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Laser measuring tools provide advanced functionalities to calculate accurate and precise measurements with real-time viewing in a Backlit display.

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  • Ergonomic and user-friendly design
  • Advanced memory and back-lighting feature
  • Best laser measuring tool for appraisers
  • Provides high-accuracy and performance
  • Feature a bright LCD display for measurements
  • Shutoffs automatically when not in use after 3 minutes
  • Best laser measuring tool for outdoors
  • Shock-proof housing with durable design
  • IP65 Water and debris resistance
  • Automatic area and volume calculation
  • Best laser measuring tool for architects
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Real-time measurements with backlit display
  • Bluetooth compatibility for easy sharing of data
  • Best laser measuring tool with bluetooth
  • LCD backlight display for increased visibility
  • Provides accurate and unwavering distance range
  • Features with an IP54 waterproof functioning
  • Best laser measuring tool for professionals
  • Bluetooth feature for viewing units in-app
  • Measures long ranges with extreme accuracy rates
  • Best laser measurement tool for 3d printer
  • Integrated with LCD large display
  • Accurate measure precisions upto 2mm
  • Features an auto shut-off function after 20 secs
  • Best laser measurer for realtors
  • Backlit LCD display for real-time measurement
  • Best laser measurement tool for outdoor activities
  • Easy to use compact and durable design
  • Interchangeable measurement units
  • Simple and convenient viewing with backlit display
  • Dust and waterproof resistant construction
  • Easy to carry lightweight design
  • Best laser measurement tool for home
  • LCD display screen for easy readings
  • Durable ABS rubberized cover design
  • Best compact laser measuring tool

How To Purchase Laser Measuring Tool - Buying Guide 

For years altogether, the professionals, DIY artists, wannabe technicians, and measuring tape was fundamental. For some, it is even their most important Tools. If you are also frustrated by the noisy and itchy sound they make, this product recommendation and best laser measuring guide is for you. The thing about technology is that there are so many options to choose from that you cannot identify the good from the bad. Or, in other terms, cannot identify the authentic and accurate laser measuring equipment from an unsolicited one. That's why we have listed the top products for you to choose from.

What is a Laser Measuring Tool?

Measuring tapes are old school, and the laser measuring tools have replaced them to a great extent. To put it into words, we can say that these tools help the user measure or identify the length, breadth, and height. However, the distance these tools can cover is much greater than a measuring tape, which can measure as long as there is tape in the casing. The majority of the best laser distance measurers can cover up to 198 meters or 650 feet. 

How Laser Measuring Tool Works?  

Laser measuring tools work on the basis of the phase-shift method. You must align the measuring tool at one end of the object which you want to measure. On the other end, there must be some object that will act as a barrier to the laser and restrict it from traveling ahead. If there is no wall or a pole, place some object opposite of the laser to measure. When the laser shoots a beam, it starts measuring the distance; the point, at which it stops, the difference is recorded and displayed on the screen. 

If you are looking for a deeper and more complex explanation of how the best-rated laser measuring device works, read on. Along with the laser, a beam is also sent out. The time taken by the beam to reflect on the measuring device is calculated to tell the distance. These calculations are done with the precision optics method, and in some devices, you will find a function to measure multiple distances and add them up. 

Amazing Features of Laser Distance Meter

The top features of the laser measuring devices ensure their appropriate and accurate use cases. So, before buying your next measuring device, make sure that they have these features.

Accurate Measurement

There are three major types of accuracy checks representing the different types. 1/8 inches, 1/16 inches, and 1/32 inches, these figures represent the accuracy of the tool. These figures mean that your chosen measuring tape can give an erroneous result that is deviant by 1/8 or 1/16 or 1/32 inches. For those who need a high-performance tool, the 1/32 inches is the best laser distance meter. 

Measuring Range

Another essential feature of your ideal measuring tacklife laser is understanding your measuring range and knowing the limits of your chosen tool. The range also varies from one to another; some can cover a distance of more than 600 feet, while others are limited to measuring only 130 feet. So, based on your requirements, you need to choose the right instrument.  

