Best Maternity Shoes

Breathable maternity shoes have uniquely designed quality materials, soft cushioning that leads to enhanced support and grip as well.

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  • Slip-resistant high elastic MD outsole
  • Breathable and lightweight with a unique design
  • Durable and environment protection material construction
  • Moisture-wicking insole to contour most foot shapes
  • Bungee stretch laced front panel for an easy slip-on fit
  • Soft smooth athletic flat knit fabric with stripe design
  • Podiatrist-designed orthotic cushioned sole
  • Textile and man-made breathable upper
  • Innovative biomechanical technology style
  • Latex arch insert for added support
  • Manufactured with imported rubber sole
  • Classic suede insole with cushion for comfort
  • Water-friendly sandals with minimal design
  • Sport design with flex grooves on the outside
  • Lightweight sandals with synthetic fabric construction
  • Ballet flat sueded sock insole
  • Attractive diamond pattern sole design
  • Imported 100% faux leather and synthetic
  • Flexible and synthetic soles
  • Breathable upper mesh design
  • Seamless designs with out-of-the-box
  • Most comfortable and stylish design shoes
  • Lightweight and ergonomic sole with cushioning
  • Perfect and customized fit with extra-wide widths
  • Innovative technology to improve mobility
  • Ortho-cushion system of cushioning heel seat
  • Comfortable women walking shoes for athletes
  • Wide toe box offers comfort and binding fit
  • Maximum comfort with zero break-in period
  • Carefully crafted from sustainable ingredients
  • Padded tongue and collar shoes
  • Best to prevent swelling of feet and legs
  • Quality cushioning for breathable and structural support
  • Added grip lightweight outsole for walking
  • Perfect to improve posture and boost circulation
  • Patented insole, quality leather with concealed heel
  • Removable insole for better cleansing
  • Canvas liner with faux crepe outsole
  • Best to give good arch and ankle support
  • Durable canvas crafted shoes for long-lasting wear
  • Padded collar to give comfort and shock absorption
  • Provide comfort and reduce joint pain during pregnancy
  • Segmented crash pad for smoother transitions
  • Foam material insole to give underfoot comfort
  • Bloom rubber forefoot material for better grip

How To Choose The Best Maternity Shoes For Women

Now that you have a little life inside of you, it is obvious that your body will go through many changes despite your strict lifestyle. While you embrace this beautiful journey to motherhood, do not forget to take all the necessary steps that will ensure the safety of you along with your baby. Belly is not the only body part going to get bigger. You must be prepared with your maternity clothes, but maternity shoes are just as important. During pregnancy, women have swollen feet that don't fit in regular shoes.

It's time to say goodbye to your high heels and favorite shoes for a little while. Although it does not mean that you have to wear ugly footwear because maternity shoes are just as pretty as any other footwear. These are must-have essentials for new moms. Here are some tips that will help you in picking the right kind of shoes.

Factors To Consider When Buying Maternity Shoes

Figure Out Troubles

Every woman has her own unique experience during pregnancy. Firstly, figure out what bothers you the most. Some women feel that the ligaments of their feet have loosened up, resulting in a flatter fleet. Whereas others have swollen feet because of the many hormonal changes taking place in the body. Your feet may feel heavy, along with being sore. Thereby, all of these things should be taken into account before you shop for shoes. Buying shoes in the maternity wear section based on swelling alone will not make you as comfortable.


Size is one of the most confusing factors during pregnancy because no one knows how big you will get. We can still get an idea about maternity clothes, but how do we figure out maternity shoes' size! Always order shoes that are half a size bigger than your actual or current foot size. This will give you enough room to be comfortable. Also, however swollen your feet may get, they will always fit into this size. No matter which footwear you are buying, the same rule applies to all of them.


When you start gaining weight, the center of gravity of your body changes. This majorly affects your back, ankles, and feet. You may face unbearable pain if you do not wear the right footwear. Before all of this takes place, it would be better to get a new pair of shoes. Maternity boots should support your feet and ankles in a way that no pressure is exerted on your feet. Some women find it difficult to even walk during their third trimester, so shoes with proper support will surely help them.


Just like regular shoes, maternity shoes have a wide range too. They are available in different colors, types, and whatnot. Almost every brand has a collection of maternity shoes, so you will have quite some options to choose from. Since you can't wear one pair of sneakers throughout your pregnancy, buy at least two to three pairs for different chores.


Slip-in shoes are very popular because bending is a real task during pregnancy, especially when you are close to your due date. You can wear these to work or any casual event as they go with every outfit.

Gym Shoes

There are gym shoes because working out is an important part when you are expecting. Such footwears are lightweight. Some of them have an insole for extra support and comfort. If you are not working out, then a little bit of walking is a must, so you need gym shoes for that.


Coming to the most fun footwear, that is, sneakers! We all love sneakers because of the comfort they provide. When you shop for maternity sneakers, imagine how happy your feet would be. Other than that, you can get loafers, slip-ons, and sandals with wide as well as low heels.


Make sure that the quality of the shoes is optimum because you need good support to avoid pain. Invest in a few footwears, but they should be able to do the job. Opt for brands that are specifically known for great shoes. You may think that these boots will not be of any use after pregnancy, so why to buy them at all. It is partially true, but you need all the pampering in the world right now. More than you, think about the comfort of your little one. Without having any second thoughts, get your hands on a few maternity shoes.

Fabric and Sole

The fabric of your shoes should be breathable so that your feet do not get sweaty. For everyday wearings, I prefer to get rubber soles as they absorb more shock. Alongside, ankle support should be such that your feet do not come out of your shoe while walking. Since you are buying shoes bigger than your foot size, this may be an important concern. Also, see to it that your boots are anti-skid and do not get slippery on any surface. Avoid shoes that fail to keep your feet dry as it will cause you discomfort.


Reviews are the best things that have happened to all of us. It is a great way of eliminating any confusion you have related to the product. You can find out how authentic the brand is by its reviews. All the credible brands like Skechers and Vionic pay special attention to customer care by responding instantly to their queries or issues, if there are any.

See how customers had responded when they received the product. If there is something wrong, then you will be alarmed in advance; otherwise, you are good to go. Read the reviews by verified users only. Check the shipping information beforehand because you surely do not want to wait a long time.

Final Words

These were some things that you should look out for when shopping for shoes. Maternity shoes from popular brands like Tiosebon are a necessity for every woman who is expecting. With a wide range of shoes available, compare them on various websites to get the best deal.

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