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Lightweight and handheld gun massager with advanced percussion therapy to provide deep tissue massage for relieving sore muscles and stiffness.

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  • Unique quiet glide technology
  • High-torque brushless motor for quiet performance
  • Provides deep tissue massages for muscle relaxation
  • Offer interchangeable precision attachment
  • Lightweight and compact design for easy use
  • Professional-grade massager for workout pains
  • Helps to relieve sore and stiff pains
  • Well-suited message guns for muscle groups
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery use upto 3 days
  • Articulating arm for optimal massage point
  • Perfect handheld massage gun for body pains
  • International massager with charging adaptor
  • 2500 mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery
  • Simple to use with starts and stop button
  • Brushless motor with high-power suction
  • Perfect for post-workout exercise
  • Ergonomic handle for smooth massaging
  • Improve muscle strength and flexibility
  • Includes protective travel case for outdoor use
  • Vibration system for pre-workouts warmup
  • Reduce physical pains from upper and lower back
  • Offer signature and sensitive massage speed option
  • Comfortable grip handle to easy hold from angle
  • Modern TheraGun breakthrough treatment technology
  • Built with LED display for easy operation
  • Well-suited massage gun for physical therapist
  • Helps to enhance body ability and repairs cells
  • High-quality removable lithium battery
  • Perfect for post-workout myofascial release
  • Helps to improve muscle circulations and stiffness

Massage Gun Buying Guide - How To Choose Massage Gun For Pain Relief?

Are you a health and fitness freak? Have you ever experienced muscle cramps? Or stiffness in your muscles? If yes, you might also know how difficult it is to go about your day with a constant ache. With time, that muscle ache will go away in just a few minutes, but with the right device in your hands!

The body goes through extremely hard work if you live an athletic life or are just regular working out to stay healthy. With this hard work, your muscles are bound to go through wear and tear, and well-timed recovery is essential. This is where we introduce the massage gun. Further, we also provide top workout cloth brands that enhance your lifestyle.

The massage gun is a new invention that was built for efficient muscle recovery. It has now become a favorite tool for many athletes to support their muscle recovery process. Over 87% of all athletes participating in the Olympics use this as their means to recovery.

6 Proven Health Benefits Of Using A Massage Gun

Better Performance And Injury Prevention

The massage gun is greatly beneficial for all athletes looking to get ahead in their respective disciplines. The massage gun is not only required after an injury, but it is of great help to allow muscles to heal and relax after an intense training session. Allowing your muscle to loosen up will prevent it from stiffening or further damage due to overtraining or excess exertion.

This is highly important because, for those who plan to compete shortly, they cannot afford an injury during the span of their training camp. If not taken care of, these avoidable injuries can cause the training to get stalled or generate poor performance from the athlete or even cause them to not perform in a competition.

Thus, it is crucial to allow your muscles to recover and relax, and with the help of a massage gun. A deep tissue massage can be received at any time of the day. This will allow your muscle to stay healthy and strong throughout the training camp and give your best performance.

Pain Relief And Advanced Vibration Healing

The massage gun uses vibration and subtle energy as its means for healing. It does not bank on any other system for treating the muscle stiffness or cramps. The massage gun delivers vibrations deep into the muscle and tissues using the "percussive therapy" technique.

This technique increases the blood and lymph circulation in the affected area and allows more oxygen and nutrients to flow in the muscle. This further assists in faster recovery and removes the pain from the muscles. This technique is also greatly beneficial to get rid of muscle fatigue and soreness.

Best For Rehabilitation

Using a Hyperice cordless massage gun is the best means for muscle rehabilitation and preventing injuries from occurring again due to internal pain. Massage guns are a means of supplementing the injury rehabilitation process and increasing the pace of recovery of damaged muscles due to any trauma or illness. It greatly improves circulation into your muscles and tissues and helps the injured areas become more functional and shortens the recovery period.

Ideal For Muscle Spasms And Stiffness

Muscle spasm and muscle stiffness are problems that can come to anyone. You don't need to be an athlete for your muscles to act upon you. Long hours of sitting or lying down can also cause your muscle to stiffen up or have a spasm. The massage gun does a brilliant job by relieving you from these problems in just a few minutes.

These problems arise mainly due to a lack of blood circulation in your muscles. The massage gun, with the help of vibrations and applying pressure on the muscles, ligaments, and tendons allows the muscle to relax and relieves you from the pain in a short amount of time. The vibrations help increase the blood circulation in the affected area, thus preventing a spasm from occurring again. Continuing the process will help you eliminate these problems recurrence.

Enhances Mobility

The massage gun aids recovery for your muscles, connective tissues, tendons, ligaments, and joints, which are the basis of mobility. By allowing these to recover faster and keeping them free from injury, the massage gun increases the body's overall mobility and range of motion. This will help you to execute and learn physically demanding techniques without any hesitation.

