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Premium quality HDMI switches support any resolution videos and audio from different input devices to display on peripherals at affordable prices.

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  • IR remote control for easy access
  • Connects 4 HDMI sources to a single port
  • Enables auto-switch on/off feature for better control
  • Front- panel LED for port and power status
  • Enjoy quality with 1080p HDTV resolution.
  • Supports 3D, Dolby true HD and DTS HD Master audio
  • 2.97gbps of bandwidth frequency
  • 32-104F operating temperature
  • 4 HDMI sources to one device connection
  • 2x2, 4x2, 4x4 and 6x2 matrix splitters
  • Bandwidth frequency of 2.25 Gbps for a single link
  • Supports 3D/2D and HD resolutions up to 1080p
  • Available as 3 port and 5 port switches
  • Provides seamless data transmission upto 18Gbps
  • Seamlessly enable/disable auto-switch feature
  • Supports 3D and HDMI1.4v video format
  • Highly compatible with PS3, PS4, Xbox, and Apple TV
  • Picture in picture (PIP) feature with a video format upto [email protected]
  • Supports HDCP 1.4, Chrome and dolby vision
  • Uniquely designed slim metal body with high durability
  • Provides a stable signal across large spaces for remote control
  • Supports 24bit, 30bit and 36bit deep colors
  • 2years warranty with professional tech support
  • Cheap IR remote control of excellent performance
  • Auto-switch with remote control option
  • MHL function and LED indication
  • PS3, PS4, MacBook, Roku Compatibility
  • Easy to install 3 input and 1 output switch
  • Built-in IR controller and manual switch
  • No lag, no flash or drop in resolution

HDMI Switch - Find The Right One For You


This is a world of ultra-connectivity and next-level entertainment outlets that all interact with each other via high Network servers. Most households nowadays have at least three modes and devices for entertainment that all must connect for a seamless form of use. You may want to watch your favorite shows on cable through your satellite box or the different subscriptions you have brought from top online streaming portals. You may want to play video games on the latest gaming system you have bought. You may want to work out to some funky beats on your audio or stereo system. And for all this to work, you need to connect them to your HD or otherwise television set, which has just a single HDMI port. This is where the role of an HDMI switch or HDMI splitter comes in. The best HDMI switch will allow you to get all those devices' output in one place. 

What is an HDMI switch?

There once a time when all we needed were those three-colored switch-in plugs to connect our one or two devices such as a hand-held camera or Mario cart to our box television set. Those were simpler times, and whoever was designated to do that job was considered the tech-whiz of the house. But as the world has progressed, so has the essential household technologies. Now you need a complete array of HDMI cables, switches, extensions, and specific ports to make your whole entertainment unit work, and now you indeed have become a low-grade electrician no matter what your day job is.

To make all of that more straightforward and more comfortable to handle, we have now invented the HDMI switcher. HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface. This beautiful device has one job that it does exceptionally well. And it can be explained in two parts.

Firstly, it connects all the HDMI cables of your entertainment units to a single output device, usually a television set. The number of devices it can connect will depend on the size, model, and specifications of the HDMI switch box.

Secondly, after the connection, it will help you choose the connected devices you want to use through a (usually) easy-to-use menu where you can press the button for your preferred device on the television set. Some upgraded HDMI switch splitters will also allow you to choose more than one or two devices simultaneously.

There have been developments of a variety of the best HDMI switches that specifically cater to the different needs of the consumer. You can buy the one that is suitable for you the most and enjoy all your entertainment and media sources. Here a few kinds of HDMI splitters available in the market.

  • 4 x 2 HDMI cross

Most homes now have both a high-end television and a personal computer or PC. While before we used to be content with using them separately, nowadays, there is much overlap between the function that these two devices provide. So there is a justified need to connect the two to have the best of both worlds in one place. And the best HDMI video switcher is the 4 x 2 cross variety. Through this device, you can inter-connect four entertainment units or HDMI sources with two output displays or HDMI displays. This means your online subscriptions, gaming stations, and audio devices can now be connected to your television set and your PC. And you can switch between the two with just a click of the button.

