Best Maternity Swimsuits

Maternity swimsuits offer beautiful and exquisite designs that come with stretchable outfits to give full coverage during pre and post pregnancy.

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  • Dot printed style swimsuit
  • Casual and wedding maternity dresses

Everything You Need To Know About Maternity Swimsuits

Dressing up during pregnancy is a real task as it takes a lot of effort to find the right outfits no matter how prepared your lifestyle is. With your belly getting bigger day by day and your waistline expanding, there is nothing much you can do about it except for slaying in your maternity outfits. It is normal to get conscious of your body but don’t let it stop you from embracing these precious moments. When you want to go and get some sun, get your hands on some fabulous swimsuits. Flaunt your bump because trust us, you are going to miss it post-pregnancy. Let’s see which motherhood brand of swimsuits are suitable for various periods of your pregnancy. Level up your game with these outfits:

First Trimester

You will probably not have much difficulty. Most of the women are in their original shape or start getting healthy in a barely noticeable way. You can opt for regular swimsuits from maternity clothing at this time as it won’t make much difference. Go for tankinis along with bikini bottoms if you are a conservative dresser. Otherwise, bikinis are a good option since the bump will not be big enough.

Second Trimester

By this time, you will have a cute little belly. The second trimester is usually when your breasts get bigger, and your body widens. So it would be your choice if you want to wear a one-piece or a two-piece. Some lucky women will still be able to fit in their first trimester swimsuits. Shop for bikini bottoms that have adjustable strings so you can wear them comfortably. Also, women who are okay with their bump can wear bikini tops. Otherwise, go for one-piece swimsuits that will cover your muffin tops.

Third Trimester

It is the most challenging time of all the trimesters. You will get as big as you can get, and the stretch marks will be crazy. Also, dark lines start to appear under your belly, which will not be pretty. Let’s be honest; none of us can make peace with such significant changes in our bodies. That is why, thanks to fluttering tops, which are a game-changer. Since these are a mixture of bikini and tankini, you get the best of both worlds. What’s better than having a cute swimsuit that covers all of your marks! Other than that, the tankini is a great option too. For setting up your complete pregnancy wardrobe, you need to also check out for the best maternity belly bands.

One-piece Swimsuits

While some of you may love the idea of one-piece swimsuits, we do not recommend it. Often, the fit is relatively low, and it ends up creating an awful look. Every woman has a belly of a different size, so it does not cling to your belly correctly. In some places, the swimsuit will look kind of loose while looking right in the others. Adjusting your swimsuit, avoid one-piece swimsuits. Also, the process of wearing it can be a real task, especially during the third trimester.


Brands provide you with a size chart, so check which size will fit you. Maternity swimsuits are made up of stretchable material so that they can adapt to your changing body. If you have twins, it would be better to order a size up as your belly will be bigger. Also, some women are not a fan of body-hugging clothes during their pregnancy. Therefore, you can get flutter tops and tankini, which come loose fits.

Whichever swimsuit you decide to get, make sure that it does not pressure your belly.


The fabric of the swimsuit must be breathable. See that it does not make you all sweaty and uncomfortable. Nylon, spandex, and lycra are the best fabrics for a swimsuit as they are stretchable as well as comfy. Avoid cheap materials because they tend to leave rashes on your skin, which is the last thing you want during pregnancy. Opt for fabrics with mesh lining since they will provide support to your belly. Besides, materials that adhere to your body are far better than those who keep sliding or shifting, making it super annoying. Moreover, you can entirely rely on Miyang or Oceanlily.

Extra Support

When you are expecting, your breasts get huge along with being sober. A little extra support can do wonders to give you relief. While shopping for a swimsuit, check if it has underwires and also if it has padding or not. The underwires should be strong enough to give you support, but they should not irritate your skin. Adjustable straps are a blessing so go for them without any hesitation. For leg openings, the elastic should have an excellent fit that does not hurt you. Be it your shoulders or thighs, the elastic must not dig in your skin, making you uneasy.

Create your Style

There are no color or pattern rules when it comes to pregnancy outfits. Mix and match different swimsuits to create an entirely new swimsuit. There must be your old swimsuits whose bottoms may still fit you. Even if not, you can surely wear your maternity swimsuits post-pregnancy as the baby weight does not go away instantly. Wear bold colors, bright patterns, or whatever it is that you like. You can also pair your swimsuits with long shrugs if you wish to.

Buy only those swimsuits whose coverage is acceptable to you. If you do not feel very good with showing off your baby bump, then go for the ones which are of roll-up fabrics. Two-piece swimsuits are the best when you consider the ease of wearing and undressing them. It is your choice how you want to nail the dress-up game. Choose swimsuits that are in your budget as well as priced reasonably.

Final Words

These were some tips that will help you in choosing a maternity swimsuit. If you are still confused, get your hands on a brand like Dokotoo. Go out, have fun, and get that tan you are craving. Don’t let a big bump restrict you from having the time of your life.

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