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Maternity insurances with smooth claim procedures reduce the financial burden and help to ensure stress-free pregnancy.

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  • Lactation counselling and breast pump rentals
  • The newborn baby medication process
  • Outpatient services of screenings and lab studies
  • Short term and life insurance policies
  • Provides easy access to health care plans
  • Separate maternity plans for before pregnancy
  • Medical and off-exchange health policies
  • Private health policy to cover all expenses
  • Covers all expenses for admission to the hospital
  • Covers therapeutic termination of pregnancy
  • Private plans for childbirth and pregnancy
  • Covers medical emergency of pregnancy upto 80%
  • Standalone prescription drug coverage
  • Comprehensive plans by choosing prescriptions
  • Temporary and full health insurance coverages
  • Helps in coordinating parental care
  • Free health and wellness programmes
  • Pregnancy support management system
  • Immediate and temporary coverages
  • Care after delivery and family planning services
  • Full-scope and pregnancy-related Medi-Cal plans
  • Breastfeeding and post-delivery support
  • Offers medical plans for limited incomes
  • Short term and long term health insurance plans
  • Prenatal and postpartum care
  • Diagnose or evaluate multiple gestations
  • Chronic villis sampling and fetal stress test

An Ultimate Buying Guide To Maternity Insurance Services


Are you planning for kids? Do you know about the expenses associated with pregnancy? Whether you are pregnant or planning to conceive, it is essential for you to know about maternity insurance. Motherhood is one of the fulfilling experiences in the life of a woman. The experience of bringing a new life into this world is matchless. It is the beginning of a new phase in the life of a couple. With the newborn, the couples get a set of new responsibilities. It begins right from the conception phase to the seeking of medical attention as well as aid.

Nowadays, the cost of living has affected all domains of existence. When we talk about maternity and requisite medical assistance, the costs become huge. Rather than emotionally, couples plan their family according to the financial conditions as the motherhood comes with responsibilities and expenses. E-health insurance ensures that you, your spouse, or the newborn is taken care of completely for the pregnancy duration. The insurance helps to avoid the humongous cost associated with pregnancy.

Why Do You Need to Enroll in a Maternity Insurance Plan?

Maternity is life’s blissful phase. It is itself a life-altering journey and every couple wishes to have a smooth and stress-free journey. Along with the responsibilities of a newborn, there is one thing that every couple worries about i.e. expenses. Taking a maternity insurance plan helps you get rid of the worry of the financial burden associated with the pregnancy.

Sometimes, the complications arise during the pregnancy that results in huge costs like complicated deliveries, treating newborns with birth defects, etc. The maternity insurance plan is a great way to ensure you avoid having to pay the costs and focus on caring for your spouse as well as the baby.

Maternity insurance is a wonderful option for the couples that are expecting a baby and require some coverage and for those who are planning stage. Pregnancy is considered a significant health benefit that all the health insurance companies need to cover. Some expenses that insurance plans cover includes lab work, doctor visits, ultrasound and sonograms, delivery, etc. In case you do not have health insurance, paying the pregnancy medical bills can be costly.

The couples planning for family tend to get the best insurance plans. They have numerous options for maternity coverage. For example, in case they do not have insurance from an employer, they can plan to buy a policy during the open enrollment period. Typically, the open enrollment period starts in November for the coverage starting in the next calendar year.

Amazing Features of Maternity Insurance Plans

The maternity insurance helps you right from the time when you start planning a family, through the pregnancy and even after the birth of your child. The features of the maternity insurance may vary from one to another plan. The list of some common features includes

Prescription Drug Coverage

All that a pregnant woman eats, drinks, or applies on the body affects the baby. Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to what you eat or drink, be it food or medicines. There are some medicines that can be harmful to pregnant women. You would get the prescription for the drugs that are safe for you and your baby by opting for meredith insurance center

Health And Wellness Program

The program ensures the good health of a pregnant woman. The program is staffed by the nurses having maternity experience. The program might include educational materials on labor and delivery, newborn care, and prenatal care. This program includes counseling to help pregnant women to quit drinking or smoking. Along with this, it would include lactation counseling as well as breast pump rentals.

Covering All Hospital Expenses

The insurance plan covers the maternity as well as newborn care. Some of the key expenses include obstetrician and gynecologist visits, medications, hospitalization, birthing classes, delivery, blood work, prenatal testing, and many others. It would include the screening of UTI (urinary tract infection), anemia, gestational diabetes, etc.

