Best Portable Gas Power Generator

Reliable gas power generators produce clean and stable electricity to increase comfort level at home or workstation in emergency situations.

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  • Capacity of 6.6 gallon fuel tank with fuel gauge
  • Get electric start key fob for hassle free use
  • Support run time up to 17.5 hours
  • Get EPA and CARB compliant generator
  • Twin-cylinder engine with 13000 surge and 11000 rated watts
  • Perfectly suitable for natural disasters, power outage
  • 120 Volts of power carrying outlets
  • 5% harmonic distortion to sensitive electronic
  • Compact and super quiet technology
  • Integrated with commercial ohv engine
  • Advanced inverter technology for appliances like lights
  • Maintain comfort and safety during emergency
  • Dual fuel technology for propane and gasoline
  • Equipped with fully isolated metal frame motor
  • Smooth and quiet operation system
  • 120V 20A household outlets
  • Best for home backup usage
  • Intuitive control panel with duplex and twist-lock outlet
  • Long-lasting cast iron engine with auto oil shutdown
  • Remote start key knob with tool kit
  • Keep high quality indoor air to prevent health issues
  • Immersive 5500 peak of horsepower
  • Flexible fuel technology for propane or gasoline
  • Integrated powerful 225cc engine
  • Low oil indicator lamp and shutoff button
  • Heavy duty frame isolated motor
  • In-built spark arrestor with quite exhaustion
  • Best to protect from voltage fluctuations
  • 4000 watts of thermal performance
  • Best for running campers like radio, tvs, grills
  • Eliminate costly cleanup and repairs
  • 4k OHV engine build with cast iron sleeve
  • 18 hours of run time with 15 liters fuel capacity
  • Convenient and versatile power generator
  • Offer 6.5 horsepower with air cooled engine
  • 68 db noise operating system
  • Lightweight and compact sized emergency power
  • Produce 20 amp at 120 V outlets

Finding The Right Portable Gas-Powered Generators


Portable gas generators are the new handy generators which are easier to use and are ideal for carrying on electric activities away from home. There are various benefits of a portable generator. It has to be used with extreme caution as it can be dangerous. Many things have to keep in mind before using it which are listed below.

Portable generators are there to supply power to vital devices around the house during a blackout. The generator has to be kept outside the house to be able to provide power for TV’s, small appliances, power tools and lights. A medium to a large size generator can be used at construction sites to use Power Tools such as drills, saws, air compressors, paint sprayers etc.

How Portable Generators work?

Most of the generators are run by liquid propane or gasoline to back-up important devices and appliances when there is a blackout. When you add a manual transfer switch, you can deliver the output of the generator to the electrical system in your home which backs up the hardware appliances.

A gas-powered generator needs a fuel stabilizer when you store it with a full tank of gas. This prevents the formation of varnish, gum, corrosion and rust which can cause problems for the engine’s operations. If you will not use the inverter frequently then you should drain the carburettor for its efficient performance. You need to see the manual for better information and then fuel your machine properly. 

Some of the generators are solar-powered and with the batteries in them, they provide significant power. The larger units can keep the appliances running for a longer time. The solar generators get charged in six hours with solar panels. With no emissions, these generators are safe to use indoors and are portable and powerful for projects. These generators are good for camping and tailgating. The generators should be checked from time to time to see their readiness. It should be regularly maintained and tested for backup. You should run them once a month to keep them running properly. For the long-term, you should also consider standby generators. 

Power Requirements and Portable Generator Size

The wattage of the portable generator products will determine the power of the items. The decision of the power required is an important part of selecting the size of a portable generator. The use of the portable generator wattage should be done with the help of a worksheet to see the power requirements of the items you want to run and see how much power is required by the generator.

Features of the Gas-Powered Generator

  • Automatic Transfer Switch: This helps in turning the switch automatically of the generator on and off.
  • Automatic Voltage Regulation: It is a very important feature for houses and the offices that use computers and various kinds of electrical devices which are affected by voltage fluctuation.
  • Automatic Safety shut down:  It is an important function of the generator. If there is low oil pressure, then the generator will shut down automatically.
  • Cooling: All the generators have different feature cooling systems such as, a fan, natural ventilation or conventional hydrogen systems. These systems enhance the productivity of the generator and eases its maintenance.

