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Colorful and designer roller skating shoes and sneakers for kids and adults made of damage-resistant materials with rugged wheels and rechargeable LED lights.

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How to Choose the Best Roller Skate Shoes for Kids?


If you cannot give wings to your kids why not give them a pair of shoes? Only those who indulge themselves in this recreational activity know how liberating it can be. If your kids are feeling bored or getting lazy staying at home, both inline skating and outdoor roller skating can work as great activities. There are several benefits of roller skating including enhanced balance, motor skills, greater physical fitness and increased concentration. At the same time, skating helps in enriching cognitive behavior in kids to take swift actions, especially in case they lose balance. Adapting to the proper posture instantly helps them to steady themselves and avoid injury from falling.

Once they are habituated to indoor skating on a smooth surface, you can let them use the roller skate wheels on the rugged surface outdoors. This will not only give a sense of independence but also encourage them to test their skating skills in a thrilling way. Safety, comfort and versatility are among the three most important aspects that you should look out for while choosing the best skating shoes. From inline skating to outdoor skating, from dancing to athletic routines –the proper skate shoes can serve you for years to come.

Proper Size

While choosing the roller skates for kids, you should make sure that they run the perfect size of their feet. Just as you need sufficient room for movement of the toes in running and jumping rope sneakers, the skating sneakers need the same wriggle space inside so that your kid does not get blisters or aches.

The product manuals always feature size guides as per your continent or region and you should measure the feet size properly before choosing the size. It is better to go for a size larger for roller skates, however, if the manufacturer states that size runs a bit larger, you can settle for the actual size of the feet. The shoes should neither be too snug nor too loose and your toes should not touch the skate shoe nose as that means you have a small sized shoe. Always test the size while wearing socks and break in properly while practicing at home. 

Smooth Wheels

The roller skate wheels are perhaps the most vital parts of your routine as your comfort and ease of skating depend on them. Generally the skate shoes are available in four wheels or two, suitable for inline skating. It is better for beginners to go for retractable two-wheeled shoes as those are more secure. You can check the durability of the wheels of shoes for roller skates on a durometer that has a rating scale ranging from 0 to 100A. The higher your rating is, the sturdier your wheels are. As for hardness or softness, the former ensures more longevity, less shock absorption and grip while the latter has short lifespan but greater shock absorption and grip. 

Soft Or Hard Material

You can choose either the soft shell or the hard shell skate shoes for roller skates according to your comfort level. The soft shell material is better for athletic routines, dancing, disco and indoor skating. While ensuring better maneuvering than the hard shell variants, these weigh significantly less so that you can move easily and swiftly. They are also more ventilated than the hard shell shoes. The hard-shell shoes like the Nsasy roller skate shoes for girls are, on the other hand, suitable for long-term use, especially for fitness purposes. Not only do these shoes offer excellent support and stability to the feet but also let you replace the liner once it is worn out due to frequent use.    

Sturdy Bearings

It is important to get the roller skate shoes with strong bearings so that they can perform seamlessly in both indoor rinks and outdoor i.e. on uneven roads. Outdoor skating comes with the risk of contact with water, mud, sand, dirt and gravel which can hinder the smooth movement of the wheels. The bearings should be compatible with the retracting wheels so that you can keep the debris as much as possible. 

Trucks And Plates As Necessary

The trucks and plates of the roller skate shoes with lights for kids should be flexible and smooth enough to offer better movement. To move the skate shoe weight, the difficulty it is for a beginner skater to move freely. Therefore, you should go for sneakers with lightweight plates made of materials like nylon. The roller skating shoes for beginners require sturdy trucks for rugged use and comfy cushioned support underneath for more agility. While the hard cushions offer better directional stability to the skates, the soft cushions offer smooth and effortless movement.   

Budget Considerations

It is up to the choice of the kid which discipline is suitable for him/her and often kids intend to learn several disciplines to enhance their skating skill. While choosing roller skating shoes you should either choose the shoe perfect for a specific discipline (if the kid is interested in only one particular discipline) or a versatile shoe that is perfect for almost all  the general disciplines.

Do not invest a fortune on costly roller skate sneakers that your kid will hardly use for a particular discipline. In case your kid is a beginner, it is better to settle for the affordable pair that is suitable for a few disciplines instead of a cheap one that might not be durable. The mid-range sneakers will serve for a long time and when your kid is getting in enthusiast-level, you can upgrade.     

Safety Measures To Follow While Wearing Roller Skate Shoes

As roller skating is all about keeping your balance and agility, there are a few precautionary measures before and while you put on the roller skate shoes. For kids, especially the newbies, roller skating can be something totally new and needs you to be extra careful with their safety. Here are the common safety rules that you cannot rule out –

Knowing Basic Skating Skills

As you buy roller skate shoes for kids, they should be well trained about how to start, stop and stagger by putting one foot in front of the other for increased balance and as prevention from falling. 

Wearing All The Protective Gears

Use proper skating helmets that cover the base of the skull and fit snugly with strong chin straps. Other necessary gears include knee pads, wrist guards, gloves, elbow pads and mouth guard for your kids. 

Shoes Properly Used

Make sure the kids properly buckle up the skating shoes or help them doing so. If you have a USB charging facility, such as in Fantasy roller skating shoes, make sure the kids skate only when the LEDs are properly charged otherwise the fun quotient will be missing.  

Use Of Retracting Wheels

It is important for kids to know when to retract the wheels and when to walk normally with the snickers. No matter how fun it is, kids should not use the wheels while walking all the time as it will affect the normal walking posture and cause physiological issues.  

Always Under Adult Supervision

You should never leave a beginner skater alone as he/she lacks the confidence. While the kids are learning how to wear or use the shoes, keep a watch to make sure they are doing it properly. Besides, in crowded areas, it is important to make sure the kid does not collide with anyone or anything moving.

Not Skating In Heavy Traffic

Kids should never use roller skate shoes in crowded rinks when they are in the learning phase unless the instructor approves of it. They should always skate in daytime, along the marked path where there is less or no crowd.

Utilizing And Controlling Speed

Skating should always be done at the speed that the kid is comfortable with, especially in the beginner phase. Once the kid learns all the tactics, he/she can go for higher speed. However, they should always know how to slow down, move faster or stop as required.

Practising A Lot, Indoor And Outdoor

Before your kid learns to use the skate shoes, let them practice a bit wearing sports sneakers like the athleisure shoes so that they can move their legs more comfortably and smoothly. Kids should break in while practicing indoors on a smooth surface and once they are skilled enough, let them practice on an outdoor rink, skating trail or park.   

Addressing To Injuries

Injuries might be inevitable while the kids learn skating and you should always be watchful. Keep ice packs, crepe bandages and pain-relief ointments ready in case the kid sprains the ankle, falls on knees and so on.

Following Skating Etiquettes

You should always follow the traffic rules while skating i.e. keeping to the left or right as directed in your state. Always call out for the person in front in case you are going to overtake or cross, especially on trails, roads, sidewalks, bike paths etc. 

Final Verdict 

The Ufantasy roller skate shoes will be your best option in gifting your kids a sport sneaker with retractable sturdy wheels and LED panel along the sides. Not only do these sneakers come with an inline skating design but also let the kids practice various other disciplines in indoor rinks and outdoor. 

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