Best Robotic Lawn Mowers

Robot Lawn Mowers make indoors look vibrant and green featuring dual blades, robot lawn mower theft mechanism, integrated with Wifi controls with a single touch of a button.

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  • Hidden boundary wires for charging
  • Ultra noise less operation
  • Tackles upto 25 acres with single charge
  • Innovative robotic mower technology
  • Versatility working in all conditions
  • Dual blade cutting path
  • Personalized Web map for managing
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa Voice command
  • Anti theft and integrated rain sensors
  • User and lawn friendly mower
  • Quick voice command control system
  • Quiet operation with less than 60dBA
  • Anti theft alarm sound alerts
  • GPS technology to track mower location
  • Smart AIA technology for narrow passageways
  • Advanced inertial sensing technology
  • Smart Auto return and charge system
  • Off limit digital sensing method
  • Cuts grass upto 2.4 inch tall
  • Fully automated robotic battery solutions
  • Anti collision and theft sensors
  • Pets and children safe lawn mover
  • Energy efficient and emission free mower
  • Perfect for all garden types
  • Adjustable height with a rotary knobs
  • Razor sharp blades for tackling grass
  • Bluetooth connectivity with Home app
  • Noiseless mower for terrace gardening
  • Pets and children safe mower
  • 2 years of limited warranty
  • Fully programable mower
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery
  • Three durable metal cutting blades
  • Secured pin code system for protection
  • Stops immediately if mower is tilted or flipped
  • Rain delay sensors with cutting edge system
  • Wifi and app controlled mower
  • AIA technology for navigation
  • Auto scheduled base customizable mower
  • Large selection panel display
  • Excellent cutting results with low noise
  • Easy to use and perfectly safe mower
  • Razor sharp blades and grass clippings

How to Select the Best Robotic Lawn Mowers For Your Home?


Choosing the perfect robotic lawn mower can be a challenging task, as there are thousands of Garden products available on the internet. 80% of homeowners spend a huge chunk of their monthly income on the professional lawn mowing services, and the rest 20% population consider it a DIY job.

Well, in the 21st century, you don't need to spend hours cutting the unwanted grass on your lawn as the task can be done by choosing an excellent quality robotic lawn mower. All you have to do is charge the device and let it clean your lawn. Hassle-free installation, and easy to use functions has made these devices extremely popular among the homeowners.

If you want to get the perfect robotic lawn mower for your house, then you need to consider a few things before buying the best robotic lawn mowers for your home.

List Of Top Robot Lawn Mower Reviews

Are you passionate about making mesmerizing gardens? Do you have a machine that can share your gardening work? Relax now; robotic lawnmowers are extraordinary equipment that would serve wonders for you. Based on the functioning of smooth wheels, a robotic lawn mower is the best choice for all greenery lovers. Let us help you in choosing the best kind of lawn mower for your area. Have a look

Husqvarna AUTOMOWER 310 - Best Robotic Lawn Mower For Large Lawns

Set the goals of your lawn yard with Husqvarna automower 310, Robotic Lawn Mower. This machine arrives with smart alerts which makes it extraordinarily intelligent. Guided with invisible boundary wires, Husqvarna automower holds the capability of managing the maneuvering stuff amazingly.

You can use this robotic lawn mower with a mere touch button of your phone. The designing perspectives will make you fall in love with the concept of robotic lawnmowers. Amazingly equipped noiseless functioning never interrupts in your conversation. Additionally, you can use it whenever you want to be it daytime or night time. Do not worry about your costly pesticides; It won't kill the impact of your fertilizers. Get the most exceptional grass cutting for your yard; give it a try now.

Robomow RS612 - Best Battery Powered Robotic Lawn Mower For Small Yards

Reconciling the idea of robotic lawnmowers Robomow RS612 is here with all productive features. Dual blade of this machine allocates the best results of grass cutting. No matter even if you own a small garden area, Robomow will handle everything with its efficient 22-inch cutters. You can customize the use of this lawnmower; it inclines up to 20 degrees and 35% grades. By covering all zones, the plates of Robomow moves to multiple directions for obtaining the tremendous grass-cutting sessions.

