Best Koa Acoustic Guitars

Get enhanced resonance of peerless projection with a More advanced level of playing and technicalities For comfortable playing experience.

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  • Rich sounds with Australian Blackwood
  • Stunning Koa lamination on side and back
  • Warm and comfort sounds
  • Chrome closed gear tuners
  • Solid Sitka spruce top
  • Perfect fit for small and medium statured folks
  • Convenient fingerboard style for playing
  • Great for live-gigs and studio recordings
  • Right-handed neck shape
  • Faultless high build quality
  • Varnish electric onboard finish
  • Classic mid-depth lyrachord cutaway back
  • Unique multi-hole sound design
  • Rosewood fingerboard with 10 inch
  • Elegant gold plated hardware finish
  • Durable and travel-worthy gig guitar
  • Top end shimmer and chime for extra sound
  • Perfect guitar for experienced players
  • Koa patterned HPL wood on back sides
  • Superb high-quality plug-in tones
  • Fishman MX electronic for a great volume
  • 6 string acoustic-electric guitar
  • Right-handed neck shape with Africa ebony wood
  • Three quarter size cutaway sounds
  • Standard body finish and matte orientation
  • Reliable music composer instrument for travellers
  • Exotic tropical hardwood finish
  • Unique open-gear tuners
  • Satin natural finish with C shape neck
  • Elegantly styled design guitars for live shows
  • Beautiful exotic wood layered top
  • Satin-finished mahogany neck
  • Mid depth lyrachord cutaway body
  • Onboard tuner and battery light indications
  • Koa creates a balanced sound
  • Offset soundhole design
  • Aggressive cutaway fingerboard system
  • Onboard controllers to adjust the volume

Buying Guide: How To Choose The Best Acoustic Guitar For Beginneres


Shopping for the Koa Acoustic Guitar is an overwhelming experience. Guitar makers use a wide variety of woods, designs, hardware, and other elements. Thus, there are numerous factors, specifications, and features that you have to consider. The most significant first step to take is easy is – decide how you can use your musical instrument (acoustic guitar). Depending on whether you are gigging out, looking for the fine collectable to accumulate the value over time, or at home recording, the way your Koa acoustic guitars will be used can help you to narrow down what you are looking. Continue reading and get your answer.

What should you look for as a Beginner Guitarist?

When exploring acoustic guitar for beginners, you need not be a miser. If you select something cheap & low-quality, you will not sound great & become less enthused about playing your favorite guitar.

The cheap guitar is poorly constructed & come with low-priced tone-wood collection. For beginners, we suggest the cheap full-size acoustic guitar, which is of high quality and easy to play. Only you have to go to your local music store & try some gits out. Look for the neck width on various models of guitars and select what size is comfortable for you. Some people have small fingers. Thus, it should be great for them to look for the more narrow neck width, and there are various types of acoustic guitars for small hands. And, opposite advice for those who have large fingers. This will make it easier for people to reach the strings of the guitar.

You also would like something which will support the development as a musician. You would not be the beginner of guitar forever; thus, a musical instrument that has high enough quality to support the growth is necessary. There are three primary areas that you have to consider and know about before you start your shopping for acoustic guitar.

Budget and Purpose

Before you think about the brand names and their body styles, you have to consider what you are going to use your acoustic guitar instrumental, and how much money you will spend on the acoustic guitars brands. There are various reasonably priced acoustic guitars available in the market, as well.

Skill Level: Advanced or Amateur

If you are the beginner who is exploring for the instrument to learn on, you might not want to expend too much on the high-end and expensive acoustic guitar just yet. Thanks to the modern manufacturing ways, there is a wide array of well-built, low & midrange acoustic guitars, great-sounding, cheap acoustic bass guitars, and acoustic guitars for girls and boys to choose. Maybe you are an experienced acoustic guitar player who is ready to upgrade to a better guitar; thus, it is significant to know about the difference between tonewoods.

Purpose of Acoustic-Electrics – Expand Your Options

Are you playing with the band, or taking the acoustic guitar to the public events like open mic nights? If yes, you have to consider the Koa acoustic-electric guitars. The best Koa acoustic guitars in electronic format are equipped with the pickup & built-in preamplifier that lets them plug in the amplifier or sound system without distorting their rich and acoustic sound. Moreover, these hybrid Koa acoustic guitars continue to expand in their popularity with performers.

Whether you are playing at your home or in the public place and solo or with your band - make sure, you have to consider that you need from the guitar, & how much you have to expend before you start your shopping.

Which is the best – acoustic or acoustic-electric guitar?

Choosing the acoustic guitar or an acoustic-electric guitar is an important decision when you are going to purchase the one. The major difference between these two is - an acoustic-electric guitar has a kind of electronic 'pick up' system that you can plug in an amplifier or in the PA system & then hear the acoustic sound produced. Moreover, if you do not play out live, you can get many benefits from selecting the acoustic-electric guitar. And, you can also avoid potential 'room noise' in your recordings with an acoustic-electric guitar. Thus, choosing Taylor koa acoustic electric guitar for musicians is the best option.

Why are acoustic guitars more expensive than others?

Acoustic guitars are indeed more expensive than others. The value of the acoustic guitar finally depends on the long list of factors. Generally, where & how your acoustic guitar makes the big impact is - on its price. Wood selection in guitars plays a remarkable role in the cost of an acoustic guitar. Various manufacturers put aside 'choice pieces of wood' because they receive shipments & then use pieces to craft the limited-edition instruments. Moreover, the shortage of wood and style of a finish affects guitar price.

Many reasonably priced stylish taylor acoustic guitar use the laminated wood and a series of the layers, to encompass the top instead of the one solid piece. Laminated wood does not tend to vibrate and retain the same sound description same as that of the solid top, because of the consistency in changing the climates & temperature environments. Laminated Koa wood acoustic guitars also produce a fine tone onstage.

Having said, all of this is about the wide array of acoustic guitar pricing; it is also certainly worth noting that you do not have to pay a fortune to find the great-sounding and highly playable acoustic guitar. And for beginners, there are Koa acoustic guitar packages which include everything required to start playing – the guitar, extra strings, a strap, and a tuner. There are various types of acoustic guitars that you can purchase such as - toddler acoustic guitars, acoustic guitars electric, good acoustic guitars for intermediate players, etc.

Final Words

Different types of finish on the guitar can affect the way wood vibrates. Breedlove electric acoustic guitar makes their sounds by string's vibrations which are resonating in the body of the guitar, then coming out of soundhole. That's why the good choice of wood is important when you are selecting your first acoustic guitar. Thus, take a better decision and choose your acoustic guitar wisely.

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