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Sturdy mantel clock has a wooden, crystal glass frame integrated with automatic and chime features giving a visual appeal to home.

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  • Quality wooden and black roman numerals clock
  • Accurate time keeping featured product
  • Non-chiming, quiet techniques clock for daily use
  • Carefully-crafted battery integrated tool for longevity
  • Rusty brown and gray undertones integrated for unique look
  • Round shaped wooden yet black color mantel clock
  • Equipped with quality battery for smooth operation
  • Protective foam padded bottom for table use
  • White color, premium plastic element clock for vintage look
  • Offer quartz step movement with mantel clock
  • Elegant creamy finished and retro face product for any space
  • Aluminium hands, PS lens featured timepiece
  • Soft ticking hands for noiseless environment
  • Sturdy frame constructed timepiece for household purpose
  • Convex crystal glass gives aged dail appearance
  • Flat bottom pads to prevent slippage or any damages
  • Walnut finished, sturdy wood case for extendable use
  • Offer westminster melody tune feature on every hour
  • Removable acrylic black panel for cleansing purpose
  • Give two years of warranty service on mantel clock
  • Premium quality metal essential clock in novelty shape
  • Automatic watch movement technique chronometer
  • Accurate yet 1AA battery required mantel clock
  • Elegant aqua color for writing or PC desk
  • Cherry finish, bent hardwood case mantel timepiece
  • Flexible volume controlling option in 3 chimes
  • AA battery support for effortless operation
  • Beaded molding base for stable accommodation
  • High-grade polyresin made product at low price
  • Dedicated quartz watch featured clock setup
  • Offer 7 round diameter face with large numerals
  • Analog craftsmanship mantel clock for great looks
  • Automatic night shut-off timepiece for good night sleep
  • Crystal music and hourly strike functionality
  • Self decorative, battery intended chronometer
  • Durable wood frame constructed clock for sturdy use
  • Compact size alarm featured mantel timepiece
  • Premium convex crystal glass face for seamless viewing
  • Automatic shut-on and off techniques brand
  • Antique retro styled chronometer for vintage look
  • Partially traditionally wooden material made product
  • Cost-effective brown color mantel clock to embellishment use
  • Give support up to seven years of warranty

Mantel Clocks Let's You to View a Unique Look & Design

Medieval decorative items are a piece that we would like to possess and amplify the look of the interior, such as the Victorian era Piano, a tambour clock, a prehistoric painting, etc. The medieval styled clocks are for styling the interior look yet define the elegance factor. The wooden finish with slight chiming is the evident combination to enhance the vintage get up in the 21st century. The mantel clock is an elegant decorative piece glorifying the retrospect time. Here we discuss the various aspects that depict the benefit, factor, feature that assist the user while buying the product.

Types of Mantel Clocks

Tambour Mantel Clock

The Tambour Mantel Clock is a wooden finish placed in the living room, hallway, bedroom for an elegant vintage look. The cherry finish amplifies the complete makeover with decorative chimes and this medieval analog clock shield with thick glass, roman numbers, and metal hands for visibility from a distance. The clock weighs 1000-1500 gm with a dimension suitable for you to mount it on the top of the desk, table, bookshelf for a great view.

Mantel Clock with Chime

The portable clock is the latest trend in indoor decorative pieces with a sweet chiming sound every hour. The whole look of the product gives a vintage look to the house with a sophisticated wooden or metallic finish. The mechanism of the clock is simple as you need to set the timer beforehand as per the convenience, and it strikes on the exact time. The melodious chiming sound reminds of the Victorian era with a slight touch of the British period. 


The antiquated clock with a classic pre-historic look is always eye-catching to the viewer. They are big-sized mantlepiece clocks made entirely with fine wood, the intricate carving on the wood gives an authentic antique look with the metal handle for relocating it. The metallic hour and minute hand with the roman number provide the royal aristocracy. Some antique clocks are with the signature from the royalties and auctioned at high prices.

Quartz Mantel Clock

From the inception, the design of the mantel Outdoor clock changed drastically with now quartz technology, and it incorporates the digitization and battery operation, which became more easy access with low maintenance. The digital mantel clock runs on electrical energy, and the battery lasts for more than a year, which cuts the overall cost. The wooden framed structures are sturdy and weigh 2.25 lbs. 

Westminster Chime Mantel Clock

The Westminster Mantel Clock is the pre-1930 clock with the original vintage standard. The design and structure inspired by the era is the epitome of sophistication and elegance. The mechanism inbuilt involves the loud chiming sound to wind every seven days for the smooth running. The analog clock with top-notch craftsmanship looks outstanding on the mantelpiece. 

Bluetooth Enabled Mantel Clock

It's the latest innovation on the mantel clock with the inclusion of Bluetooth technology that enables music streaming, audio files, etc. The wood finish accentuated with intricate detailing transforms into a multi-functional decor item yet the best feature. The battery-operated clocks are affordable and low-maintenance.

Features To Consider While Buying Mantel Clocks

Aesthetically Handcrafted

The retro-styled antique clock is a part of the home appliances leaves a classic look on the interior of the house. The wooden finish gets vintage design on it to create the historic look. The mantelpiece shall intensify with the mounting of the antique finished clock on it. The shape is pleasing to the eyes with a tambour structure, which makes it appealing.

Wood or Metal Frame

The frame structure of wood or metal provides an elegant touch to the mantel clock yet offers a sturdy finish for durability. The vintage wooden finish with nuance makes it a perfect decorative piece for the living room, hall, sitting area, etc. The base frames are sturdy than the other variety of the clock available in the market. The design, structure, texture of the frame catch hold of the eye of the onlooker. 

Elegant Look

The embellishment with the elegant pieces, the mantel clock delivered the wholesome feel of sophistication into the placement of the decorative item. The backdated showpieces with intricacies are the new thing to implicate into the indoor setup. The classic vintage wood carving has the whole character to the room where you place it. 

Intricate Design

The intricate detailing on the wood structure and inside out with excellent craftsmanship in the PresenTime Vintage Clock is for the profound elegance. The intricacies of the wood carving depict the Victorian or the medieval era. The design and texture of the mantel clock can add detailing to the interior adjacent to the arrangement.

Metallic Dial

The metal dial with thick finish glasses is for good visibility of the mantel clock. Some pieces come with the night vision involved with the radium technology for a better perspective. The metal dial with iron hands altogether formulates to give good visibility and a well-defined look.

Available in Roman and Arabic Number

The roman number is commonly there in the mantel clock as it depicts the medieval era where you see them widely. The modification of the design, the roman got changed to the Arabic number. Now, the digitized device comes with an additional feature other than the Arabic number form. 

Chiming Sound

The chiming sound of the mantel clock is an inbuilt feature that you've to wind every week for the perfect timing. As per convenience, the user sets the timer, and at every hour and a half clock chimes. 

Battery Operated

With the inclusion of the digital mode, the mantel clock is now battery operated. The battery lasts for more than a year, which does not need frequently added expenses. It's easy to maintain and access. 

Wide base for Support

The flattened bottom stands firmly on the top of the desk, table, shelves, etc. And the supportive structure keeps it steady and balanced. 

Volume Control

The volume control technique of the mantel clock adjusts to the high and low chiming of the pendulum. Now the model has low-level chimes, which are the default feature to avoid loud interruptions.


The SkyNature Waterproof Outdoor Clocks are a perfect example of the vintage antique clocks for indoor and outdoor setup. The artistic variation in the design encourages the user to avail of the best pieces for home decor.

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