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Composite basketballs are constructed with impressive leather material for proper channelling to increase shooting performance.

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  • Designed with durable synthetic rubber
  • Well balanced flight path and spinning construction
  • Advanced deep channels to provide enhanced grip
  • Top selling basketball for outdoor enthusiasts
  • Best for youngers and beginners
  • Durable composite and synthetic leathers
  • Advanced pressure lock bladder
  • Wide channels design to improve grip
  • Pebble surface for maximum support
  • Official FIBA approved basketball
  • Scuff resistant outer cover
  • 12-panel design and polyurethane leather
  • UA grip skin composite material
  • Nylon windings for shape retention
  • Extreme dense pebble pattern construction
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Sponge rubber covering for enhanced results
  • 16-panel construction allows different settings
  • Best outdoor basketball with grip
  • High-performance rubber cover material
  • Best outdoor basketball for gamers
  • Foam backing deep channel design
  • Composite leather construction for maximum grips
  • Constructed with composite and durable material
  • No slippage, adequate dribbling and shooting performance
  • Fully inflated and ready to use basketball
  • Provides great feel and durability
  • Soft-grip technology to ensure stability
  • Deep pebbled covered surface construction
  • Advanced sponge rubber design
  • Best portable outdoor basketball fo newbies
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • New and improved foam back design
  • Extreme durable with performance rubber cover
  • High-quality rubber cover design
  • Deep pebbled covered surface for maximum support
  • Advanced soft-grip technology
  • Best outdoor basketball for concrete

Tips To Purchase Outdoor Basketball For Pro-Gamers


The game of basketball is a popular sport in a considerable number of countries across the world. Besides professional basketball players, youngsters fond of this high-energy game often look for a top-quality ball for playing the best outdoor basketball game. Apart from being played by several countries, basketball is also considered the most extensively viewed game. People of all ages can take part in playing the game of basketball both indoors and outdoors. With the soaring popularity of this game globally, the demand has been rising significantly with every passing year.

The traditional and online market is flooded with brands selling basketballs that vary in quality, color, and price. A considerable number of kids and even adults encounter significant difficulties getting their hands on sport because of limited knowledge. If you are also on the lookout for purchasing a top-standard basketball, there are certain essential things you need to know beforehand. Keep reading the guide to acquire comprehensive knowledge about types, features, cost, key things to consider, and benefits of playing the game.

What is an Outdoor Basketball Game?

Basketball is one such game that can be played out on the street and as well as on indoor courts. Different types of basketballs are available on the market. Some are suited to outdoor courts, whereas some are for only playing indoors. Basketball is a team game played between two teams comprising five highly energetic players in each group. Every player strives to throw the ball through a hoop fixed at a decent height from the ground and score points against each other.

You should know that apart from the sizes of the best outdoor basketball courts, the hoop’s height, duration of game, and basketball size vary based on the size, age, and skill level of a player. There are very few sports like basketball that require players to dribble, pass, rebound, shoot, defend any various other activities consistently without any pause. The game helps keep you in top shape both physically and mentally and makes you realize the importance of teamwork and communication.

Types of Outdoor Basketball (Based On Material And Usage)

Generally, basketballs available on the market are made of three primary materials that allow players to play the game, both outdoor and indoor. However, there are a few differences between the basketballs used for indoor and outdoor courts. The outdoor one is a bit abrasive, whereas the indoor one is smoother. Besides the  surface, one can play basketball on a top-quality indoor court with the same excitement, energy, and enthusiasm. As people of all ages enjoy playing, a few primary types of basketballs consist of varying features on the market, suitable for different age groups. Here are the top primary materials used for outdoor/indoor basketball.

Mini Basketball

If you can call any basketball an ideal one for recreational basketball game playing purposes, then no other type can beat mini basketball. It has a circumference of only 22 inches, and the weight of it ranges from 8 to 12 oz. You can play with this ball on both outdoor courts and indoor courts seamlessly but all you need is the best outdoor traction basketball shoes to score more points while playing against an opponent. This is durable and comes with deep channels to provide improved grip. It also helps in promoting accurate handling and eye coordination.

Kids Basketball

This specific basketball is of the smallest size available on the market and is considered perfect for children below ten years old. The circumference of the ball is 27.5 inches, and the weight ranges from 17.5 to 20 oz. Kids can comfortably grip the size of five basketball and gain better ball control due to the weight of the ball. The ball has deep channels that offer enhanced grip and ideal for both indoor and outdoor courts. It usually lasts long due to the top-standard material used for manufacturing it.

