Best Kids Backpacks

Kids backpack offers a modern and beautiful printed design bag with adjustable straps and large storage capacity.

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  • Best kids backpack for girls
  • Eye-catching design made with durable material
  • Large storage capacity with side water bottle packet
  • 100% polyester fabric with moisture -resistant
  • Perfect backpack for to preschool students
  • Ergonomically manufactured with canvas material
  • Large grip zipper to smooth opening bag
  • Adjustable mesh bottle pocket
  • Straight-cut padded shoulder straps for carrying
  • Reliable bag with ergonomic fabric material
  • Water-repellent fabric to keep bag dry and safe
  • Suitable laptop backpack for travelling
  • Best cool kids backpack
  • 100% imported fabric lining material
  • Strong metal zipper with pebbled leather
  • Premium and budget-friendly bag
  • Telescoping handle provides easy maneuverability
  • Dedicated laptop compartment to secure while travel
  • Smooth rolling corner mounter wheels
  • In-line styles wheel for easy rides
  • Best designer kids backpack
  • Reinforced bottom for longer durability
  • 100% lining fabric material bag
  • Well-padded S-shapes shoulder straps
  • Multiple pockets with large storage capacity
  • Best kids backpack for boys
  • Best kids small clear bag
  • Lightweight design for daily school wear
  • Beautiful prints with attractive patterns for kids
  • Kids-friendly zipper and storage compartments
  • Bests kids water bottle backpack
  • Offer green bag with creeper design
  • Ideal for school, travels and summer camp
  • Front and main compartment to keep laptop and books
  • Latest girls barbie design couch for stationery
  • Shiny and glitter material design backpack for girls
  • Zippered front pockets for extra added storage

How To Choose High-Quality Backpack For Kids

It is a known fact that kids express their inner selves and lifestyle through their clothing and their accessories. And their backpacks being the main accessory during their school years does not take a backseat. Whether it is the superhero ones or the princess ones, they all love showcasing their characters and personalities through their school backpacks. Hence, many things need to be considered before purchasing one, especially for the smaller ones. All kids come exhibiting different preferences in terms of storage, space, and design. Having more partitions or sections helps allow the kids to arrange their books in a neat and organized manner. Kids backpacks for schools are always preferred over the shoulder bags because they are easy to carry by distributing the weight around the entire body. Kids are the happiest when school is about to begin, and they have to go out shopping for new bags. While kids look more for style and design, parents consider the functionality and the durability of the product, travel and living aspects more than the other factors.

There are tons of companies that run a complete test on the backpacks in terms of its durability, wear and tear, the strength of the strap, the comfort factor, the padding, and of course, the ideal weight as well, before manufacturing it. The kid's bags are also checked for waterproofing and design.

Features That Backpacks Must Have

Choosing the right backpack is never easy with the plethora of options available, and hence one must keep certain factors in mind before purchasing the best backpacks that will last a long time. Factors like comfort and durability are a must. Some of the others are listed below:

  •  The number of partitions and pockets in the bag as well as the size of the bag.
  • The weight that is appropriate to be carried with the bag.
  • One should prioritize the items that should be kept.
  • Next, the fabric is quite an important factor as well. The fabric that is used to manufacture the product should be durable and sometimes even waterproof. As per the reviews, it is known that synthetics last the longest and are much lighter than leather bags. Moreover, synthetic and polyester fabrics are resistant to water, unlike cotton.
  • Always go for double-headed zippers.
  • Style is the most important factor in kids, and the kid needs to look and try the bag before buying it. The bag should be versatile enough to go with any outfit of theirs.
  • Prints and patterns are always trending, and one must look for investing in experimenting with certain colors. Moreover, they should be multi-functional for different clothing.
  • Some kids like to go for the eco-friendly ones that are made of recycled or sustainable material.
  • It is recommended to go for a bag with enough padding and is comfortable to wear and support the bag's weight on the kid's skid's shoulders.
  • Adjustable shoulder straps are a must-have for buying an ideal one.
  • It is said that a bag that fits two inches above the kid's skid's waist is the ideal one for them and helps in preventing any back or spine ailments.
  • Bags that come with full zippers help in inserting and taking out items.
  • Those bags made with the functionality of top-loading end up providing more space as the flap on top can easily be closed and opened.
  • Kids backpacks with wheels are also trending and usually appropriate for kids who have excess weight.
  • Before you are buying a backpack, always open the bag and look at its features and functionality before deciding. Such an option is not available for online purchases.