Benefits of Opting Maternity Insurance Services

Maternity insurance is a great way to minimize the expenses that you would need to pay for prenatal care as well as stay in hospital during the childbirth. The couples who do not have pregnancy insurance, they end up spending thousands of dollars. The cost of the emergency C-section increases almost by 50 % of the labor and vaginal delivery in the hospital. In case there are any complications, the cost increases dramatically.

Depending on the maternity insurance plan, the benefits may vary. The costlier the plan, the more the benefits are. The plans ensure the protection that the couple requires during pregnancy and ensure the coverage of the child after birth. The list of the advantages of maternity insurance includes

Prenatal Coverage

Maternity insurance covers the expenses of all three trimesters. The first trimester expenses would include prenatal vitamins, monthly doctor visits, additional testing necessary for the high-risk-pregnancies like DNA testing, CVS sampling, etc. The charges for the second trimester would include the maternal blood and glucose screening as well as ultrasound tests to ensure the normal development of the baby. In the third trimesters, there are numerous genetic testing and blood work that might lead to regular OB visits. The insurance would cover all the necessary expenses.

Delivery Charges

Calculating labor and delivery charges can be very tricky. You never know what situation would be. You might have a normal vaginal delivery without any complications or you also could have an emergency C-section. The cost of the delivery as well as hospital stay is covered as per the maternity insurance plan.

Post-Natal Charges

The maternity insurance covers the post-natal charges as well. The list of such charges includes regular doctor visits, medicines, doctor’s consultation fees, and many others.

Newborn Expense

Along with the delivery and hospitalization expense, the maternity insurance provides coverage for the expenses incurred in the newborn baby care, medications as well as vaccinations.

Some of the insurance options might even include coverage for the medical protection of the newborn child, congenital birth defect, and fertility treatments. Moreover, there are maternity insurance options for expatriates as well.

Things to Consider While Choosing Maternity Insurance Plan

Pregnancy insurance covers numerous costs. However, to get most of the insurance, it is essential to choose the right plan. Before you buy a maternity insurance plan, it is essential to consider some key factors like

Insurance Options

Either you are pregnant or planning to start a family, there are numerous ways to get an insurance plan. The first option is the employer. Usually, employers pay a portion of the premium that covers the spouses as well as children. The employer-sponsored plans provide an ample amount of coverage. You can opt for a job-based plan. Another option is a marketplace plan. Buying a plan through the health insurance marketplace is also a good idea.

Many marketplace plans offer maternity as well as childbirth coverage for a reasonable price. The coverage would vary according to the plan you purchase. If both are not suitable, you can apply for Medicaid & CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program) in order to cover the maternity as well as childbirth health benefits. The eligibility for the Medicaid & CHIP depends on the income requirements that vary by the state. You can apply for Medicaid and CHIP either through the health insurance marketplace or through Medicaid agency.


While picking the best plan it is important to figure out how much you would need to pay out of pocket. To buy the maternity plan that provides maximum coverage, you would need a good premium amount.

Although the maternity insurance plans have a higher premium. However, it is advised to take the time to research the plans and choose the one that provides coverage and suits the budget as well.


Maternity costs that start from the conception until the birth of a child, can be high. While selecting the maternity insurance plan, it is essential to pay attention to the inclusions. You need to invest in a plan that offers maximum coverage.

Waiting Period

Another important factor that requires attention is the waiting period. Waiting periods are a significant part of insurance coverage for the pre-existing as well as maternity conditions.

Support Services

Trusted insurance companies offer excellent 24/7 support services. You can get help from a licensed as well as experienced insurance agent regarding your insurance plan. Whether you require information about the available plans or have a query regarding the existing plan, the agents would assist you.

Conclusion - Where Should I Buy Maternity Insurance?

If you are pregnant or planning to start a family, it is advised to buy a maternity insurance plan. With the range of pregnancy insurance plans with varying degrees of cover, you can choose the affordable one. The best thing is that you can take control of the extent of benefits like the hospital, treatment rooms, pre as well as postnatal treatment that you are covered for, etc. To reduce the financial burden and ensure a stress-free pregnancy, explore the available maternity insurance plans, and buy the best plan as visitorscoverage.

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