Breaking Down Scar Tissues

Scar tissues help repair damaged fiber in our body, but the tissues' elasticity does not match up to the body's natural muscle tissues. The massage gun allows recovery through deep tissue, which helps break down the scar tissues, thus alleviating the pain and relieving stiffness. You can use the massage guns not only for injuries but also for post-surgery scar tissues. However, take your physician's advice before doing so.

Factors To Consider Before Buying A Massage Gun


Before buying a massage gun, you need to fully understand your problem. The massage gun is very versatile and can be used on muscles on various parts of the body, but it is always good to know what exactly your problem is and what your body needs.

You may suffer from injuries that may require you to do additional therapy apart from the massage gun. At times, you will find your physicians recommending a few stretching and resistance exercises to speed up your recovery process. Thus, it is important to know your problem so you can use it in the right manner with all the supplement therapy you can get.

Modality Of Use

The massage gun has various features and attachments which have different benefits and are used for different problems. You should learn beforehand the features you require the most from a gun. Look for the correct massage gun, which will allow you to receive the recovery accurately to make the recovery process easy and painless. Some of the commonly used attachment heads are- Roundhead, Bullethead, Flathead, Tree-shaped head, Forkhead. Make sure to consult your physician before using these attachments in the affected areas.

One of the top brands, Exerscribe massage gun uses different vibrations and pressure levels, which can be used for different problems or different intensities of pain. You may have a serious injury or muscle tear, and using too much pressure or a high vibration level may cause the muscle to damage more and may increase your pain and further slow down your recovery process.

Trial Before Use

Though it is very rare, the massage gun may not suit a few individuals. Some people have certain skin conditions or other medical conditions, which may make the gun less useful. Similarly, it may not fit much older people with wearier muscles and lower bone density to use a high-intensity massage gun.

If you feel you require one, it is always best to find a way to try the massage gun and see if you benefit from it. It is safer to do this than to invest in a massage gun to find out that you cannot benefit from it. Again, refer to your physician before using if you have a serious injury.

Amplitude and RPM

The amplitude refers to the maximum level of vibration when measured from the equilibrium point. This factor is important because it determines how far the head will travel and how deep it will reach your tissues to ensure a faster recovery. Along with the amplitude, the RPM (Rotations per minute) is also a key factor. The more RPM a massage gun can provide, the more hits per minute you get applied to your injuries.

The two factors depend on the speed range the massage gun can provide. Usually it can support 2000-3200 RPM, but then again, different people require different speed levels depending on the severity of their problems.


When we speak of design, it does not only mean the aesthetic appeal of the massage gun. The design of the massage gun determines the weight and weight distribution of the equipment. An intelligently designed massage gun would allow users to hold it without putting too much strain on the wrist, and thus you can hold it for a longer period. A good design, convenient handle, and weight, along with smart looks, also imply easy usability.

Massage Gun Price

The massage guns come at different prices based on the features it provides and longevity of the tool. There are guns that may cost you less but may not support many features and attachments. You may have saved some money by purchasing the less expensive one, but it may not have the features and attachments which you specifically require. The cheaper massage guns may not have a few extra vibration and pressure levels and may not support specific attachments, which are important for your recovery process.

The recovery process is very delicate and should be taken very seriously. For this reason, it is best to look for the prime quality massage gun, which supports all the features you can benefit the most. Consider using a reliable brand that has been either in the healthcare industry or has been making electronics for a few decades.

You may have to spend a little more, but the price is worth the utility. Using a lower quality device may cause your muscle more damage instead of helping it recover. This will increase your expenditure in the long run, costing you more for rehabilitation therapies. It will increase your recovery process and take you more time.


Do not let yourself suffer from unnecessary pain, and do not let your slow recovery hinder your life. Today, the Opove massage gun is used by people of all ages and professions. This tool is easily available in online stores; get them, and begin your recovery process without any delay. The tool is a great supplement for a day of exercise, and doctors also recommend them. Buying a massage gun gives you immediate relief from pain and saves you big bucks from future visits.    

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use a massage gun on my neck?

Massage therapists say that a massage gun should not be used on the neck as the muscles and nerves in that area are very sensitive. But you can use it on your back and shoulder areas to give comfort for sore necks.

2. Which massage gun is the best?

Opove M3 Pro massage gun is the best option to go for if you are looking for a gadget that gives instant relief to your muscle pain after an intense workout session. It works well on bulk muscles and gives deep tissue massages.

3. Do massage guns help muscle growth?

Massage guns give percussive massages which help in muscle contraction and the contracted muscles, which then be stretched and lengthened, which aids in the growth and building up strength in them.

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