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  • Reviews of episodes both old and new
  • Exclusive competitions and crosswords
  • An inside look at the producer’s Production Notes
  • Comprehensive news coverage by continent
  • Features on airport developments worldwide
  • Reviews and profiles of airlines, and aircraft
  • General housekeeping fun stuffs
  • Latest design trends in home decoration
  • Last-minute dinner tips and instructions
  • Features on airport developments worldwide
  • Comprehensive news coverage by continent
  • Details of new leases, colour schemes and deliveries
  • Expert lifestyles words and advice
  • Bursting with articles, advice and recipes
  • Interviews with world's most popular people
  • Wide range of fashion and beauty advice
  • Learn to find irresistible and affordable essentials
  • Articles cover fashion, entertainment and foods
  • Detailed features on basic techniques
  • Fascinating photography of wild animals
  • Gives sportsmen and women real-world counsel
  • Home details of latest accessories and trends
  • Latest southern cultures with stunning images
  • Lush photography and top quality editorials
  • Dishes for special occasions and holidays
  • Recipes to fit a variety of lifestyles and tastes
  • Healthy meals and photographs of every dish
  • Lets you explore through the fascinating way
  • World class writers to ensure great analysis
  • Features articles on breakthroughs of past
  • Beauty checklist and latest fashion scenes
  • Great decor ideas and storage solutions
  • Health and wellness article for smart fitness goals
  • Articles for decoration and beauty styles
  • Tactics for simplifying everyday tasks
  • Wealth of helpful strategies for homemaking
  • Articles on domestic and international news
  • Explores popular trends and fashion styles
  • Provides fresh content analysis on popular news
  • Learn various hardware and software
  • Up to date content with well-written articles
  • Engaging articles with insightful analysis
  • Interesting information and advice for fitness
  • Helpful tips for complete fitness goals
  • Featured with products and supplements reviews
  • Trusted source of news with analysis
  • Exceptional reportings, writings and photographs
  • Enhances your understandings with clear insights

A Comprehensive Guide To Online Magazine Subscription


Tired of searching for the latest printed edition of your favorite magazines on the market? You should know that nowadays you can stay informed about each and every event happening across the world just by reading e-newspapers and online magazines. Leveraging any electronic and internet-connected devices – laptops, desktops, tablets, or smartphones can enable one to access the internet seamlessly to entertainment in daily life.

Similar to products and services selling business organizations, renowned magazines are also making their presence in the virtual space. With the wide availability of different kinds of smartphones at remarkably reasonable prices, much like the latest product and service buying pattern, reading the best online magazines is also a trend. Let’s have a look!

Online Magazine Subscriptions Buying Guide

Online magazines can really come to your major rescue if you consider buying subscriptions of the popular ones that cover noteworthy global, national, and local events. You can download an online magazine app for free and stay hooked to the latest news and stories.

In the United States alone, more than 18 million online magazine readers were there in 2015. According to a research study, it is expected that the number of consumers will spike significantly and become nearly 40 million by 2021.

All you need to do is visit a publishing website, check the in-depth topics, and evaluate the quality of the text, image, and video content before you buy monthly or yearly subscriptions.

Astounding Features Of Online Magazine

Almost all the recognized magazine publishers have started developing and selling the digital version of magazines because of the huge demand among the readers and low development costs. Interested readers are getting the opportunity to keep up to date with the latest stories anytime, anywhere. Read on the following to know what those are before you buy subscriptions of online magazines fashion.

Amazingly Interactive Experience

Reading e-magazines becomes a highly interactive experience when a publisher makes use of top quality online bbc wildlife magazine software for animals lover to build and publish online.

Ease Of Reading

You will become more enticed to the magazine's content when you can view a single page instead of the conventional double page layout.

Responsiveness and Compatibility

Publishers should develop digital versions to ensure the magazines are compatible with every electronic device and highly responsive. Such features make sure that not a single reader encounters any reading, scrolling, or zooming issue.

Many publishers leverage the e-reader output to develop an e-book version of the magazines. Those having iBooks and Kindle can enjoy the experience of reading online magazines nowadays. One of the latest features allows readers to save search terms. Publishers involved in publishing online magazines for students are making use of the YouTube embedded video feature. It helps in enriching the educational content and making every topic more intelligible by incorporating videos.

Main Types Of Online Magazine

With the spike in the number of readers who like reading online magazines, publishers have started building different types of e-magazines which uses all major types to make the stories appealing and readworthy.

Digital Magazine App

A magazine that you can read digitally just by downloading an app on your smartphone or tablet anytime and anywhere is known as a Digital Magazine App. Also, many publishers are coming to the surface these days for publishing magazines only for digital audiences. Such publishers do not publish print versions and focus more on getting interesting and intriguing stories to the readers through the e-platform.

Online Magazine Library or Archive

A significant number of publishers known for publishing online magazines in the USA enable subscribers to access old articles. Online magazines archive type boost the value and drive more subscriptions from specific niche readers.

Essential Benefits of Reading Online Magazines

Compared to the traditional print edition, the majority of the magazine readers prefer the digital version due to the low subscription cost and ultimate convenience. The demand and popularity of online magazines for kids and college students are compelling publishers to focus more on publishing the digital version.

Global Happenings

You get to know about every event and all unique stories happening worldwide in a quick time and stay in touch with other readers across the globe if you buy the premium magazine subscriptions.

Ultimate Convenience

The convenience factor plays a significant role in escalating the huge demand for an online magazine in today’s time. You can now receive notification the very moment a publisher launches the latest edition. You do not even have to make a purchase of your favorite magazine due to the digital edition's presence.

Interactive Experience

An online magazine makes the reading experience highly interactive because of the multi-media content such as high-resolution images and videos.


In comparison to the print version, online magazines save readers a considerable amount of money. The publishers charge a nominal subscription fee from the readers because the digital edition does not require them to use papers and color for magazine printing purposes. By better homes and gardens magazine gives a unique tips for home decor purposes. 

Top Ways Publishers Sell Online Magazines

There are specific ways that the publishers leverage to ensure that the readers get to read interesting stories, and they generate revenue effectively.

Marketing Online Effectively

Selling magazines online reduces subscription cost by offering bundle deals. Entice readers by creating a sample issue before publishing the actual online magazines. Sell online quilting magazines through popular stores – Google Play and iTunes app. Provide automatic renewal subscription.


Online magazines subscription amounts vary depending on the publishers. Some renowned magazines charge a bit higher subscription fee, whereas some offer the services absolutely free of cost.

Support Services

If you encounter any problem while downloading the latest issue or navigating magazines on your device, get in touch with the customer support service team. As long as you are paying the subscription amount monthly/yearly, you have access to read each and every published topic.

Final Verdict

You will enjoy the new and trendy magazine reading experience if you consider buying subscriptions of the online doctor who magazines. You won’t have to wait for any more for the launch and availability of your favorite magazine's new issue if you consider subscribing to the favorite stuff.

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