Best Open Back Headphones For Gaming

Stylish open back headphones offer Incredible and exceptionally quality-sound with soft and luxurious padded headbands to enjoy gaming music.

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  • Noise cancelling technology for voice pick-up positioning
  • Open acoustic designed headset for spatial sound
  • Lightweight, plush velour XXL ear pads for firmness
  • Best open back headphones for pro-gamers
  • open airflow featured design headphones
  • 20-20,000 Hz frequency range technology
  • Ideal for crystal clear in-game voice
  • 100 db/mW sensitivity headsets for better handling
  • Adjustable 3D wing styled for comfortable listing
  • Lightweight honeycomb case with acoustic properties
  • Best open back headphones for music production
  • Plush and replaceable ear pads for extra comfort
  • Give natural tonal balance with great spatial performance
  • Ivory color brown headband crafted with matte metallic
  • Perfectly suitable while travelling
  • Ideal headphones for skype video and audio calls
  • Clear, ambiance-free techniques for communication
  • Adjustable headbands to secure and comfort wearing
  • 116 db sound pressure level microphones
  • Lightweight design with premium material
  • Offer immersive and pro-quality audio
  • Swappable precision mic for supreme flexibility
  • Cloth ear cushions gives comfort and acoustic performance
  • Best budget open back headphone
  • Stylish and gold-plated stereo
  • Self-adjusting 3D wing for enjoyable music
  • Flexible and soft fabric earpad for extra comfort
  • Best open back headphone for video call
  • Provide impressive spaciousness sound
  • Robust spring steel headband design earphone
  • High-quality construction with meticulous design
  • Best quality open back headphone
  • Eliminate heat for longer wearing comfort
  • Offer spacious and high-precision sound
  • Doubled-layered headband cushion for maximum comfort
  • Compact and stylish design earphone
  • HiFi precision stereo over-ear headphone
  • Perfect open back headphone for outdoor hiking

Open Back Headphones for Gaming – A Detailed Buying Guide


Are you an avid PC gamer? Then, only having a perfect gaming setup is not going to be enough for you. Besides, you will require a decent pair of open back headphones for gaming as well. But why would you need them if you already have a proficient speaker?

Well, for starters, by wearing a headphone, you will be able to feel the gaming experience more profoundly. Besides, the annoying sounds and noises from outside are not going to affect your concentration as well.

In addition, if you are playing dialogue-driven PS4 games, then you will also be able to hear the conversations more clearly to make a proper decision. But how are you going to find the best open back headphones in such a market of inflation?

Well, it is pretty easy. All you have to do is to jot down a few factors and abide by them while choosing the best pair from the pile. Here, you are going to know everything about them. So, make sure to go through the write-up as meticulously as possible.

Things to Keep an Eye Out for While Buying a Pair of Open Back Headphones

Here are a few factors that you need to consider while shuffling through the sea of headphones in the market.

1. Sensitivity

Are you a little bit nit-picky about the volume levels of the headphones? Then, you will have to check out its noise sensitivity in a proper manner. It generally specifies the overall loudness of the produced noise of your headphones with mic with open back.

For example, if you wish to buy the perfect product in this case, then you will have to go for something that has 96-110dB of sensitivity. Make sure to avoid the models, which come with a sensitivity level below 85dB. They are too soft and, thus, can affect your eardrums.

2.  Fitting

You would have to treat your headphones like any of your clothing items. Hence, in this case, it will be better for you to choose something that fits your ears in a proper manner.

Usually, most of the open back headphones for gaming, such as Astro A40 Trx, tend to offer a comfortable wearing experience. However, you should ask the vendor to provide you a demo to understand the product's comfortability level more closely.

3.  Sound Profile

The open back Bluetooth headphones usually come with three different types of sound profiles, which are bright, warm, and neutral. Among these three, the neutral headpieces generally produce a pure and excellent bit of noise.

Therefore, with them, you can almost immerse yourself in the universe of gaming. Basically, it works best while playing the open-world games. Anyways, the warm and bright headphones, too, are pretty amazing for gaming purposes.

Nonetheless, they might seem to be a little bit louder for some people.

4.  Noise Cancellation

Whether you do believe it or not, but noise cancellation is, indeed, one of the must-have features of the open back studio headphones. This specific feature can help in suppressing external noises so that you can enjoy your song-listening or gaming experience without any interruption.

