Best One Piece Swimsuits For Long Torso

Highly specialised one piece swimsuit has a uniquely styled ruffle pattern, backless neck with a smooth fabric to look beautiful.

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  • Offer supportive padded bathing dress
  • Deep plunge V neckline with halter design
  • Combine polyester and spandex component
  • Criss-cross back style batting attire
  • Perfect one piece suit for swimming
  • Quality and smooth contouring for midsection
  • Ideal one piece swimsuit built with bra
  • Tummy control featured bathing costume
  • Include naylon, spandex, polyester fabric materials
  • Uniquely styled ruching front pattern
  • Advanced control technology for slim looks
  • Light contoured padding to give extensive support
  • Chlorine resistant swimsuit prevent fading
  • Help to protect from harmful ultra rays
  • Best one piece bathing dress for exercise
  • Removable cups with tummy control feature
  • Square neckline design dress for stunning look
  • Thick straps, racerback pattern swimming dress
  • Soft spandex and stretchy fabric material
  • Pill-resistant, durable designed bathing costume
  • Offer moderate coverage to give better compression
  • Best swimming suit with single shoulder strap
  • Made of durable nylon and spandex materials
  • Fully lined, adjustable straps for comfortable wear
  • Quickly dry and sunlight prevention crafted
  • Moderate cutting, coverage features suit
  • Wide straps designed give extra support

Buying Guide For The Best One-piece Swimsuits For Long Torso

Everyone comes with a different body type. Some are petite, some have long torsos, and some have small torsos, an effect of their lifestyle. When the summer arrives, we all ask ourselves which of those swimsuits can be ideal for us. For up till now, one cannot find the perfect one-piece swimwear for long torsos. Ever wondered why proportions matter while buying swimsuits online? This is because different companies of clothing have different styles and cater to different body sizes.

Tall Sizes vs. Long Sizes

Tall women usually have different proportions, meaning long legs with a longer than average torso. Most lines have tall sizes but usually don't cater to the long sizes, which could be difficult to assess. 

Companies make 'small tall' sizes similar to the regular size medium for the swimwear line. And having a long torso is not something that most companies are good at. 

But now certain companies make plus size one-piece swimsuits for longer torsos. 

Types Of Swimsuits For Women With Longer Torsos

Long One-piece Suits: 

A one-piece swimsuit made for women with longer torsos helps provide extra material to the area and provides a comfortable fit to the body. Also, one-piece clothes are quite comfortable and come with figure-sculpting materials that make for a great appearance. If you want to give a visual of a shorter torso, then it is recommended to avoid vertical lines on a one-piece suit.

Tankini tops: 

Those women who have longer torsos fit into separates quite well. Tankini tops are made to work as modern bikinis but do not provide any discomfort in the tug with a shorter torso. Moreover, these tops come with an added length compared to a standard top and when you are shopping for them, always opt for a larger size.

Bikini Tops: 

Another great swimsuit for women with longer torsos is a high waist bottom paired with a bikini top. This kind of bikini makes the space between the top and the bottom look smaller, hence giving your torso a nice and compact look. Also, lots of plus sizes are available for this kind of swimwear.

Swim Skirts: 

This look is elegant and modest and is great for social settings, without getting too conscious around people. This swimsuit can be experimented with by mixing lots of colors and patterns like printed one-piece clothing, to make them look different. Every time you wear it.

Mid-rise Bottoms: 

A bottom-rise bottom and a little higher than the waist is great if paired with a nice bikini top as it wouldn't make the torso look too big. The appearance given by this particular swimsuit is one of a shorter torso and provides flattering coverage, not making one too conscious as well.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Swimsuit

Body Size: 

One-piece swimsuits for plus size women also come in a particular size, and to find the right size is essential. It is recommended to grab a measuring tape and measure your waist size and tummy size. Once you have done that, compare it with the sizes on the website and go for one that fits closest to your size.


Lots of websites now are offering high cut one-piece swimsuits for long torsos. It comes in two pieces or even in one piece and with lots of different styles. Always look at a website with a variety of designs and see the best according to your requirement.

Product Information:

It is imperative to look into the product details and description before buying a one-piece swimsuit with shorts or any other thing as useful as a bikini. Keep a check on the details of the item you are buying, along with the shipping options. When you look and read all the product information, you will save a lot of time.

Right Style:

There are tons of different styles of cute one-piece swimsuits available today and the functionality that they offer. The type of clothing you want could vary upon the activity you are going for. A vacation would not need something too functional, but you might have to go for a more useful one if you are swimming.

Seek Support:

Always look for something that supports your body. Women looking for one-piece swimsuits for longer torsos have to see how it looks on their body and see what style suits them the best.


Another important thing to consider is that you need something like an elongated fashionable one-piece swimwear if you have a longer torso. This would make your waist look smaller and style your body perfectly.


Fabrics and colors are of the utmost importance when selecting the perfect wear for your body. There are tons of bright colors available that make for cute one-piece swimsuits. One should avoid too thin a fabric because it might get transparent when wet.

How To Choose A Swimsuit For A Long Torso

When you are looking to buy plus-size one-piece swimsuits for a long torso, it is recommended that you go for printed wear or any other that can visually help break up your body, giving it a look of a shorter torso.

You could go for two-piece swimwear that are two-toned and are of a bright color, which helps reduce the torso's length and eventually helps make the waist look smaller than it is.

  • You could also go for V-shaped necklines, horizontal stripes, and other such design features and styles that would work very well for women with longer torsos and look like a unique one-piece bikini.
  • It is recommended to go for bikinis, bandeaukini, or tankini tops.
  • It is suggested to avoid bikini bottoms that have a straight cut across the hip and one-piece clothing.
  • Lots of websites like Tempt Me and Smismivo offer a variety of fashionable one-piece swimsuits for women. 


Women with Long torsos have plenty of options available when it comes to buying the perfect and cute one-piece swimsuits for their bodies. Many platforms and online portals provide bikini for women with longer torsos today and reduce the hunt for them. It is always recommended to get your perfect measurements in place and compare them with those on websites like Zexxxy

Swim wears like bikinis and tankini tops are easy to find and are widely available, and are the best bet when looking great. While it does make a difference to most women who have longer torsos, they are fortunate to have a tall body to workaround to make them look short.

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