Intermediate Basketball

The basketball is of size six and considered ideal for children above the age of 11. The ball has a circumference of 28.5 inches, and its weight is 20 oz. Both young males and females can play with this ball because it offers excellent grip and is known for its durability. This particular ball is used in games that high schools and colleges conduct.

Professional Basketball

The size of professional basketball is 7. It has a circumference of 29.5 inches and weighs 22 oz. This basketball is used in all professional games. It is generally made of the highest standard materials that include leather, composite leather, and rubber. The wide channels of this ball enable players to grip the ball quite comfortably. Most of the balls have a scuff-resistant outer surface and are also considered highly durable. No matter whether you play the game of basketball indoors or outdoors, this is the go-to type.

Leather Basketball

When it comes to choosing the ultimate material for the basketball for indoor courts made of wooden floors, you should opt for a leather basketball. Even on indoor courts, players prefer playing with basketballs made of leather because they can grip the ball well even when they sweat. Also, life extends when used on indoor courts. Balls made of genuine leather offer a comfortable and softer feel to palm.

Rubber Basketball

When it comes to choosing the ultimate material for a concrete floor, you should opt for a Molten rubber basketball. Even players use basketball made of genuine quality rubber for playing indoors. If you are a beginner, making a purchase made of rubber would be perfect. It bounces remarkably well and is ideal for indoor wooden floors and outdoor asphalt or concrete floors because of its durable aspect.

Synthetic Basketball

The uniqueness of the basketball is made of composite leather and manufactured synthetically lies in its leathery feel. Synthetic basketballs last long, even if you play on an indoor court or an outdoor one. Compared to a pure leather-based model, a synthetic ball doesn’t deteriorate quickly and remains in its original condition for a longer time.

Health Benefits of Playing Basketball Outdoors

Professional players, individuals who play basketball routinely can develop a physique and a sharp mind. Basketball is a fast-moving game and allows players to improve their hand-eye coordination significantly. Check it out!

Improves Cardiovascular Health

While playing basketball, the heart rate goes up remarkably, and so as the endurance power. A player requires staying alert on his toes every moment when dribbling, passing, shooting, etc. The risks of potential heart-related diseases go down significantly if one plays regularly.

Increases Bone Strength

Improvement of bone health and increase of strength happen when one plays basketball daily because this game requires a player to jump and run continuously. The player’s bones are quite less susceptible to injuries owing to the formation of new bone tissues.

Aids in Burning Calories

A professional basketball player can burn more than 900 calories if he plays the entire match. Maintaining the fitness and physical health condition of the body becomes more comfortable when you lose substantial calories while playing the game.

Things To Consider When Buying Basketball In 2020

More than the best outdoor portable basketball hoop, if you want to get your hands on the best outdoor basketball ball, it is essential to consider certain factors. Here are the prime factors that you should consider before making a final purchase:-


Wilson sporting goods basketballs are available in different sizes on the market. However, choosing the size of a basketball based on your age and skill level is imperative. The standard dimensions of outdoor basketball are 5,6 and 7. So, choose a suitable size that you can improve your dribbling and ball control skills effectively.


Compared to an indoor court, the outdoor one is rough and bumpier. A basketball can lose its design and texture quickly due to constant friction with the abrasive surfaces consisting of pebbles, dirt, rock, metal nets, moisture, etc. Hence, purchase a ball that is highly durable and can last long even when played outdoors.


If you want to purchase a professional-grade outdoor basketball, you need to take the color into account. Currently, basketballs are available in varying colors on the market, but the primary color remains the traditional burnt-orange. If you wish to join a coaching center, purchasing the burnt-orange color basketball would be ideal.

Basketball Cost

Brands involved in selling basketballs on the market sell them at different prices. The cost of a basketball significantly varies depending on its size, type, and material. You can get your hands on the right basketball within your budget if you consider researching online beforehand.


Knowing the purpose for which you want to purchase the best outdoor basketball matters the most. Our top choice from the list is Spalding outdoor basketball. Once you know the reason, you won’t have to encounter any issues while buying a basketball. Further, if you have any queries, let us know in the comment section given below.

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