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Have a glimpse at water-resistant and lightweight raincoats from our curated list helps you choose perfect and comfortable fit rain jackets and ponchos.

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  • Constructed with polyester fabric keeps dry inside
  • Rain safety coat made with rip resistant materials
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  • Hooded coat with zipper closure
  • Mesh lining rain jacket makes skin breath freely
  • Lightweight and easy to carry hooded jacket
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  • Nylon outer layer resists water and quickly dryes
  • Water-proof and breathable fabrics keeps dry
  • Machine washable and long lasting rain coat
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  • Rain jacket designed with elastic cuffs and hem
  • Omni shield materials repels moisture and dries quickly
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  • Detachable hood with cord locks for protection
  • Perfect jacket for camping and fishing
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  • Full length and functional design raincoat
  • Metal press button closure for easy wearing
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  • Provides quality and comfort fit for wearers
  • Water-resistant coats keeps warm and insulated
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  • Flexible and adjustable fit rain ponchos
  • Windproof jacket protects from harsh weather and storms
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  • Rain jackets with mesh lining delivers warmth
  • Breathable function ensures soft and comfy fit
  • Multi-function back pocket for securing valuables
  • Best men's packable hooded raincoats and jackets

Things To Consider Before Purchasing Best Men's Hooded Raincoats!


Did you ever wander into any website search for raincoat!!! However, delving a little into the technology of men’s raincoat and getting knowledgeable about a few key terms would always help you to keep yourself dry in a rainy season and within your budget while keeping you up to date with the trending fashion.

A raincoat is a lightweight single or double-breasted waterproof wear which is functionally used as a protection from the rain. The history of Raincoat goes back to the early nineteenth century when Charles Macintosh first discovered the Tarpaulin fabric, also called India Rubber Cloth. It was a rubber core softened by naphtha, which was sandwiched between two pieces of woolen cloth.

Original styles of men's long raincoats haven’t changed much since the time of discovery; however, raincoats for both men and women started being marketed in a wide variety of colors as against the earlier raincoats in tan and gray color. Technological advancements in fabric technology coupled with surface engineering or modification of fabrics have made modern raincoats more water-repellent than before.

Three Fundamental Technologies of Raincoats 

Waterproof technology (WP) primarily deals with waterproof characteristics of fabrics that prevent the rainwater from getting inside and touching our other underwear or skin.  However, there may not be a feeling of complete dryness when we sweat out of fatigue or tiredness due to vigorous work. Waterproof technology keeps us dry

Waterproof and breathable technology (WPB) deals with both waterproof against outside rain and venting out of saline vapor generated on our bodies from perspiration. WPB technology provides us with a feeling of complete dryness even when we are tired and sweating. Interestingly the bigger rain drops can’t sip in whereas the smaller size micro vapors generated from sweat can easily vent out. Also, the relatively warm air inside diffuses out to colder air outside. 

The vapor diffusion process facilitates our feeling of comfort and improving the vapor diffusion efficiency continues to be the main challenge of technology in all types of hooded raincoats for men working outside. It saves us from sweltering inside a raincoat.

Waterproof Breathable and Water Repellant technology (DWR) deals with water-resistant, breathable, and water-repelling characteristics of fabrics. The fabrics surface is modified so that rainwater falling on raincoat balls up and rolls down from the fabric surface.

There are water-resistant raincoats available which are less expensive than the waterproof type and normally don’t keep us dry in drenching rain.

DWR Technology

Almost all the hooded raincoats for men are provided with a DWR finish. Waterproof Breathable stops external rainwater to enter inside but DWR helps to stop external rainwater to precipitate on the surface. If DWR gets lost with time, the external surface gets heavy with water becoming clumsy and gets stuck to the body. This often interferes with breathability and brings uneasiness.

The DWR performance is reduced with time mainly due to dirt, abrasion, and sometimes repeated washings. However, DWR can be renewed with a spray or wash to revive its efficacy. A frontload wash is normally preferred.

A quick test on DWR performance is done by sprinkling some water on the external surface and giving it a onetime shake. If water droplet falls off it indicates good DWR condition. Some of the top men athleisure brands are working with the latest DWR technology with high-performance durability and advanced waterproofing abilities. 

Detailed Material Description

Almost all the hooded raincoats for men are made up of the Gore-Tex membrane. Precisely a trading name, Gore-Tex is a porous high-performance ePTFE (Expanded Polytetrafuroethylene) fabric and when stretched or expanded under appropriate conditions of pressure and temperature, very strong, waterproof and micro-porous material is formed. 

The surface of the stretched PTFE membrane gives rise to more than 9 billion micropores per square inch and these micro-pores are roughly 20K times smaller than water drops and 700 times bigger than a molecule of moisture vapor. Here comes the waterproof-breathable functionality from and in all men’s’ summer Raincoats with hoods.

Best Hooded raincoats for men are made up of PVC or plastic. Coated Polyurethane like Nylon, Polyester, and Neoprene (Synthetic Rubber) are also used. 

There are a few alternate proprietary materials in recent times, e.g. eVent, Sympatex, Omni-dry, NeoShell, HyVent, H2No, etc.

How Men’s Hooded Raincoats are made

Hooded Raincoats for working men are either made from laminate or coating or PVC.

