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A Complete Buying Guide of Top Online Stores offering Ethnic Wear

Being Indian with a majority of a traditional lifestyle, we love to dress up, especially when it comes to our favorite festivals. Every month, there are different festivals in India because of its diversity, which gives people reason to dress up and be their best. Whether you want to get ready for Diwali or Rakhi, an outfit that is a solution for these special occasions is Fashionable Ethnic Wear. It is not always easy to visit retail outlets. The trend of online shopping has picked up, and many platforms provide a huge variety of ethnic wear online.

Many clothing stores feature several brands that would like to showcase their Indian ethnic wear online. Buying traditional wear online is so much easier now, and lots of people opt for this option, as it is comfortable and quite simple.

Tips For Buying Ethnic Wear Online

Opt For Bright Colors

Especially when you are looking to buy something that you would like to wear during festival time, always go for a cheerful, bright color to set the occasion's mood. Always lift the spirits by wearing bright and nice colors. There are tons of options for clothing designs and brands available for bright outfits, and they also exhibit a bright ambiance when worn. Therefore, go colorful and be happy.


Accessories are a must-have, especially for Indian ethnic wear for women. The simple outfits can be made to look beautiful with the right earrings or necklaces, or even bangles. For outfits that are a little heavy, a plethora of accessories will kill the outfit's whole feel. Therefore, for the heavy ones, minimalistic is the option to go for.

Ethnic Jackets

This addition is a surprise and a wow factor to your Indian ethnic wear. They can be paired with various bottom wear and can then be further accessorized. These jackets can work to be a great addition to your wardrobe, and you should own at least one of them.

Occasional Wear

Remember the occasion you are going for before purchasing any Indian ethnic wear for men or women online. For a non-formal function, a different style would work in a lighter fabric like cotton and silk. For the evening party, you might want a heavily embellished suit or sari in different colors. For Indian Ethnic wear for weddings, it's a different ballgame, and a lot of research and color combinations should be assessed before making the final call.


Finding the perfect suits online can be a little difficult because one cannot assess the fabric's feel when buying it online. It is highly recommended to go through all the information online, like the product description and other stuff about the product you are looking to purchase. Different fabrics solve different purposes, and hence, the one according to the occasion, and the fabric should be thought of. More importantly, for kids' Indian ethnic wear, comfortable fabric is a must.

Body type

Another important factor to consider is that one must look at the size chart and order the ethnic wear stores according to your specifications. Those on a heavier side can go for a straight cut, while the skinny ones could opt for a churidar. The leaner ones could also go for an Anarkali, as it adds volume to their frames.

Stitched vs. Unstitched suits

It is always recommended to buy stitched suits, especially if you have a slim body type. A few alterations can do the job for leaner people, but if you are a little fuller, then it would be recommended to go for unstitched clothes, and you can make them as per your requirement and measurements to look great and have a great appearance.


Embellishments and decorations look great on Indian wear, but too much of anything looks garish. Therefore, minimalistic work but great detailed work would add to the style and elegance of the outfit and enhance your overall look.


One must calculate their body measurements almost accurately before buying Indian ethnic wear online. Always ask someone like a family member for help when measuring your body for the most accurate results. Once you know your size and are sure about it, you can shop online freely without a doubt in your mind.

Also, always compare your size with the size chart given and then make the purchase. Websites are quite precise with their sizes and measurements usually.

Return Policies

This is the most important aspect to keep in mind when purchasing anything online. It is imperative to learn about the return and exchange policy of the website you are purchasing from as it will come to much help later, as you have not tried the product before buying it.

Always understand the terms and conditions of the platform you are ordering from. While most of them do have an easy return policy within a stipulated period, some might have a little tough time with their rules and regulations in place. You can also always call customer support and ask them for any other additional details that you would want.

Types Of Ethnic Wear

Online Indian Ethnic Wear shopping is super simple and includes a variety of styles that a woman must have in their wardrobes, keeping in mind the latest ongoing trends

Anarkali Sets

This is considered one of the best Indian ethnic wear designs for women. These were made famous during the Mughal Rule and have a dash of elegance and class to them.

Sheer Saris

Saris is a favorite amongst all, and a sheer sari especially stands out. Pair it with a nice cool blouse, and you are good to go.

Chikankari Suits

This is popularly known as the Lucknowi material and is particularly lightweight, making it very comfortable to wear for every occasion.

Palazzos And Kurtas

These are the most trending kinds of Indian ethnic wear for women today. They are good for a nice casual look and a traditional Indian look as well and are available in different fabrics.

Lehenga Sets

This is an absolute must-have for every season. This is the best Indian Ethnic wear for weddings and works well for most occasions.


Shararas are among the top favorites for women worldwide and ooze a sense of class and elegance whenever worn.

While women are the most regular and compulsive buyers of Indian Ethnic Wear, men cannot take a backseat in this aspect. Indian traditional wear for men comes with a huge variety available online.

There are tons of options available for men, including kurta churidars, kurta salwar, sherwanis, achkan sherwanis, bandhgalas, dhoti pants, pathani suits, and lots more. Nehru jackets are the top favorites for men worldwide, and they like to combine them with their western wear.

When it comes to online shopping for ethnic wear for men, Nehru jackets are the most common and go well with any outfit. Men can now even buy their wedding outfits online.

Advantages Of Buying Indian Ethnic Wear Online

There are plenty of reasons to buy Indian Ethnic wear online. They are listed as follows

Variety Of Products

The top reason for going for Indian Ethnic wear shopping is that a huge variety of products are available on the platforms. A plethora of fabrics, colors, styles, and sizes are available; picking your ideal size is also quite easy on these portals.

Ease Of Buying

This particular feature is the most relevant as online shopping for Indian Ethnic wear brands is very easy and convenient. You can do it in the comfort of your home at your own chosen time. There is no hassle of doing it at a stipulated time only.

Moreover, there is the flexibility of browsing through thousands of outfits according to your needs and preferences. Also, the payment systems are now quite safe and secure to use, which further helps make the process easier and simpler.


When one physically visits a store and shops for themselves, any replacement or refund becomes a task because you have to revisit the store and take time. When you buy something like Indian ethnic wear online on stores like New Chic and Bonanza, the whole process of return and refund is much easier and convenient to do. It does take a little extra time, but the work gets done. You have the option of getting a full refund as well.

No Crowds

This is one of the most convenient ways to shop, and this point makes the whole process quite hassle-free. Especially during festivals, when there is a long queue for purchasing the products, it seems like quite a task, and one often procrastinates the whole shopping trip. But not anymore. The best Indian ethnic wear designers are now available online on various platforms, and the whole trouble of purchasing them is reduced. Also, online shopping makes for tons of offers and discounts for attracting more customers.

Compulsive Shopping

Online shopping for Indian Ethnic wear cannot end up being an impulse buy. There is no sales representative around to convince you to buy more. You are doing this from the comfort of your homes, for the convenience of you and everyone around you. You also have the flexibility of purchasing your favorite clothes without any compulsion. There is no need to buy something necessarily. You can even leave the website without adding anything to your cart.


E-commerce websites like KollyBollyEthnics offer various ethnic wear online that look beautiful on you and your family. Shopping for ethnic wear is very exciting because there is a reason behind making that particular purchase. The top Indian ethnic wear brands are always keeping up with the trends, and today there are a million different styles available to choose from. If you are a model and want to experiment with your clothing, the best Indian ethnic wear designers are also showcasing their products online. Therefore, get online and check out the variety available from a portal with the return policy in check and enjoy the entire online experience of shopping for fashionable ethnic wear.

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