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Online faxing services offers the most optimal and easiest way to share sensitive information in digital format documents with a standard encryption.

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  • Provides unlimited storage space
  • Great platform to send and receive faxes
  • Compatible with mobile and desktop modes
  • Unlimited online fax storage
  • Previewing of the fax before sending
  • 400 incoming and outgoing faxes per month
  • Supports PDF type file format
  • Seamless google integration
  • Unique Touch ID feature of mobiles and tablets
  • 256-bit advanced encryption software
  • Modern interface for faxing
  • Scheduled faxing with vanity numbers
  • Custom text message alerts
  • Strong mobile and cloud support
  • Track routing process for workflow
  • Automated call management system
  • Inbound reporting and team collaboration
  • Voice and fax messages to emails
  • Create emergency employee hotlines
  • Special programs for MLM industry
  • Send and receive text messages on landline
  • Basic service with easy to learn software
  • 5 email address for receiving incoming faxes
  • Multi-file supported platform
  • Dedicated customer support services
  • Caller ID with International call block system
  • Toll free calls from worldwide
  • Unique auto attendant feature
  • Monitors fax history from 90 days
  • Receive fax mails from PCs,MAC and smartphones
  • Built-in support of dropbox
  • Supports PDF. EPS, PS, RTF and WRI file formats
  • Zimbra toolbar integration for a virtual printer
  • Incoming faxes in a PDF format
  • Inbound and voice mail to the email address
  • Finest internet fax services
  • Send multiple faxes with simultaneously
  • Configures upto 6 email addresses
  • Dedicated US customer support
  • Provides on-demand document transmission
  • Perfect for mobile professionals
  • Best for small and home business
  • International faxing with 30 days free trials
  • Save faxes for future viewings
  • Access files from anywhere with an email account
  • Assign private fax number to teams
  • Electronically dedicated faxing service
  • Send and receive faxes from web
  • Dedicated support service
  • Provides 500 combined pages
  • 7 day of free trials, 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Attach upto 10 document files
  • Send faxes from five email addresses

Guide To Finding The Best Online Fax Service Provider


Want to send and receive faxes easily? Looking for quick ways to transfer documents? Well, then the online fax service is just the thing you need. Online fax service is being used widely all around the world and it emerged to make the users switch from traditional fax machines to online fax services. Many large firms and government departments heavily depend on the best online business services to get their job done.

How does it work? Well, an best online faxing service uses the internet to transfer files. Instead of sending bits of code down the phone line, online faxing sends images of the document via the internet.

Factors to consider while looking for the best online faxing service

Flexible faxing

When looking for the best online faxing service make sure your service provider is flexible and you can send and receive faxes from computers, tablets, smartphones, and all your other devices with ease. This can allow you to receive your fax even when you are on the move. The myfax has all these features for user satisfaction. 


Make sure your online fax service provider is transmitting your data over an encrypted internet connection. End to end encryption allows your information to be transferred safely without being leaked or copied. It is essential to look for this detail in the service if you deal with confidential information regularly for this purpose acquire the faxplus for security

Advanced functionality

Getting access to some advanced features can go a long way. Your service provider may charge a little extra but it sure is worth it. Advanced functions like faxing to groups, block faxes without any caller identity code and even receive notifications of all faxing activity are few of the added functions you can access for your online fax services.

Online account and fax logs

Online fax services should provide you with an online account through which you can view faxes that you have sent and received, and see details of all electronic fax logs. This is a vital function that will help to reduce confusion and communication mistakes as it can serve as evidence and references for future use.

Diverse choice of numbers

If you already have a fax number or code then it may be a hassle to change it. When switching to online faxing services or while switching to a new online fax service provider you should make sure that they can help you keep your existing fax numbers or even allow you to choose toll-free or local numbers.

Avoid interruptions

Make sure your faxing notifications can reach you easily via a mail or an SMS. Your online fax service provider should not keep interrupting you with calls or asking you to log into your account every now and then for you to get conformations on your faxes.

Easy setup and use: It’s very easy and doesn’t take a genius to figure out the process through which an online fax service works. You can get the most out of the features of the online fax services easily, all you need is a computer or mobile phone with internet access.

Benefits Of Online Fax Services

  • Economical: When you use a cloud-based fax service, it means there is no wastage of paper and no more expenditure for maintaining a fax machine. On the other hand, you can send and receive faxes from anywhere, and you do not need to be in your office to be able to fax. This allows you to save time and get the job done easily.
  • Well organized and always available: If you are someone who is receiving at least ten faxes a day and just one month later you have to shelf at least 300 pages of documents. How will you manage to organize loads of paper after say, one year?
  • When using an online fax service with cloud storage, you get to store all your received and sent faxes easily in one place, and you also get to access these documents easily, anytime and anywhere you want.
  • Enables access via mobile devices: Most internet fax providers will offer you mobile applications to send and receive faxes on the go. This means you can use your smartphone camera as a portable scanner to convert your paper documents into digital files and send the fax from your phone just by tapping a few buttons.
  • Electronic digital signatures: Signatures on documents are a vital element to validate the authenticity of any document. The Electronic Signature feature available with the online fax services allows you to simply sign faxes from your smartphone or a desktop browser or any other device and fax the documents back.
  • High-security protocols: The majority of the online fax services use OpenSSL or similar encryption systems to ensure your data is transferred safely and no one except the sender and receiver can access the information of faxes. Moreover, as there is no physical fax machine in the room, no unauthorized person will have access to the received fax accidentally.
  • It enables you to get a Local Fax Number: Wherever you are, through the online fax service you get to add a local number to your plan and use it as your fax number to transfer faxes. In other words, if you have an online business in a particular city/state, you can easily subscribe to a fax number of that city/state and manage your faxes from anywhere in the world.
  • It enables you to search through your faxes: You can easily put notes on your faxes and find the ones you are looking for through the search results. You get to find specific faxes in just a few seconds. This will allow you to easily keep a log and instantly help you find files during crucial moments.


If you use fax regularly and are still committed to the traditional fax machines, then it is time for you to upgrade yourself by getting access to the efax service. Getting yourself this service would be the best investment in your business. You can easily subscribe to these services just by a phone call or you can simply register online.

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