Best Graphic Designing Platforms

Intuitive and flexible graphical designing platforms enhances the efficiency and helps to create, modify the wonderful responsive sites

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  • Text and image editing tools
  • Multi-page organisation system
  • White paper and social media design
  • Video capture and stabilization feature
  • Data visualization of image and 3D video editing
  • Great customer service support
  • Secured cloud identity management system
  • High-quality visuals and frameworks
  • Create responsive layouts with mobile support
  • Advanced coding system for craftings
  • Fun and easy instant gratification effects
  • Highly customizable interface
  • Create an online graphic designer via a web browser
  • Plugins for enlarging digital images
  • Presentation tools and fashion illustrations
  • Fast and cloud-based editing with graphic library
  • Integrated with full stock images
  • Built-in backgrounds with text images styles
  • Unlimited folders to create designs
  • Multi-purpose various graphical design
  • 3D design capability and video editing
  • Slick interface of complimentary mobile apps
  • Synced libraries of design tools
  • Ultimate photo correction and manipulation system
  • Customizable premade animated templates
  • Automatic publishing and content management
  • MP4 and GIF downloadable options
  • Create social media graphics and banner images
  • Supports audio and video content
  • Innovative templates for projects and documents
  • Integration with Microsoft office
  • Graphics, chart and access management
  • Innovative in-browser software editor
  • Text and graphic overlays
  • Cropping and resize of graphical animations
  • Additional top-shelf templates
  • Advanced editing and touch up tools
  • Receive dozens of graphics designs to pick one
  • AI-powered tool for creating logo designs within minutes
  • Launch store or shop to buy and sell the designs
  • Get Designs from cars, vans to clothing and apparels
  • Logo designing in more than 90 categories
  • Get creative concepts from various designers
  • Provides 100% money-back guarantee
  • Negotiations, and multiple quotes for preferred designs
  • Smarter tools with fast editing time
  • Focal blur functions and filtres
  • The cost-effective platform for graphic artists
  • Classic photo editing tool
  • Design website logos and blog headers
  • Unlimited stock photography and revisions
  • Request multiple variations in one project
  • Easy and quick to create design projects
  • Dedicated and responsive account manager
  • Multi-store order management system
  • Includes sharing and collaboration of folders
  • Brand integrity for content creation
  • Archiving, retention and email marketing
  • Fixed and custom canvas sizes
  • Advanced editing tools and graphic designings
  • Platform rich pool templates for graphics
  • User-friendly pearl mount technology
  • Proprietary vector editing platform
  • Simple prototyping collaboration
  • Works with illustrator assets
  • Reusable and shareable symbol designs
  • Features a large number of presets
  • Layered based editing platform
  • Focus stacking and HDR merge
  • Support various type files for import and export
  • Digital retouching of customizable interface
  • Scribus graphic design elements
  • High-quality functions for tuning images
  • Excellent plugin management system
  • Display vital image thumbnails
  • Auto fitting of text messages
  • Adjustable photo effects and grids
  • Multi-user editing with real-time commenting
  • Ideal for improving business workflow
  • Multi-file compatibility for import and export
  • Library with a drop and drag tool
  • Very friendly interface to understand and use
  • Provides version history and offline working
  • Non-destructive boolean UI design
  • Variety of special effects
  • Open source vector graphic editor
  • Broad file format compatibility
  • Fairly cluttered default windows interface
  • Better layer hiding and locking feature
  • Improved pen tool with desktop logo
  • Easily create any type of 2D graphics
  • Built-in version control of email attachment
  • Automatic ghost masking feature
  • Non-destructive high-quality images
  • Excellent features with minimal adjustments
  • Separate tabs and buttons for primary functions
  • Specific designs for social networking sites
  • Schedule, share and download images
  • Image database and templates
  • Quick and streamline operations
  • Advanced layer support management
  • Unique image filtres and adjustment
  • Layers with classic layering effects
  • Well developed tools for digital drawings
  • Professional tools with more than 300 brushes

Everything you Need to Know About Graphic Design Platforms


On a typical workday, a graphic designer will collect materials and information to plan a concept. The design which is being planned requires elements of art and matches the requirements which have to achieve. A graphic designer is a visual arts profession which works with images, words and many innovative ideas. With this, you can create video games, raster graphics and many other things. These are important to consider before choosing a graphic designing software & Tools.