Nonetheless, having an ANC can, sometimes, be irritating for a few individuals due to jarring feelings. So, you can opt for passive noise cancellation products as well. It can enable you to activate the feature whenever you wish to. Thus, the jarring sensation will not be a bother for you in this case.

5.  Drivers

The drivers of the open back headphones for metal music and gaming are generally responsible for creating sound pressure. Thus, if your headset does have a larger driver, then it will, naturally, produce a much better sound than usual. Besides, it will also boost the treble and bass of a song to amplify your listening experience to a massive extent.

There are generally two different types of drivers available in the market. These are –

  • Balanced Armature: These types of drivers tend to work aptly within a particular sound frequency. They might, sometimes, also offer better isolation because of the absence of the vents.
  • Dynamic: On the other hand, the dynamic drivers tend to be a lot more durable than usual. However, their overall sound production is not as good as the balanced armatures. Thus, they tend to be pretty cheaper than their counterparts.

6.  Weight

Are you thinking about buying a pair of open back wireless headphones to play games for Windows 10? Then, you will need something lightweight and ergonomic.

Playing games is all about leisurely pleasure. So, you cannot possibly afford to spend your time worrying about your headset.

7.  Budget

The open back headphones generally do come with an affordable price tag. However, if you are thinking about opting for a branded option, then you might have to pay a little bit more than usual.

Hence, in this case, it will be better for you to choose something that fits in your budget suitably. In case you wish to buy an advanced option, make sure to buy a cheaper product, for now, to use for temporary purposes.

8.  Microphones

If you usually do play online multiplayer games, then communication between you and your teammates would be your main focal point.

However, if your headphone does not have a decent microphone in this context, then you will not be able to converse with your friends in any way.

Thus, before buying an open back headset, you should always check out its mic quality as well. You may also have to go through customer reviews to know more about this aspect.

9.  Durability

Often, the manufacturers of the open back headphones tend to use plastic material for manufacturing their products. Thus, in essence, durability-wise, everything might look almost similar to you.

However, that’s not the case. The overall longevity of a product generally depends on the quality of the material. If it is decent enough, then your headset will last for a prolonged period without any maintenance.

So, make sure to learn more about the manufacturing substance before choosing a model from the pile.

What are the Benefits of Wearing Open Back Headphones?

Since the beginning, there has always been a never-ending tussle in the topic of openback headphones vs closed back headsets.

However, in terms of efficiency, the formers are much better than the latter.

Do you want to know about the reasons behind such a statement? Then, make sure to check out the following section meticulously!

1.  Excellent Responsiveness

The most notable benefit of openback headphones, in essence, is their noteworthy responsiveness, especially regarding your environment. These products usually come with an outer-cup design, which, in turn, lets you hear the noises of your surroundings as well.

Thus, even when you are listening to songs or playing games with optimum concentration, you can still be aware of everything else. It, sometimes, can help you to avoid tragic accidents quite proficiently.

2.  Optimum Transient Response

The term 'transient response' refers to the driver's reaction to the change of source material of the sound. For example, if you have a pair of good openback headphones, then you would not feel any difference while changing the songs.

On the other hand, the closed back headsets usually cannot respond to the change quickly due to the massive amount of air pressure.

Hence, in this case, if you had to choose one between openback or closed back headphones, then selecting the former would be a smart choice for you.

3.  Better Comfort Level

Unlike the closed back models, the closeable openback headphones tend to be a lot more comfortable. But what is the reason behind it? Well, in essence, their open-from-outside design prevents your ears from getting suppressed.

Due to this reason, your ears will stay relaxed, even when you are playing games or listening to songs for a prolonged period. Moreover, most of the best openback headphones for audiophiles also tend to be pretty lightweight as well.

Thus, the overall comfort and convenience level would be almost unmatched in this case.

4.  Natural Sound

Due to their design and construction, the open back headphones can enable the sound to pass through from its backside. It, in turn, helps them in producing a much better and natural sound than usual.

Moreover, due to the bouncing back procedure of the sound, these headpieces do not create any mock listening experience as well. Thus, whether you wish it to use for listening to songs or playing games, the open back models would be an ideal option for you!


So are openback headphones better than the closed back ones? Well, in all honesty, the openback headphones for gaming much superior to their counterparts. You can take the Audio-Technica Ath Pdg1 as a prime example of the same. It comes with an excellent frequency range, which can enhance your listening experience by quite a mile. Besides, it also has a potent microphone, which makes it easier for your friends to listen to everything you are saying. Lastly, its open airflow design keeps your ears relaxed and content for a prolonged period.

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