Finish the makeover of your garden with touch because Robomow RS612 Battery Powered Robotic Lawn Mower is compatible with the Bluetooth of your phone. Besides that, the design criteria collect 10 on 10. This machine is hyper silent in nature; as a result, it never disturbs any of your activity. Apply a pause on your search of an incredible lawn mower, Robomow will be the sorted alternative for you.

Husqvarna AUTOMOWER 315X - Best Valued Robotic Lawn Mower

Do you have no time to look back at your yard and still wish to maintain its phenomenally? You can rely on this machine with no doubts. Fix the beauty of your garden on the call of your voice as Husqvarna automower is adaptable with voice control via Google Home or Alexa. It deals with the slopes nicely, all thanks to the inclined versatility up to 22 degrees. Ideal for tiny gardens to vast areas of 1.4 acres, this lawnmower is always an excellent option.

Hidden boundary wires are adding more points on the user-friendly charts of this mower. Drops up the several hours of continuous cutting, Husqvarna includes a remarkable battery backup. If you wish to follow the one-time investment benefit, then put your hands on this savvy machine and weave your astonishing lawn.

Different Types of Robotic Lawn Mowers

To make the perfect choice for your home outdoors, lawns and backyard, you need to make yourself aware of different types of robotic lawnmowers. Depending upon the process of installation and capabilities, the robotic lawnmowers fall into two distinct categories, which are semi-automatic lawnmowers and fully automated lawnmowers.

Semi-Automatic Robotic Lawnmowers

These types of lawn mowers are powered with a large battery or rechargeable battery. People who are having a smaller lawn can use this product. You need to operate the functionality of this lawn mower by using a remote controller. By using the remote control of the home services robotic lawn mowers, you can control its movement and operate functionality. Also, these types of devices offer great flexibility, and you have complete control over the functions of the invention.

Fully Automatic Robotic Lawnmowers

These types of lawn mowers are usually more expensive compared to the semi-automatic models. These lawnmowers are equipped with large rechargeable batteries for optimum level of performance, and high-end sensors. All you have to do is follow the installation process and set up the device. Everything else will be taken care of by this device. The sensors will help home services robotic lawn mowers to move over your lawn and cut the grass as per the program.

You can choose the type of grass you want in your lawn, and the length of the grass and this device will automatically do the job for you. You don't even need to remind yourself about charging this device, as the device is equipped with GPS and high-end sensors, and it will go back to its charging dock automatically whenever it is needed.

Points to Consider At the Time of Choosing the Robotic Lawnmower

However, knowing only about the worx robotic lawn mowers will not help you to choose the perfect one for your home. As there is a wide range of robotic lawn mowers available in the market, and you need to consider multiple factors before making the right purchasing decision. Before buying the robotic lawnmower, you need to consider a few important things.

Size of Your Lawn

The size of your lawn is the most important factor that needs to be considered before making the purchasing decision. If you have a big lawn, then an automatic lawn mower can be the right solution for you. However, big lawns create a huge load upon the lawnmower, and that is why you need to select those gadgets that have high endurance and enough battery power to keep it going.

That is why homeowners who are having bigger lawns need to buy robotic mowing lawn mowers with high battery capacity.

Meanwhile, the consumers also need to consider that the lawn mower needs to come back to its docking station as well after cleaning the lawn. That's why it is very important to consider the lawn mower that has enough battery to operate half-day for one full charge.

Type of Lawn

If you are having an even lawn, with no obstacle in it, then you can choose the semi-automatic lawnmower. The even floor of the garden doesn't require much attention, and you can operate the lawn mower easily. However, if you are having a lawn full of obstacles, then you must go for the lawnmowers that have sufficient sensors to keep it protected. That is why, depending upon the type of lawn you have, you need to choose your robotic mowing lawn mowers.

