add flexibility to drying up high length boots. This forced air type is also used with multiple air tubes and for drying up four sneakers at one time. The drying up process is usually 1.5/2 hours, approximately.

The forced air types normally come with similar wattage as that of a hairdryer and normally found effective in rapid drying. They are compact and come with power cords. Usage should, however, be restricted based on the drying recommendation of footwear  manufacturers to prevent any damage to shoes.

Price and Warranty

Branded manufacturers do standard model-based pricing of best shoe dryers. Price discounts are normally available and decided by the sellers. All shoe dryers and deodorizers are covered under a specified period of warranty and as decided by manufacturers. However, every company promises unmatched levels of durability, regardless of the usage patterns.

Bottom Line

An automatic microcontroller-based Maxxdry shoe dryer is now coming on the market that will increase the effectiveness of drying and improve shoes' safety. In the case of forced air drying, the blower noise needs to be reduced. Then again, if you are looking to purchase the best show dryers, it is necessary to consider reading each one of the points mentioned above before taking the plunge.

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