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Enormously ongoing monitoring often tracks unauthorized web activities with detective technologies for reducing cyber-crimes.

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  • Instantly victim identification to reduce frauds
  • Get alert notification of inappropriate activities
  • Recover identity and reimburse funds
  • Best for individual and family protection
  • Norton technology to block cyber threats
  • Alert reminders via texts, emails, and mobile apps
  • Restore and reimburse of funds for stolen dues
  • Perfect for reducing the cost of recovering from cheatings
  • Get detailed forensic information
  • Continuous monitoring services
  • Comprehensive endpoint granular visibility
  • Best for preventing program templates
  • Artificial intelligence technology for scanning data
  • Compatible with android and iphones devices
  • Anti-phishing feature helps to secure website
  • Keep Secure your phone and tablet
  • Best for family protection
  • Advanced detection technology
  • Alert notification through smartphone, tablets, and desktop
  • Automatic 50GB cloud backup to keep files secure
  • Virtual private network for encryption
  • Dark web monitoring technology
  • Best for providing cyber safety
  • Ideal for professionals use
  • Monthly subscription plan
  • Innovative identity theft protection technology
  • 3-bureau FICO and credit monitoring
  • Experian credit report to lock files
  • Affordable tool to protect data stolen
  • Best for small and growing businesses
  • Perfect for businessman
  • Helps to protect business data
  • Offer security awareness training
  • Data breach management to manage data security
  • Bests for cybersecurity and anti-virus protection
  • Ideal for personal and professional use
  • Personalize your own protection portfolio

A Complete Guide on Choosing the Best Identity Theft Protection Software


Living in the technological age has made us store our data online now and then. But the real question is how safe if the data that we are storing. Theft and frauds are very common and are increasing day-to-day. The people doing this find loopholes and fool people to gain access to their data. How is one safe from such attacks? glance out various types of Security Tools for privacy conscious people. 

There is software now available to safeguard your data from such intruders are theft protectors. The information provided below will help you in understanding the steps that should be taken by you, in case you have been attacked:

What is identity theft?

Identity theft is when someone tries to intrude your personal space and tries to get hold of your personal information through lifelock product. They use the information to impersonate you, and there are many reasons why a person can do this. Some of them are:

  • Opening a new credit card, loan or bank account in your name
  • Someone using your existing bank account to withdraw funds
  • Ordering a new mobile phone
  • Using your details to prevent an arrest

What is online fraud?

Online fraud is when many ways of deception are used to give out your details over the internet. This is also known as cybercrime or internet fraud. This has increased over time because of the time we spend on the internet daily, which people do not realize is a very big threat. More than 14 million people are a target of this cybercrime losing $17 Billion. The crime is mainly credit-card fraud to impersonate a person. There are many things which should be done by you to protect yourself from such crimes. Example, check your bank account frequently and also your credit card statement by panda security

Safeguard Your Data With Identity Theft Protection Software

Opening credit cards, bank accounts and loans

The thief, with the help of basic information such as address and date of birth, they can open a bank account or even take a loan on your behalf. They can use your money to any extend with identity theft. An example of this is Richard McCarthy, who had 3000 euros stolen from him through a current account under his name.

Hijacking an existing account

If any criminal gets access to your debit card or pin, they can make payments using your bank account. If a fraudster can get full knowledge about your account and its pin, they can get full access to your funds.

Utility accounts

A thief can also open a utility account in your name to use it for paying various bills such as water, gas and electricity. It is a very risky move, but yet many thieves have done it in the past.

Steps to strengthen the security of your banking

Your banking details are very important as if they fall into the wrong hands, the thief will have full access to your funds and use it in any way they please to. To strengthen your security, the following things should be done:

Using two-factor authentication

Instead of using traditional usernames and passwords, you can use a secondary method such as a code sent to your mobile number or answering a personal question to add a layer of protection. It makes difficult for intruders to get hold of your information.

Change your password or code regularly

It is very important to change your passwords and codes regularly to avoid such a situation. It can get tough to remember passwords if you change them frequently, but it is essential to do so; otherwise, an intruder can get your information and use it in the way they like. Do not keep a password which is easy to guess. Also, use different passwords for different account numbers, so that there is no widespread attack on your data.

Avoiding using public wi-fi

There is no easy way to get visible access to your data if you are using a public wi-fi system. Instead of using this, you should use the mobile provider's data plan, which is encrypted for better security.

Bank helping to keep your details safe

If none of this works, then you should talk to your bank regarding the measures that you need to take to protect your personal information. If they are not very helpful, then you should also consider changing your bank.


Identity theft is very prevalent these days, and one should take all the measure they can to protect themselves from it. It can lead to a huge loss in money and also impact your mental and physical health. Make sure to follow everything written above to protect your personal information from the wrong people and opting for the identityguard for security

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