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Pilate reformer is a type of physical exercise with a sliding carriage and adjustable springs to regulate resistance and tensions.

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  • Unique gear bar selection option
  • Patent-pending design of nesting
  • The headrest of three positions
  • 5 spring system for extreme results
  • Adjustable cord length and headrest
  • Incorporated with wheels for portability
  • Choice of high and low leg configuration
  • Precise carriage for a smooth ride
  • 8 wheel spring system
  • Supports More than 45 different resistants
  • Free streaming workout videos
  • Easy to use knobs for adjustments
  • Adjustable grips, ropes and clips
  • Portable design with leg/foot bar
  • Oversized shoulder pads for comfort
  • High-quality chrome-finished steel frame
  • Ultra-smooth rollers and gliders
  • Several workout video DVD’s
  • Full coloured workout charts for easy understandings
  • Head and neck support pillows
  • High quality of foam shoulder pads
  • Three adjustable headrests position
  • Padded footrest for traditional exercises
  • Supports upto 300 lbs of weight
  • High-density foam shoulder pads
  • Adjustable headrest and double loop
  • Attractive grey and wood trim design
  • Quick change height adjustable
  • Elegant sturdy carbon steel frame
  • Great for families, athletes, and seniors
  • Firmer and padded platform cushion
  • Foldable frame for easy transport
  • Heavy and normal resistant cords
  • Guidelines and tutorials for beginners
  • Three cord elastic resistant
  • Adjustable headrest position system
  • Folding frame for easy storage
  • Built with wheels for portability

Everything you Need to Know While Buying Pilates Reformers


Are you a genuine gym goer and are looking for a way to strengthen your core? Today in these trying times, many people are looking to do most of their regular activities from home to enhance Health and Fitness for standard life, which also includes exercising and keeping themselves fit. If you are one of them then investing in a Pilates reformer is a must. This machine helps in so many ways to strengthen the core and increase your stamina. Moreover, it also helps in strengthening the key muscles that help you gain more strength and give you extra burst of energy when doing activities like cycling, jogging, or even playing games like football, cricket, etc.

Invented by Joseph Pilates, the Pilates Reformers are machines that have a bed-like frame attached with a flat platform that can be easily rolled back and forth using the feels that are fitted to the bottom of the frame.

Features and Benefits of a Pilates Reformer

Owning a Pilates Reformer can provide you with major advantages over using a simple yoga mat. Home exercises become more fun, and all the parts of the body get worked. The Reformer is made in a very innovative way works your core and keeps you fit and healthy. Some of them are listed below:

Gliding Carriage

The Pilates Reformer has a gliding carriage that moves gently with the help of springs. The movement of the springs can be adjusted to make it tighter or looser depending on the exercises. Select the ones which come with more agility and adjustability. This has an intense pressure on the back, relieving it of pain and soreness and is effective for physiotherapy. Therefore, people who have severe backache, Balancedbody Pilates Reformer is the one product you should have.


The spring arrangement is the main attractive feature of the Pilates Reformer. Each model of Pilates Reformer has a different spring mechanism that can be adjusted according to the needs and workouts that one desires to do.

More than 100 varieties of workouts can be done using different spring mechanisms and combinations. The strength of each spring can also be adjusted to suit the level of the workout. Therefore, an impressive feature for you to look.

Resistance Bands

The Pilates Reformers have a set of resistance bands that are attached to the carriage and the spring systems. The mobility and the stress of the resistance bands can also be adjusted depending on the workout intensity. It helps do various types of stretches and core workouts. Perfect for warming up the body, freeing up stiff joints, and also helps to initiate a movement for the older people who need care and softness when doing exercises using resistive bands.

Price Of Pilates Reformers

The Pilates Reformer comes in the mid-range pricing, which is between $300-$600. Therefore, they are not too expensive, neither cheap. But one thing can be said that they are valued for their worth. Compared to other gym equipment that cost easily above $600 and only works for a specific section of the body, Pilates Reformers provide a holistic body workout at its basic level, building up the core strength of the body. Therefore, no matter what exercise you do, your core will be worked on and strengthened this Balanced body pilates reformer.

Pilates Reformers Material Quality

The quality and durability are the main factors for the Pilates Reformers being made with the right material that does not break even under high stress. Do not invest in the cheapest model as the price is indeed less and attractive, but the risk of breaking the parts of the Pilates Reformer is high due to the cheap quality used to cut down costs. Check online for the materials that proper gym equipment and resistive bands are made. Then compare them with the Pilates Reformer model you are interested. Check the resistance by testing the stress and pulling the bands. Ask the instructor for the maximum stress the bands can handle and how can one adjust it accordingly. In addition to this, only buy tested and tried products. Read reviews of the product from other users, and make sure the manufacturer is a trusted brand in the industry and not a newcomer.


Pilates Reformers are a must-have for people who are health-conscious and always look forward to being fit. For people who have strict work schedules and do not have the time to the gym or workout, the Pilates Reformer is the best equipment for them. One hour on it can refresh you for the whole day. So, if you are one of them, do not think too much about your decision, and go for Peak Pilates reformer for low price.

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