Before you start to design these visuals, you need to learn elements of art such as typography, color psychology and basic principles of art. People in this profession communicate large messages with the help of visuals and solve problems. The use of computer software’s to do so and inspire consumers.

What are the Different Types of Graphic Design Tools?

Graphic design is done in all shapes and forms. You need to understand the features deeply for making an inspiring message for the consumers. The following are listed below:

Collaboration Tools

The collaboration tools enhance the communications with the graphic designers and also with the creative manager, project manager and clients. This helps in streamlining and effective collaboration.

Creative Tools

The modern graphic design needs more than skills and talent. It needs powerful snappa design tools which can create compelling visuals for modern customers.

Sharing Tools

The graphic designer needs a lot of time, sending large files to many people. It requires a powerful sharing tool which can handle this large function easily. A good sharing tool helps in saving time for better performance.

Repositories and Digital Asset Management

Repositories and Digital Asset Management software are essential as it gives the person working on it a single platform to find and share the information which is needed. It also gives them the tools to manage it. When the person keeps it organized, it makes the software more efficient and productive.

Mock-up and Prototyping Tools

This tools and concepts help the designer to visualize and test the software’s and designs before they finally send it for approval. They help in showing projects to all members and clients.

Types Of Graphic Designing Tools

Corporate Design

In this type, you lay your main focus on the identity and brand of the company. The visuals match the brand’s identity and the logo. It is used more in partnerships and brand marketing for better communication of the values of the company. It uses the color, shape and images for communication.

Marketing and Advertising Design

This designmodo is the most common type of graphic design used for marketing and advertising. It involves creating magazine ads, vehicle wraps. Billboards, social media graphics and others.

Publication Design

This type is only meant for print design and digitalization of the publishing world. The publication designers work closely with the editor or the head publisher to create designs and layouts, typography or even the illustrations. A recent rise in digital publishing has increased the jobs in designing e-book covers.

Packaging Design

The packaging design is important as no matter what product we buy, the feature visuals and stickers are there on the wrapper around the product. The wrapper is used to differentiate the product from others, but the features mentioned are important for the sale of the product. The market place trends change very often, and they have power over the visual elements and to make product successful, it is important to follow them. 

Motion Design

The motion graphics such as apps, animations, video games, trailers and others are the new areas of graphic design. Innovative technology has made space for designers with skills in other areas to explore the various mediums in recent years, and this is becoming popular day by day.

Art and Illustration Design

The graphic artists that focus on illustrations and art make original content and try to tell a story using various forms of art to tell that story. It is popular among stock images, book covers, comic books, concept art and many others.

Web Design

The web design is not designed precisely, but it combines all the types mentioned above into one medium and focuses on images, layouts and typography to create a website liked by all.

Principles Of Graphic Designing Tools


This involves symmetry and asymmetry. In this, you need to plan a balance in weight. It can be anything such as lines, shapes or any other thing which is evenly distributed in the same components or does not have two sides. Without proper balance, there is no structure.


The design should be organized and should help frame a visual connection between the elements. Everything should be in alignment with the centre, top and bottom.


This is to create a relationship between each design of the elements and the ones that need closeness. By visually connecting the components, you can tell a story to the customer. You should use proximity to minimize cluster and boost viewer understanding.


You need to see how you want to display your elements and create good patterns to establish consistency. Repetition can bring together each part in a cohesive design and make a feeling of movement through the piece.


The colors and the contrast should be top-notch as they alter the feeling of the viewer and help in showing the aspect of the design. It shows the difference between the elements in your piece and makes whatever you need to stand out differently.

Final Verdict

Graphic designing is essential in every company today to attract more and more customers towards your product it service. It is important to read the tips and types above to gain a deeper understanding as to what kind of design you want and what is the need for your product and service. To choose the adobe graphic designer, they should be familiar with everything mentioned above to create an output suitable for your company.