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Take the stress off pregnancy and parenting with an interactive pregnancy app featuring heartbeat and menstruation tracker to give alert notifications when missing a period.

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How to Select the Best Pregnancy Apps For Women


Are you a new mother or know someone who is? Then you should know that with pregnancy comes lots of new emotions, questions, and physical changes. Pregnancy makes you worry about the smallest things and puts your brain on overdrive. Luckily, you now have apps that help you manage, and several mothers are looking for the best pregnancy apps to access resources and information related to pregnancy. They are one of the best motherhood items you can buy these days to track your weekly milestones, symptoms, contractions, and appointment schedules. With several women working stressful jobs these days, these apps are a much better option. Here, we shall discuss some features, benefits, and other details of pregnancy apps to help you decide.

Basic Features of Pregnancy Apps

Most mothers use pregnancy apps to access fetal health and given below are some of the basic features that you need to look into.

Daily Tracker

Many apps have a personalized tracker that shows you how many days have passed since your pregnancy. They also tell you how many days remain until the due date and show you the baby's development progress.

Daily Feed

The daily feeds provide you with emotional support in the form of pregnancy tips, health stories, real-life stories from other parents, along with positive messages that make you smile. You also get access to news articles on the pregnancy calculator apps that help you manage better. 

Weight Gain Chart

During pregnancy, the mother’s health is the priority, and a weight gain chart comes handy in this regard. Apps like Pregnancy Tracker have such features where you can compare your current weight with the recommended gain.

Community photo sharing

Although it may seem like an ornamental feature, several mothers appreciate a photo-sharing feature with their pregnancy apps free. This allows them to connect with other moms, sharing stories and photos. They can also get some real-time advice on what to eat, etc. They can also arrange for a mothers’ meet up, providing each other with emotional support. 


Pregnancy often involves regular visits to the doctor's office, and since there are so many things on your mind, you may forget about it sometimes. Some pregnancy apps and android have an appointments feature that makes it easy to keep track of these. They also send you alerts so you never miss out on one.


Pregnancy involves buying a wide variety of stuff for you and your baby. While managing the stress of motherhood, it can often be difficult to keep track of the things to buy. The best pregnancy apps have checklists that help you remember what to buy and when to buy. It can be a handy tool & must-have essential for mothers

Benefits of Using Pregnancy Apps

Saves you time

More often than not, expecting mothers get themselves a large number of pamphlets and books related to pregnancy because they think they will need all the information they can access. After downloading charts and checklists from the internet and big old books, you have a massive pile of things to deal with, and you don't know where to start. Going through all that paper-based information can take a lot of time. When you are pregnant, time is not your friend, and you want to make the most use. Fortunately, pregnancy apps offer a viable solution in this regard.

Personalized Guidance

When you download pregnancy apps free, you enter a lot of personal information about your activities and health. This includes what medications you take, the cervical fluid color, doctor's name, hospital location, child's birth date, sex cycle, mood, and ovulation schedules. Using this information, the apps can provide you with tips and guidance such as when to visit the doctor and when to conceive. 

Better Health Insurance Rates

In certain cases, insurance companies and employers can access a part of the data in anonymized form. Several companies are now encouraging their workers to use fitness apps and devices like Fitbit to encourage physical activity and fitness. They are also providing gift cards and other incentives for participation. Through these apps, employers can access their employees health-related data, negotiating for better health insurance rates.

Support Group

Pregnancy can indeed be quite stressful, so it is wonderful how ovulation and motherhood apps can connect you with other pregnant women so you can share your experiences with them. This helps you de-stress, and you also get some valuable advice in the process. 

Safety Tips And Precautions While Using Pregnancy Apps

  • Privacy advocates are concerned about some pregnancy calculator apps benefiting not the pregnant women but insurers and employers. Through personal information from these apps, employers can now assess their employees using a new benchmark and decide the next step for their careers. 
  • Some experts worry that organizations can use this sensitive data to scale back or bump up health-care benefits coverage. They also fear that the apps could expose intimate information in the event of security risks and data breaches. Although all apps claim the data remains anonymous, they fear that the organizations can point out women based on this information.
  • Pregnancy tracking apps are growing in popularity, and it is an indication of how organizations see the human body as a gold mine of technology, containing a wide range of health-related data that can be tracked and analyzed using an algorithm. However, most of the apps have terms of use, and you should carefully go through it before entering your personal information.
  • Few pregnancy apps have mentioned in their terms of use that they might use the aggregated data for marketing purposes and scientific research. Some of them also hold the right to sell this information to a third party.
  • Most of the information in these apps are only visible to the user. But the organization has access to a wide range of aggregated employee data that includes average age, current trimester, the number of children, the percentage of mothers who gave birth prematurely, underwent C-section, and when the new mothers would return to work.
  • The companies can also see what articles the pregnant employees have been reading, allowing them to understand their personal anxieties and questions. So you should always be wary about what information you are sharing on the pregnancy apps android, keeping in mind that your employer can probably access the sensitive aggregate data.


The Bump is one of the best pregnancy apps out there as it provides you weekly pregnancy updates, displays all the symptoms and even lets you find a name for your baby. You can also browse some of the baby products to buy one the app after you give birth. Download the app if you wish to easily manage without being complicated.

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