Best Intex Inflatable Jacuzzi

Relieve from stress, anxiety and enjoy the refreshing hot spa experience with smart controls from the best Intex Inflatable Jacuzzi.

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  • Fiber-tech constructed portable hot spa
  • Built in temperature control settings
  • Insulated high strength polyfibers for long lasting durability
  • Puncture resistant refreshing spa
  • Deluxe and comfortable hot spa
  • Insulated spa with water treatment system
  • Built-in inhalation system
  • Designed with laminated material, premium headsets
  • High powered hot spa supports upto 6 persons
  • Portable refreshing hot spa
  • Provides fun and relaxation
  • High tech thermal temperature settings
  • Innovative octa shape hot spa
  • Delivers utmost relaxation
  • High quality bubble jet spa
  • Built in and convenient heating system
  • High tech and advanced refreshing spa
  • Refreshing Hot spa with digital control options
  • Inflatable Jacuzzi constructed with laminated materials
  • Portable hot spa with easy maintenance features
  • Premium quality inflatable hot spa
  • Flexible height adjustment features
  • Easy inflate and deflate options
  • Smart temperature control systems
  • Anti slip resistant hot spa
  • Quick and high powered bubble jet spa
  • Provides relaxation to four persons
  • Temperature settings ranges from 63 to 104 degrees
  • Perfectly designed portable hot spa
  • Bubble massage hot spa with intuitive controls
  • Advanced technology spa for refreshing experience
  • Easy to carry portable hot spa
  • Superior quality and luxurious hot spa
  • Inflatable spa designed with cup holder and headrest
  • Adjustable water level, temperature settings
  • Hot therapy increases comfort level
  • Helps in relieving stress and anxiety
  • High capacity hot spa with filtration system
  • Quick and convenient temperature settings
  • Hot spa gives full body massage
  • Luxury hot spa for therapeutic treatment
  • Easy storage and transport features

The Complete Guide - How to Select the Best Inflatable Jacuzzi?


Soaking in a hot tub is not only relaxing but also quite fun as well. Who would not love to spend some luxurious time soaking in the hot tub? Since ancient times hot tubs have been quite instrumental not only in self-care but also in socializing as well for home outdoor. However, it does not always remain possible to build a Jacuzzi at home due to various factors, the pocket drenching budget being one of the primary concerns. However, you need not worry anymore since inflatable jacuzzi will always be at your rescue and service.

These inflatable Jacuzzi hot tubs are not only inexpensive but also quite handy as well. Rather than spending a considerable amount of money visiting the spa or building a concrete Jacuzzi at home, you can opt for the inexpensive one and enjoy the same benefits.

After a long tiring and hard day at work who would not love to have some physical and mental relaxation? And the best way to relax one is to enjoy some self-care time in a hot tub. Furthermore, you will be glad to know you do not need to rob the bank to own a Jacuzzi. Usually, the price for the inflatable spas ranges something between $300 to $1500 depending upon the features. Adding up, you can easily store them in a cupboard by inflating them, thus freeing up space.

Essential Features of Inflatable Jacuzzi

The portable spas are one of the best alternatives for enjoying some self-care moments without the need of spending a vast amount of money. The portable spas usually are made of hard acrylic material that provides you with both comfort and durability. Let us have a look into the essential features of these portable hot tubs that will make enable you to make the right choice.


When it comes to Jacuzzi, capacity is the foremost feature that one needs to look out for. A Jacuzzi is meant to accommodate at least five people at a time. One can find the intex jacuzzi spa hot tubs in two, four, or six capacities. However, if you prefer to have some more room for yourself or your fellow bathers inside the inflatable hot tubs, you can always size up.

Hard Water System

It one of the additional features present in the portable hot tubs. The hard water system aids in preventing or at least minimize the amount of calcium build-up and deposits in the hot tub. Calcium deposits or build in the hot tubs can minimize the durability of the Jacuzzis. Having the hard water system installed in your intex Jacuzzis ensures that you enjoy relaxation along with the longevity of the product.

Control Panel

The portable Jacuzzis consists of simple digital control panels consisting of a basic LED display and a few buttons that allow the user to adjust the temperature, set up the timer for the heating process, access the jet process, etc.


This is the essential feature since you cannot have a Jacuzzi without a heater. The portable spas also consist of specific heaters that provide you with hot water.

Benefits of the inflatable Jacuzzi

Though inexpensive as compared to the traditional ones, these inflatable Jacuzzi hot tubs provide the users with a varied range of benefits such as :

  • Easy to handle
  • Easy to operate
  • Portable
  • Inexpensive Nature
  • Easy to clean 

Shape of inflatable Jacuzzi

Though the majority of the inflatable jacuzzi available in the market are round in shape, you also can find some square-shaped Jacuzzis as well. Moreover, as compared to the rounds ones, the square-shaped usually have more rooms for bathers.

Winding up, Intex purespa inflatable Jacuzzis is the best alternatives for enjoying the benefits of spas at the comforts of your own home. These inflatable hot tubs consist of all the essentials that you will find in a traditional one. The major merit of these portable ones is that they are relatively inexpensive, which is also the reason for their huge demand in today’s market.

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