Battery Capacity

It does not matter that you are buying the best laser measuring tool outdoors or indoors; you need them to be portable. Portability means that they need a battery, which is limited. So, before you buy a device, check its battery capacity to avoid frequent battery replacements. 

Size Matters

Lastly, before moving on to the types, let's talk about the size too. Too large devices make it difficult to work and handle. You must look for an ergonomic design of the device, especially the construction laser measuring device. Mostly, because the construction professionals are already stuffed with a lot of things and handling a bulky measuring tool can be counter-productive. Similarly, if the size is too small, that will also hinder the work as it can cause issues with operating the device. 

Added Functionalities

Some of the best laser distance measurement tools are not limited to identifying the distance; they are built to do more. For instance, you will find equipment that can measure the volume and area of the subject besides its length, breadth, or height. Moreover, some of the best laser measuring devices also boast Bluetooth connectivity, Pythagoras theorem, water resistance, and higher accuracy. 

Since all the laser measuring devices have a singular function, there aren't many options available in terms of type. Moreover, the difference in these tools lies in the range, functions, size, accuracy, and battery, all of which are discussed above. Plus, these are not the types; they are only a few tweaks and features edited or modified in each of the versions. Considering these differences, you might find the best laser measure tool for home use. In contrast, others can be a bit sophisticated and best for use in intricate and commercial construction projects. 

Benefits of Laser Distance Measuring Tool

Now that you have some idea about what is the dewalt laser measuring instrument let's cement that understanding with some of the benefits it accrues. Accuracy as a benefit is quite common and widely known. Apart from accuracy, these measuring tools have various additional perks that you may or may not know. Let's discuss them. 


Your home-based small measuring tape might not weigh too much. But if you are a professional and work in the field every day, you might know the importance of a lightweight device. The lightweight makes it the best laser measuring device for architects and other sorts of construction workers. 

Convenient Usage

You don't need more than one person to measure the length of the room or even the ceiling before beginning to make a DIY double-Storey bed. In that case, a measuring tool that you can use alone is the best laser room measuring tool. This results in no-fuss measuring activities without involving the kids or any other person to help you with the measurements. 

Straight And Erect Measurement

Well, what can get more straight and linear than a beam? Compared to a measuring tape, the laser beams are straight and accurate. So, there won't be any discrepancies in the measurements leading to the precise placement of the objects. 

Faster Measurements

It might take some time to measure a large area from all the sides and then add up the figures to determine the area or volume. Even if you have to measure a long stretch of the road or even a long pillar, measuring tape won't fit. Even a beam cannot cross its limit, but, with the best accurate laser measuring tool, you won't have to reel in and out the tape intermittently. With a laser, just reach one point, press the button, measure the distance, note it down, and move on to the next milestone. 

Tips To Follow Before using Laser Measuring Tool For Outdoors

Get Familiar with the Functions

Even if you have the best laser measuring tool for outdoors, not knowing all its perks won't help. You should start exploring and try to understand how it works. 

Always Set A Target

Even if there is an object at the other end of your beam, make sure to keep a target object, and it does not have to be a bulky object. A simple paper or cardboard will suffice. 

Price of Laser Measuring Tool

Addressing another important aspect of the measuring equipment, price. There are a lot of variations in these tools, and the prices are set as per the features and functions. The best laser measuring tool with Bluetooth will certainly invite a higher price than a tool without Bluetooth. However, you will find that the products mentioned above have a competitive price and are configured to work with the best in-hand features and functions. 

Conclusion - Which Is The Best Brand Laser Measuring Tool?

If you want to get your hands on the best laser measuring tool for sale, follow the product recommendations above. We have listed the top products in the category to help you make better decisions and buy best-in-class products i.e., leica geosystems. Some of these are the laser measuring tools for appraisers, while others are perfect for home use. Go through our guide then check the product recommendations for buying the right equipment for your work. 

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