Waterproof & breathable membrane is bonded to the underside of a woolen fabric just like wallpapers applied to a wall forming a laminate. As the membrane is sandwiched between two base membranes, this is a more durable construction and is normally used in more extreme conditions. 

A waterproof and breathable film spread over the inner surface of a shell or woolen fabric forms a coating just like paint on the wall. Coatings are generally lighter than that of laminates and mainly used in less extreme a condition. Coatings are also cheaper than laminates. Being very thin both laminates and coatings are eroded with time due to abrasion, dirt, etc. and needs maintenance from time to time.

PVC is Polyvinyl Chloride resin or plastic with good waterproofing but poor durability.

Hooded raincoats for men need stitching and there are always lots of seams. During sewing, holes are created and this is why all seams are normally factory sealed except some low priced ones where sealing is done on seams having the greatest exposure to rainwater.

In all mens raincoats with hood, pockets are designed and provisioned at places with greatest functionality & usefulness in mind. Pockets are provided with top closure and drainage ports so that there is no ingress of rainwater and even so, the rainwater is drained out.

All hooded raincoats for men are provided with zippers for front opening, pockets and pit zips in armpits. The zippers are mostly rubber coated or appropriately flapped to prevent water from entering inside.

Hooded raincoats for men are always provided with a hood and the hood is normally added or removed as required. Most hoods are adjustable and have brims & peaks as an awning to keep the rain off from the face.

The front zipper is the most prominent vent in men’s raincoat. In the case of a good breathable raincoat, provisioning of additional vents might not sound convincing as there are chances to compromise with waterproofing performance. However, wherever there is a strenuous and vigorous work is involved, some additional vents are provided in armpits and torso pockets. Swisswell offers hooded raincoat with zipper closure that eliminates the possibility of compromising the waterproofing performance and giving the benefit of a breathable front zipper.  

.A lighter and less bulky raincoat for men is always more packable. Most of the men’s raincoats are handy and come with good packing ability. 

Benefits of Men’s Hooded Raincoats

The main benefits include protection against water and wind. In cold conditions, a raincoat also acts as a heat insulator and protects from cold. While an umbrella protects certain parts of your body, especially the head, men’s long raincoats are extremely useful when safeguarding the entire body is concerned.

Besides the physical benefits, men’s casual raincoats are also aesthetic and help amplify the fashion quotient, even during the windy monsoons. Unlike a few years back, the structure, color coding, pocket positioning, and other traits have significantly evolved and raincoats aren’t liabilities anymore. 

Last but not least, raincoats are easier to maintain as compared to umbrellas. As the latter features several mechanical parts, it is prone to breakage and dismantling upon prolonged usage. These issues can be avoided if you are into men’s hooded raincoats. 

Types of Raincoats based on Construction and Features

Both the high and low-end men’s raincoats are available for purchase, depending on types of construction and features. 

Based on the number of layers, men’s hooded raincoats are generally of three types:

  • In a 2-Layer type, the membrane or coating layer is applied inside an outer cotton layer to form a single piece. This is normally classed as a casual type of raincoat and is less expensive. It is normally used in urban areas and mostly by travelers.
  • In 2.5-Layer type, there is an outside layer of low-weight fabric, a polyurethane-based Waterproof breathable laminate or coating as a middle layer and a sheen-like inner layer. Due to this sheen layer, this type is called 2.5-Layer. It gives an added layer of protection to the concerned individuals. 
  • In 3-layer type, there is no coating and it is normally Gore-Tex. It is just a membrane tightly cemented between two woolen/cotton fabrics. This type is costly and normally used where extreme weather condition prevails.

Customizability (Provisions for Adjustments)

In addition to hood adjustment, all raincoats for men are sometimes offered with a drawcord at the bottom hem. Similarly, for a long raincoat, a drawcord is provided at the waist. Mostly the wrist closures are also adjustable. Adjustments are provided for deciding on tightening or loosening depending on stopping rainwater, wind & cold from sneaking in or ease of venting.

Colors and Flexibility

Men’s raincoats come in all shades of colors. Sometimes, the raincoats are wearable on both sides, which add to their flexible usage. There are a few self-drying or rather waterproof raincoats for men which are extremely resourceful and must be prioritized, especially with monsoons’ on the verge of arrival. Tommy Hilfiger’s hooded rain jacket gives a bit of an edgy look and has self-drying water-resistant technology.  


Price varies as there are both high end and low-end categories of men’s raincoats with hoods. However, in most of the normal applications, the price is within one’s budget and not exorbitant. 


Most of the brands dealing in men’s raincoats with hood offer material, material-labor & workmanship warranty for a standard period. However, it is always good to check with the company before proceeding with the purchase. 


The bottom line of hooded raincoats for men lies in the fact of making the right choice. If the priority is breathability, a 3-Layer laminate type is most appropriate Anyoo raincoat. The higher cost takes care of better longevity and comfort.

If waterproofness is the priority, any of the three types 2, 2.5 & 3 Layer type can justify the cause. Affordability and activity level will finally determine the buy. Also, look for the rain chamber test results.

If cost matters most, a coated non-breathable type will often serve the purpose provided the activity level is low.

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