Tips To Choose The Right Bag For Your Children

Lightweight Backpacks

If your child is carrying a backpack that is too heavy for them and is not appropriate for them, it can lead to a bad posture over time. When they end up carrying a heavy bag on their shoulders in the wrong way, it might end up causing back, spinal or shoulder injuries. It is often noticed that kids are hunching their backs for the simple reason that they are carrying heavy backpacks, which could eventually turn out to be quite harmful to them.

Put The Kid's Name On The Backpack

As per experts, a kid's backpack should weigh no more than 15-20% of their body weight. To address safety issues, one must avoid writing their child's name on the bag. However, it is an easy way to recognize and keep a tab on the kids. But it is more harmful because people can easily recognize the kid with their name on it.

What Is Considered A Heavy Backpack For Kids?

If a backpack weighs more than 20% of the child's body weight inclusive of its contents, then that bag is considered a heavy one for the child. Therefore, if a child weighs about 25-26 kg, then a backpack shouldn't  weigh more than 4-5 kg for them. When it comes to a hiking bag, the weight should not exceed more than 10 percent of the body weight.

Issues That Backpacks Can Pose

Whether in the pre-primary, nursery, or high schools, all kids have different bags according to the shape, size, or weight. Usually, backpacks for school are bought to carry stationery and books only. Still, kids end up carrying many more useless items than they require in their bags, which increases the weight. This pressure ends up causing injuries or back/spine problems.

If there is additional weight on your backpacks, more than what is required, it might lead to wear and tear of ligaments, muscles, and joints. Sometimes it could even lead to pain and stiffness. This effect is degenerating in the body and starts spreading to the entire body as the muscles work harder to get rid of the pain.

Benefits of Backpacks For Kids

Different purposes have different backpacks that work the best for them and are listed as follows:

Multi-pocket Bags

This backpack consists of only one main section and a pocket on the front, which comes with adjustable straps. It even comes with side pockets that can be used for storing water bottles and a hook so that one can hang their bag. The product is affordable and simple to carry.

Compact Bags

The backpacks are specially designed for toddlers with character themes like pigs, dogs, cats, etc. and are small in size. The bag consists of sections to keep their tiffin boxes and a few additional favorite items.

Spacious Backpacks

The backpacks are quite spacious and have a strap near the chest. The bags are made up of recycled polyester material and are completely resistant to water. The bags are completely eco-friendly and offer enough space to store all the necessary items. The brands like Skip Hop and JanSport offer a great variety of bags.

Backpacks for High school and Middle school

The kid's backpacks are appropriate for teenagers and are made with durable and waterproof fabric, making it long-lasting. This bag comes with adjustable straps and extra padding. In addition to this, it has various partitions for organizing different items and has a special padded section for storing laptops.

Backpacks  For College Students

These bags are quite versatile and are used by travelers and college students. They are made with waterproof material and come with multiple zippers to store different valuables. They also include a USB port that makes for battery charging.


Kids bags for schools are exciting items to buy and are considered the best part of going to school. These backpacks end up exhibiting the different personalities of students and work differently for different kids. But before purchasing a bag, one should make sure they keep a check on factors like durability, space, and style. After considering these factors, one can choose the perfect bag for them according to their specifications and style. 

There are tons of backpacks available today online and offline as well. Lots of variety is available on online portals, and it is much simpler to buy them online, but the feel and comfort of a bag are only understood once you visit a physical store like Widlkin and try on the bag. This is a product that a kid uses for a long time during their school years, and such an investment requires a lot of thought and research. Hence, always take the kid's opinion before investing in their bags, for a happy and content kid.

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