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Enhance comfort during pregnancy with flattering and unique maternity clothes that provides perfect support to the growing belly and gives a beautiful look..

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How Do You Choose Maternity Clothes Brands?

First of all, you are pregnant! Yay! Welcome to one of the most beautiful phases of your lifestyle that is motherhood. Now that your body will have specific changes, say goodbye to your old clothes for a while. When you are comfortable in your clothes, your baby will stay cozy inside you. Gone are the days when women neglected maternity clothes just because they were worried about their appearance. Brands are creating whole new collections for pregnant women.

That's right, maternity clothes are so trendy right now, and women are nailing these looks. After all, if you are pregnant, why not do it in style? You still have to work, travel, attend social gatherings, and whatnot. Therefore, maternity clothes are a must for all women. Since you may be new to all of this, let us help you find the best maternity clothing brands. Here are some essential things for a new mom that you need to keep in mind while shopping for maternity brands.


There is no right or wrong when it comes to the type of fabric. Both stretchable and non-stretchable fabrics are going to be the right choice for you. If you attend a party, then a chiffon dress would be lovely. On the other hand, if you are chilling at home, then cotton and linen clothes will be perfect. Women mostly prefer airy dresses as they provide more comfort. It all depends on you and your convenience with the fabrics, so choose accordingly. Moreover, you can also consider maternity belly bands to make all of the preparations.


The whole point of maternity clothes is to get maximum comfort. Invest in breathable clothes that make you feel relaxed. Do not wear tight clothes that suffocate your belly just for the sake of fashion. Always keep your comfort a priority, pregnant or not! Dresses, tops, tunics and even trousers that have enough room in them will be the best. Women already deal with many hormonal changes, and adding irritation due to clothes to that list will not be a good idea. Avoid body-hugging clothes as they tend to be a little uncomfortable.


Maternity clothes should be of excellent quality that does not annoy your skin. Cotton, spandex as well as chiffon are usually the clothes that most of the women opt for. Along with comfort, quality is equally vital too. Please do not invest in cheap brands as they will be worn out in a few days. Keep in mind that your maternity clothes will be useful for a few months post-pregnancy as it takes time to shed the baby weight. Rather than buying clothes in bulk, buy a few but of excellent quality.


If you like to follow trends, then it will be a piece of cake for you to choose the designs. Celebrities have taken maternity outfits to the next level, so taking a little bit of inspiration from them won't be wrong. Some women are conscious of their baby bump and like to wear black to look slimmer.

Whatever it is, it depends entirely on how you dress up. From corsets to wedding dresses, everything is available in maternity clothes. You will have a wide range of designs to choose from. Sit back and go through different brands to see which one you like the most. Still, we would suggest you pick QueenBee and ASOS.


As we said, there is an endless range of maternity clothes available. You can have outfits for parties, office, casual wear, gym wear, and even nightwear. Tunics and maxi dresses are the most popular when it comes to maternity wear. You can wear them in both formal as well as casual events. It is better to avoid wearing jeans as it may make you feel suffocated. Also, wearing crop tops or even regular tops can be a task as they slide up your belly. You don't want to spend the entire day adjusting your clothes so go for airy ones.

Shipping Information

After you have selected your clothes, do check out the shipping information first. It may not be feasible for you to step out and shop. It is also so much easier to keep on scrolling while sitting on your couch and deciding what you want. Moreover, if you have an event that you wish to attend, check the shipping details carefully. You will be pregnant for a few months, so you can't wait for your order to arrive after like 30 days. Pick brands that will fulfill your shopping needs as soon as possible.

Credibility of the Brand

It is a significant factor to consider before you order your clothes. Some brands are already famous for their products, so you won't need to question their credibility. Sometimes your friends or family suggest you brands because they might have liked the products. You can shop without being worried about such recommended brands. However, if you have not heard of it before, then do a little research to see if they are genuine or not. You can check out their website and read about them on the web to be sure.


Reviews are a great way of knowing about the brand as well as their products. You will get to know if the brand does what it claims or if it is a bluff. Each product has a review so you can see what to expect when it arrives. For instance, if you are confused about the fit or the material, you can find it all in the reviews. Also, read reviews only by verified users to be specific. After all, brands are very particular about their image, so everyone tries to get the best of reviews.

Final Words

There is no right or wrong for pregnancy. It all just comes down to what you want, as this is your precious time. Rely on us, have a view on Thyme Maternity. Do what you feel, wear what makes you comfortable and memorable. So these were the few things you should keep in mind before buying maternity clothes.

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