Best Robot Mops

A Robot vacuum cleaner is an autonomous robot which has intelligent programming and a limited vacuum floor cleaning system.

By Customer Feedback

  • Easily sweep corner and walls
  • Compatible with phones and alexa
  • vSlam Technology helps to navigate on floor
  • Automatic dirt disposal bag for dust,dirt and hair
  • Best robust mop for pet hair
  • Easily steer into difficult places
  • Patented dirt detect technology
  • Strong suction power to capture hidden dust and hair
  • Perfect robust mop for house wives
  • Connect with alexa and google assistant devices
  • Set schedule for ,specific room ,multiple or entire home
  • Robust algorithm software to avoid obstacles
  • Ideal for back pain peoples
  • Furniture friendly design robust mop
  • Connected smartphone to easily operates
  • Tackle sticky messes grime and kitchen grease
  • Perfect for old aged people
  • Modern 2 in 1 robust for sweeping and mopping
  • Self adjustable brushes to prevent dust from falling
  • Durable 5200mAh battery capacity
  • High power brushless motor to capture dust
  • Well Suited for tackle hairs ,dust rice and small papers
  • Automatic dock system for charging
  • Anti-collision function to avoid obstacles
  • Long lasting rechargeable lithium battery
  • Suitable for hardfloor and carpet
  • High-efficiency brushless motor to perform quiet operation
  • Smart navigation technology to easily steer in edge corner
  • Perfect for commercial use
  • Easily clean edge to edge corner dirt and under furniture
  • Designed for multiple room and large space like restaurant and hotels
  • Automatic water supply system
  • Provides six different cleaning mode
  • Built with Remote control system
  • Ideal for window,car ,wooden and bathroom walls
  • Anti-collision and falling design
  • Best for mopping and sweeping floors and carpets
  • Flexible work on Tv cabinet sofa bed and dining table

Buying Guide: How To Choose The Best Robot Mop For Your Home

We live in a world where technology has reached too far. With some of the amazing inventions from Vacuum Cleaners gadgets, electronics to an extreme level of engineering to ease the burden and pressure of everyday work- technology is everywhere.

Well to solve your problem of cleaning and dusting the robot mop has been invented. Robot Mop is a small portable cleaning device that is specially engineered to accumulate any dust particles or dirt of any size, whether large or small from the carpets or the hard floors. It can get all the job of cleaning done quickly without any worries.

Types of Robot Mops

It's finally the time when you retire from your stick mop and buckets and let a robot do all the cleaning like a professional. There are three types of robot mops. Each of these robot mops and vacuum provides functions for different scenarios, for example, the size of your house and type of cleaning. You should know well what you are getting one for. Discussed below are all features and functions of these robot mops that are highly sold in the market and are available at affordable prices.

Robot mop and Vacuum hybrid: These are two in one machine. These hybrids deliver good performance while cleaning.

Robot mop (single function): These mops are high-quality products that are specially designed for wet-mopping your floors. These robots come with a water-spraying technology that helps soften up the dirt and stains while cleaning using scrubs.

The Duo: The duo is a combination of a robot mop and a vacuum cleaner for effective cleaning. These two devices sync together to provide better results while cleaning.

Features To Look In Robot Mops

Cleaning Process

Robot mops consist of a staged cleaning system and Multi-surface brushes which can pick up any dust particles that come in its path. Some of the robot mops come along with dirt detection sensors that alert the Robot mop to work hard in difficult areas of the room and warns it on high traffic zones at the house. The edged sweep brushes of the robot mop are placed at an angle of certain degrees to sweep all the dirt and debris around its way.


The intelligent sensors of the robot mop guide the robot to clean in and around the furniture to help thoroughly clean the floors. There are also a cliff sensor and a battery sensor in these mops which alerts the mops to fall from high grounds and to charge itself when it on low battery.


Some Robot mop uses smart sensors and AI, which can run for hours. And in case of a low battery, the in-built sensors will warn the robot  and it will automatically reach to its dock for recharging. Features like cliff detect sensors in a robot mop prevent the robot from falling from stairs or tumbling over drop-offs so it remains safe like irobot roomba vacuum robot mop for home

Connectivity  and Control

Many of these robot mops come with Wifi connectivity and can be controlled and monitored remotely. The robot mops support voice prompt and can be controlled via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant support.

Some robot mop cleaning machines come with a home App for your cell phone that you can directly control from anywhere. These robots are also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google's assistant. You can schedule clean up to 7X per week so that everything looks neat and tidy.

Through the mobile app, you can also monitor the robot's cleaning activity, view cleaning history, and watch maintenance videos directly from the  App. The apps are supported on multiple platforms like Android and iOS.


The functionality of robot mops is very easy and anyone can operate these robots with just a click. These robots come with an in-built dustbin, which can easily collect and store all the debris and dust particles with a filter that can be later cleaned easily. With just a few inches in height, these  Robot mops are designed to clean under beds, toe kicks, narrow and hard to reach areas. There are numerous options when it comes to robot mops. So, select the one based on what you need.

Cleaning Styles

These robot mops feature wet, damp, and dry mopping cleaning styles and inbuilt water tanks. With water jet spray options these robots provide excellent cleaning on removing dried stains on hard and rough floors. These mops come in various shapes and sizes. Some of these robot mops also come with noise reduction technologies that cress less noise when cleaning and are better than your old big vacuum cleaner that produces a lot of noise.


The filters in the robots are of high-quality such as HEPA, which can filter and collect all the debris and particles efficiently and can be cleaned later easily.  The filters are designed in such a way that it collects even the smallest particles, which can easily be helpful to people who have severe dust allergies. Various robot mops come with a variety of filters. Depending on the type of cleaning you want your little buddy to do, you can make the decision. Some households also have pets, which can accumulate furs over a period of days. Some robots are built-in ways to assist with fur cleaning, too.


These robot mops come along with a massive battery size for your daily cleaning for eg 1800 mah - 5200mah (average) lithium-ion batteries can easily provide run time for 180 mins- 3 hours in a single charge. These smart cleaners connect itself automatically to its dock when running low on battery and take around 100-120 minutes to get fully charged.


We hope our article on guides to buying the robot mops was useful. The irobot mops is light weighted, highly compact devices that can easily get the job for all the cleaning of a mess at your home in no time. There are plenty of robot moos available through the online and offline market that you can buy,  it is always recommended to develop some knowledge about these devices so that you won't regret buying the right one for your home.

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