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Most-popular knife companies offer Innovative, foldable design tactical and military knives with smart cutting- edging technology for hunting, adventure and farm activities.

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  • Ergonomically make baseball bat and sword club
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  • Well-manufacturer pocket design knives
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  • Provide 100% lifetime warranty
  • Cleaning tools, oil and accessories
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  • Budget-friendly steak cutters
  • Sturdy and aluminium design knife
  • 100% customer guarantee satisfaction
  • Half-aluminium handle for longer use
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  • Beautiful handmade knives for kitchen
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  • Best knife for commercial use
  • Provide military and combat knives
  • High-carbon stainless steel blade

Step-by-Step Procedure To Choose Best Knife Companies

Are you passionate about how you run your kitchen with basic home appliances ? If so, you cannot neglect one of the primary essentials in the culinary world – a knife. It doesn't matter what you're slicing through, be it a set of vegetables, meat, or even a T-bone. Good knives are mandatory kitchen appliances for one to be safe and clean in the kitchen. Moreover, an excellent knife will last generations if you use it with proper care and delicacy. It can be a lifelong friend to you.

Is Choosing a Good Knife Necessary?

If you're reading this article, you've already made up your mind about buying a new model. But if there are residual doubts in your mind as to whether it's worth it to invest in a good knife when you can always buy a cheap one from the nearest supermarket, then continue reading. A good knife lasts a lot longer than a regular, store-bought model. At the same time, it enhances your culinary experience and ensures efficient and safe cutting and chopping.

Different Parts of a Knife

Before you start picking out a suitable knife for your journey, you need to acquaint yourself with some basic terminologies. Here are the main parts of this tableware:

  • Point: It is the pointed edge of the blade. It is sharp and can cut or pierce through virtually anything, depending upon the bluntness. 
  • Blade: This is the part long section of the knife that you use for cutting things. 
  • Edge: The sharpened edge of a knife's blade, which makes cutting possible, is called an edge.
  • Tip: The very exterior, frontal part of the edge, is referred to as the tip. 
  • Spine: The upper side of the blade, opposite to the edge, is called the spine of the knife.
  • Heel: The heel is the blunt part of the blade that chefs use to pressure to cut anything.
  • Tang: This is the blunt part of the blade that acts as a bridge or a connection between the blade and the handle. 
  • Handle: Handles, or otherwise known as scales, are the safe portions that chefs use to grip the knife. 
  • Bolster: The bolster is the small space between the blade of the knife and the handle. 
  • Butt: The very end of a knife, towards the final segment of a handle, is known as the butt.

How to Choose the Right Knives

The first thing that one needs to ask themselves while choosing a knife is what they need. It is only natural that different types of knives, with different edges, sharpness, and other features, are available for different purposes. Here are the two primary types of knives:

Forged Knives

If you want to go for the expensive, more intricate alternative, then a forged knife is the better option for you. When you forge knives, right down to the blade and the tang, from only a single piece of material, then you get a forged knife. Owing to the laborious process involved in its making, forged knives are more expensive than their stamped counterparts. The fine artistry on the forged knives makes them strong, durable, and well-balanced to provide the buyers with the best kitchen experience.

Stamped Knives

The process behind the manufacturing of a stamped knife is different in many ways. First of all, it only requires the use of a single sheet of stainless steel. After that, the whole model is cut into a blade's shape with a powerful machine – kind of like a very efficient cutter. After that, the manufacturers attach a handle to the blade before it undergoes the sharpening and polishing processes.

It has many differences from forged knives in many ways – first of all, stamped knives use a thinner material, and as a result, are more lightweight in comparison. Stamped knives are also cheaper and are available easily in the market.

Different Kinds of Kitchen Knives

There are different types of knives that one can use for different applications. Some of the common types that one can find are:

Chef's Knife

A chef's knife is the best kind of kitchen steak knife available in the market. It is a broad blade with a sharp edge. It is the highest honor that a chef can earn. It is the most versatile knife in the kitchen and can be used for various purposes.

Utility Knife

A utility knife is similar to a chef's cutter. But it is used for simpler processes and, as a result, is lest sharper, smaller, and similar in comparison. But the bluntness of the tip varies from one knife to another depending upon the buyer's requirements. An amazing utility cutter is a great tool for everyday kitchen chores, working with smaller ingredients, and so on.

Paring Knife

The primary target of a paring cutter is to cut, chop, slice, and dice vegetables and fruits. It does so efficiently because of its smaller size. But despite its primary target, one can use it for a variety of other tasks as well.

Bread Knife

It is a less apparent fact that there are knives specifically designed to cut through different bread types. The long and slender blade with a serrated edge makes cutting very easy.

Knives For Cutting Meat

Kitchen knives from companies like CRKT and Spyderco are handy for a multitude of operations. But let's face it – you need something bigger to cut through the meat. Three main types of knives deal with non-vegetarian alternatives – carving knives, boning knives, and cleavers. While carving knives and cleavers have similar functions of dealing with fat, durable pieces of meat, boning knives, as the name suggests, deal with cutting through strong and sturdy bones.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, the trick of buying a good knife from popular brands like Victorinox  is, in addition to checking the quality of the materials used, to know what you are going to use that particular cutter for. You cannot expect to carve a turkey using a utility knife meant for cutting vegetables and vice versa. You have to pick the right knives for the right tasks.

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