Also, in this context, the visibility of your lawn is important as well. If you are willing to control the lawnmower with a remote controller, then you must consider the visibility of your lawn. If your lawn has big trees, and you are controlling the mower with a remote controller, then you might damage the device. This will not only lead to costly repairing charges, but it will make your purchase ineffective. If you don't want to regret later, then you must consider the lawnmower depending upon your lawn.

Ability To Climb Slopes

Before buying the lawnmower, you must consider the slope climbing ability of your lawnmower. This is the most important aspect you need to consider before buying a robotic lawnmower. Many people regret buying their lawnmower because they have bought a mower with less climbing abilities.

However, again this completely depends upon the presence of steep slopes in your lawn. If you have a steep lawn, then you need to buy the mowers that have very strong motors and steep climbing ability. This factor may help you to save a lot of money and stop you from making the wrong robotic mowing lawn mower purchase decision. Also, you need to consider the fact that the climbing ability of the mower is not sufficient if it doesn't have the right sensor and enough power in its battery to keep it running.

Security Features

No matter if you buy an automatic or semi-automatic robotic lawnmower, if it doesn't have security features, then you may have to spend a lot of money on its repair. The security feature of a lawnmower means its ability to detect obstacles or any object and make decisions accordingly. If you have pets or small kids at home, then the lawnmower without security features may bump into them. Don't let your loved ones get injured, and choose the lawnmowers that have the basic sensor of detecting obstacles which will help you to avoid any injury or any damage to your expensive robotic mowing lawn mowers.

It is always best to take enough precautions than to regret later. That is why you need to choose the lawnmower that has proper security features.

All-Weather Protection

Lawnmowers are meant to work outside, and that is why robust protection and international certifications are required. If you are buying a brand-new robotic lawnmower, then you must consider one that has passed dust and waterproofing ratings from the international certification boards.

Often people buy lawn mowers depending upon the feature list and forget to notice this important aspect. Robotic lawn mowers need to have robust hardware that can protect the sensitive electrical parts, and an internal system safe from the harsh weather.

Anti-theft System

It is very common among users to keep their robotic lawn mower outside and leave home for office. Well, that is why most of the homeowners buy those devices. However, this doesn't mean that thieves will not steal your device. If you want to protect your expensive robotic lawnmower, then you must consider mowers that are equipped with an anti-theft alarm.

The advanced alarm will create noise to grab the attention of your neighbors in case of any forced activity. Some robotic lawn mowers are also equipped with a connected system, which will send you video notifications in case of any suspicious activity. This feature will help you to protect your expensive gadgets as well as your home.

Easy to Operate

If you are not a professional lawn mower service provider, then you may not be interested in such devices that have extremely complicated features. For a homeowner, simple yet functional robotic mowing lawn mowers are required, and that is what you should look into the marketplace.

You must consider those lawnmowers, that are extremely easy to use and offer a wide range of flexibility. Easy to use the system will help you to get the most out of your robotic lawnmower, and use it efficiently.

Battery Backup and Charging Time

If you are buying your very first robotic lawnmower, then you must consider this factor. Different homes have different types of lawns, and depending upon this factor; you must consider the model of the robotic lawnmower. If the charging time is very high, but it doesn't run enough distance to cover your entire lawn, then you may not have a properly cleaned lawn.

That is why you need to consider the robotic mowing lawn mowers that can clean your entire lawn in a single charge. For that purpose, you need to measure the area of your lawn, and depending upon that measurement; you need to make your purchasing decision.


Robotic lawn mowers are costly devices, and they help you to get a lot of tedious tasks done with a single touch of a button. If you want to get rid of the time-consuming lawn mowing sessions, then husqvarna automower robotic lawn mower is the perfect choice. And by considering the tips mentioned above, you can easily find the best lawn mower for your house.

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