  • 8 Port HDMI Switch

HDMI splitters seem to develop with more and more ports being added to its design. Currently, the market has two-port HDMI switch, three-port HDMI switch, four-port HDMI switch, five-port HDMI switch, and so on till twelve ports. But the most popular HDMI splitter among ordinary households is the 8 Port HDMI switch. It allows you to connect up to eight HDMI sources without any risk of electrical malfunction. The best thing about having these large numbers of ports is that you do not have to worry about diminishing quality because of so many divisions since digital signals can be imitated as often without any risk of quality. One of the 8 Port HDMI switch is offered by IOGEAR, it also supports 3D & Dolby audio for high-quality surround sound.

  • HDMI KVM switch

Besides home entertainment involving hi-dep resolution devices, HDMI splitters are also used to operate medical imaging applications. But for this, you need a select HDMI switch called the KVM switch. HDMI KVM switches allow you to connect two or more computers to a single set of the output of devices such as a solitary mouse, keyboard, or monitor set up. So it will feel like you are using just a typical single computer system, but with the KVM switch, you can enjoy the benefits of more than one computer at the same time. If you are using such a switch for your home theatre system or entertainment unit, make sure to look for HDCP support (High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection). It will help you use your HDTV connection with other entertainment units without any glitches. You should also ask for EDID (Extended Digital Identification Data) support to ensure a seamless transition from one source to another.

  • HDMI switch audio extractor

HDMI Switches can connect and transmit all sorts of digital signals and work for most such devices, but when it comes to transition between analog receivers, you need a special splitter to extract audio. And the best device for this express purpose is the HDMI switch audio extractor. It will allow you to transmit or "split" a normal signal from HDMI input into an audio device with output capabilities. There are many audio extractors in the market that can give you the highest quality of sound. It is easy to connect to the source, and its dedicated plug won't interfere with other digital units that you may have simultaneously connected.

  • Additional accessories

Now you know the different types and varieties of HDMI splitters available out there. Read all the HDMI switch reviews thoroughly before you settle on one that satisfies all your gadget-needs. And now that you have decided on the splitter, it is time to look at the accessories that you can buy with it to make your usage even smoother and simple. 

  • HDMI Adapters

HDMI adapters are just like USB adaptors that many of us are familiar with, but these ones work only for HDMI sources. You can use these adapters to increase the number of ports available on your splitter even further. And you do not need to stress about the load on the HDMI switch, as digital signals, unlike others, do not become clunky with more branches of transmission.

  • HDMI convertors

HDMI converters are used to convert the basic HDMI signal into other forms through a dedicated device. For instance, you can convert HDMI into VGE, YPbPr, and Composite, along with going the other way around. HDMI converters available in the market will help you connect to old VHS boxes and tape-recorders of the 90s when technology was just peeking onto our horizon. They will let you reminisce about the memories of simpler times and happier days of your childhood.

  • HDMI remotes

Many HDMI switch box with remote capabilities have entered the market nowadays. Now you will get a small and thin remote that you can easily operate. Thus with one press of a button, you can comfortably switch between all the video outlets you have connected. This will make your life infinitely easier since you would not have to go back to the menu option while pausing your game, show, or work again and again. You can just press the button, and you will be instantly looking at your preferred source. Zettaguard offers wireless remote control features for ease of access and it is compatible with multiple devices. 

  • HDMI box covers and organizers

Now that we know all the essential connective aspects of the device, time to think about it's up kept and maintained. Dust particles can significantly diminish the life of your HDMI switch. So it is best to keep it appropriately covered to avoid grime accumulation in its interior parts. You can buy a custom-made plastic cover for your splitter that will keep it protected. 

HDMI units can be rightly described as the wire or cable capital of your house. Tangled wires are always a hazard. You could trip and fall while damaging the connected devices as well. Or the jumbled cables could be challenging to figure out once they are disconnected. Thus to keep it safe and organized, you can buy organizing knickknacks available at many online sites. These little clips and tags will help you attach the wires to the ports in an organized manner, and the tags will help you keep track of which one belongs to which source. 


HDMI switch for TV has now become an essential piece of technology that will soon come in a packaged deal with every television set you buy. It is important to choose the correct variety and verified brands when looking for a splitter. HDMI switch monoprice is one such trusted seller. Buy a splitter and start living a simpler life with J tech digital HDMI switch.

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