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Exclusively designed grain water softener to maximize water performance with a filtration system for maintaining a healthy home.

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  • User-friendly control head for precise use
  • High-capacity gel polystyrene cation to reduce soap scum
  • Automatic regenerating system
  • Minerals ions, soft water balance pH level in hairs
  • Support 64000 of high capacity
  • Softener helps to eliminate rust stains
  • Tank includes brine tank, DIY instruction, bypass valve
  • Remove iron upto 6-8 ppm, manganese upto 6 ppm
  • Safety float to prevent from overfilling
  • 1-inch noryl threaded plastic bypass
  • Fiberglass pentair mineral tank for easy installation
  • Measures valve softener meter
  • Long life resin for softening system
  • Remove calcium and magnesium from hard water
  • Durable tank with ten years of warranty
  • LCD backlit display touchpad controller
  • Preserve water appliances like coffee machines, ice maker
  • Offer configurations and technical documentations
  • Metered control valve with pentair structure
  • Get additional backup to avoid water messes
  • Digital metered for saving salt and water
  • Enjoy salt-free water with family members
  • Multi-purpose softener with iron filter
  • Scan and service application on fingertips
  • Certified true blue dealer softener
  • Fine mesh resin to clean iron
  • Perfect for removing spotting on dishes
  • Automatic calculation salt and water resulting
  • Initiated generation technology for monitoring
  • Efficiently maintain softening water
  • Offer pure and mineral void soft water
  • NSF certified softener to eliminate faucets
  • Low salt light indicator technology
  • Protect skin from itching and dryness
  • Offer ten years of limited warranty on tank
  • Capacity of 16000 gallons for 40 days
  • Space saving design to install in tighten place
  • Premium resin with 360° swivel for easy connection
  • Best improve taste and odour

The Ultimate Buying Guide: Grain Water Softener

What is a Water Softener?

Many areas in an urban city get various types of water. One can forgive to think that the water after being treated from corporations should be fit enough to use for drinking or other purposes, but in many countries, that is not the case because the latest technology has invented advanced and unique kitchen appliances. 

Developing the outskirts of an urban city usually does not get adequate quality of water because of underdeveloped water treatment facilities. Hence, the residents are subject to using hard water instead of good quality, soft water. Here is where a Water Softener does its work. It takes out the unnecessary impurities from the hard water and makes it perfectly fit for use.

Hard Water vs Soft Water

The water that we receive from municipalities is not healthy. They contain certain minerals that add to the 'hardness' of water. These minerals usually include calcium, magnesium and iron particles. If used for cleaning purposes, the hard water leaves mineral stains on the utensils or bottles and containers that they are stored. Hard water also makes life difficult while travelling through pipes by destroying them and aggravating soap scum. It causes various health problems too. Hence, it is not fit for consumption. Once the hard water is purified using a tier water softener, it makes life easier and is completely fit for use.

Choosing The Right Grain Water Softener For Home

Before we discuss which is the best water softener to go for, we should understand the meaning of grain water softener. The grain is the industry standard followed to measure the hardness of the water. The relation between water hardness and grain is, 1 grain of water hardness is equivalent to 1/7000th of a pound. Therefore, it is very important to know the hardness of the water or the amount of grain it contains, and buy the right water softener. The following features are the ones that will help to choose the right water softener.


Water softeners are indeed expensive and require a lot of thought process before investing in one. One of the main features to look out for is efficiency. The questions one needs to ask to check the efficiency of a grain water softener are, how often is it required to clean the softener, when does the salt need to be refilled and how often. Last but not least is the efficiency with which it gives out soft water regularly.


Choosing the right size of the grain water softener is indeed very important because it is of no use to invest in either a smaller or iron 2 pro combination water softener that will deteriorate easily because of the massive amount of hardness to purify. Hence, going with the right size depending upon the hardness quality of the household water is important.

Iron Removal

The main job of a grain water softener is to remove the iron minerals from the water. Iron is the most common mineral found in hard water and is responsible for 90% of the hardness in the water. Therefore, the rate at which the iron removed and the purity of soft water obtained is an important feature to the lookout.

High Flow Valve

A high flow valve is one of the other important features of a water softener system. Keeping the quality of the plumbing lines constant and properly working, a high valve flow ensures the constant flow of water through all parts of the houses without imbalances in supply. It implies that the kitchen will get the same flow of water as the washroom. There are certain features to be careful about while installing a water softener, one of them being the pressure of the water supply should not exceed 125 psi. Hence, causing ruptures in the pipelines.

Smart Energy Conservation

The best water softener systems do not generate sleep energy bills; meaning being active and consuming electricity even when they are not doing the regeneration cycles. Check for the feature called Demand Regeneration which only activates the saltwater softener during the cycles, which happens every week.

Easy Installation

The water softeners should easily connect with the pre-built water lines and require less hassle in setting up on the roof or in the ground. The best water softeners, along with easy installations, should also require less effort to maintain and replace damaged parts.


To check the viability of a particular product, it is always safe to check the reviews of the customers of a product to get their real experience about using it. Apart from the reviews displayed on the website, online shopping portals where the grain water softeners can be bought has an unbiased review section which is very helpful.

Benefits Of Grain Water Softener

  • Saving Money: Installing a water softener does save a lot of money in the long run. The minerals of hard water less frequently damage the pipes. Even various appliances that regularly use water such as washing machines, dishwashers, etc. get damaged, which means more and more bills to be paid.
  • Fewer Skin Problems: Hard water is known to notoriously mess with the skin a lot. Therefore installing a water softener helps improve skin problems like itchiness and rashes and even hair fall problems.
  • Bright and Soft Clothes: The hard water is also responsible for leaving mineral stains on clothes when used for washing. The soap scum it forms is also very difficult to get rid of after washing. Therefore, softened water removes these problems and cleans them effectively.
  • Cleaner Dishes: Washing dishes becomes considerably easier, and there is not an extra mineral stain to get rid of due to hard water. 
  • Less Effort: Hard water usually requires double the effort to clean clothes, dishes and other utensils. Hence, soft water eases the painstaking effort and strains the appliances less to clean things.


Grain Water softeners are increasing in demand because of the problems of the availability of soft water in many areas. Therefore, it is always safe to invest in the right saltwater or grain water softener. Make use of these tips to find the afwfilters grain water softener for your home.

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