Components Of A Gas-Powered Generator

  • Engine: The engine is the source of energy and tells the power output of the generator.
  • Alternator: This is also known as gen head and it is that part of the generator which produces electricity from the input of the engine.
  • Fuel Tank: This is part where the fuel for the generator is saved. The capacity of this differs from model to model.
  • Voltage Regulator: This regulates the output voltage of the generator
  • Lubricating System: The oil which is stored in a pump will then lubricate the working parts of the engine.
  • Battery Charger: When the generator is started, it is powered by the battery of the Honda generator. You can also keep the battery fully powered using the battery charger. It is fully automatic and supplies the right voltage required for battery start up.
  • Control Panel: This user interface has outlets, switches and controls required to operate the generator.

Benefits Of Portable Gas-Powered Generator

Efficient Power Backup

These provide excellent backup power. There are times when you need extra power to save files and power up appliances. Things which can be done with the generators are limitless depending on the devices you have at home and power of your generator. You just have to look at the wattage of each appliance to see which is supported by the generator.

Transferrable and Flexible

One of the most important factors of a generator is that it should be portable so you can take it to different areas of the house as you please. This helps in increasing the usability of the machine which can be carried to different places. It is important to remember that the generators are portable but it can be hazardous as it can emit toxic gas and should be kept away from people.

Outdoor Companion

For someone who is adventurous and goes on many camping trips then a backup with emergency power is essential and this is made possible with portable generators. There are many ways in which a generator plays an important role in providing power for construction sites and many other places but with limitations. This is a very useful thing which gets work done very easily and safely. Now there are also many improved models of portable generators which are efficient and lighter in weight.

Easy To Use

These generators are very easy to use as their operations are simple and only require reading manuals. The fuel for the generator is also easy to find and most of the generators run on propane. When it is anticipated that the power outbreak will be longer than expected then you only have to refuel this Wen generator and it will work properly.

Portable Generator Safety Tips And Precautions

Carbon Monoxide and Ventilation

  • The portable generator exhaust has carbon mono-oxide which is a poisonous and a deadly gas which cannot be seen or smelled. As a result, you should never affix the generator indoors or in closed areas such as garages.
  • You should use the generator only outdoors, far away from doors, vents, windows or crawl spaces. They should only be used in areas adequate for ventilation.
  • The usage of open doors or fans does not provide adequate ventilation. A battery should be installed for alarming the presence of carbon mono-oxide indoors.

Gasoline, Fuelling and Preventing Burns

  • Gasoline is extremely explosive and flammable. Hence you should not overfill the fuel tank and instead always leave for the room fuel expansion.
  • Never store a generator with fuel in the tank as the gasoline can vapour and reach an open flame or pilot light.
  • Don't connect your generator directly to your home's wiring or into a regular household outlet. You should always start or stop a generator when no electrical loads are connected to it.
  • You should use the portable generator only when necessary or essential to the power equipment. As the overloading of the generator can be seriously dangerous to many valuable appliances.
  • Do not operate the generator in wet conditions such as rain or snow. And the generator should be properly grounded and if it is not then you can risk electrocution.

Requires Installation By Experts

You should not install the transfer switch by yourself. The installation of the transfer switch has to be approved with the help of local permits and requires a professional electrician. This mainly depends on the size of the generator.

Don't Smoke Near Generator

Many generator parts are hot and can cause burns during the operation. You should let the generator cool down after turning off. Also one should avoid coming in contact with a hot generator to prevent any serious injury.

Electrocution and Electrical Shock Hazards

By connecting to a portable electric generator directly to the household wiring can cause serious dangers in many ways. It can back feed on the power lines which are connected to your house wiring and injury the utility workers or neighbors.

Generator Placement and Operation

You should keep children away from portable generators at least 5 feet of clearance on all sides of generators when it is functioning. Adding up, you can use a generator during a variety of temperatures and weathers but should protect the generator from elements which are not in use from rusting. 

Final Verdict

The portable generators have proven to be very useful in many ways but they have to be used with a lot of precaution so that they do not cause any life-elevating damage to anyone. Many things have to keep in mind before buying a portable generator for home. To increase the comfort level opt for the Westinghouse portable power generator. The information and the safety tips given above will help in using the product in the right way.

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