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Professional gas pressure washers equipped with abrasion resistant technology, filters to wipe-out indoor units effectively.

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  • High-pressure steel reinforced hose
  • Dual padded shock absorbing feet
  • Thermo sensor technology to prevent overheating
  • Low oil indicator shut down system
  • Optimum maneuverable with high performance
  • Ultra lightweight grade aluminium frame
  • Ergonomic spray gun with five nozzle connections
  • Perfect for deck cleaner, wood restoration
  • Integrated bypass mode for pump protection
  • Welded steel constructed frame for longevity
  • In-built GX 200 high performance engine
  • Advance oil seal technology with ceramic coated pistons
  • Best for time and energy saving tool
  • Maintain free axial cam pump
  • Equipped with one gallon of detergent tank
  • Perfect cleanliness of asphalt, vinyl siding, and hardwood
  • Get 10 pneumatic wheels for maneuver
  • Built-in li-ion battery power upto 18 months
  • Adjustable powerdial spray gun for ease
  • 12-inch power broom and soap blaster
  • Capacity of 2.5 gallon per minute
  • 7.2 horsepower with 212cc engine generator
  • Stable and large wheels frame for on demanding terrain
  • 35°C water inlet temperature
  • Black colour plastic and metal designed washer
  • Premium tiers to increase stability and shock absorption
  • Integrated with GC 190 engine for optimum performance
  • Great to prepping home exterior for painting
  • Suitable for automobile and boats washing
  • Large capacity gas tank with 30ft resistant hose
  • 2200 watts of electricity power required
  • Waterproof steel body with copper pump
  • On-board detergent tank for efficient polish
  • Powerful engine with handy recoil operation
  • Ergonomic spray gun and long hose
  • 4-stroke OHV engine pumps with 2.5 gallon tank
  • Heavy-duty reinforced wheels
  • On-board nozzle and soap tank storage
  • Offer two years warranty on gas pressure washer

Gas Pressure Washer Buying Guide | How to Select the Best Gas Pressure Washer? 


Heavy-duty cleaning requirements can be fulfilled with the help of such powerful equipment as these can provide high water pressure cleaning services. Professional and powerful commercial-grade tools are easily available in the market and the buyers can buy the product after reading the advantages and characteristics of the product. Gas-powered power washers are considered a good choice and some of the buyers even prefer it over the electric pressure washers. The buyers who are particularly looking for a product to handle tough cleaning tasks, then the gas pressure washer are the ideal choice. The user can expect fabulous results because the equipment has a long life and has parts that are powerful enough to provide professional-level cleaning services. Some of the features of the product that make it stand out in the crowd of cleaning tools are listed below:

Removes Tough Stains With Ease

The machine should be able to handle all types of cleaning requirements in the premises and outside too. The deposition of dirt, dust, grease, and grim can make the job difficult and challenging. But the equipment has all the right parts to provide a flawless cleaning experience to the users. Professional cleaning services are done right because the equipment has commercial grade parts that are qualified enough to clean surfaces properly.

Industrial Design Pump

The pump of the product is the main product that can make the cleaning procedure effective and impactful. The Powerboost Technology of the products produces high pressure at the nozzle and is considered to be the best tool for cleaning purposes. The impact is high because the water gushes out in speed and can produce effective results. More power is required for more force and speed of the water to act upon the surface. The higher the pressure of water is, the higher is the power to beat the dirt and clean the surface. 

Crankshaft driven pumps have a longer life because these are designed and built well. Gas pressure washers are more mobile than the electric ones because these are not tied to the plugs. These can work independently and hence are portable products, easy to manage, and carry. The production level of PSI and GSM is also higher compared to its counterparts consequently enabling a better and more powerful cleaning session.

Quick Connect Nozzles

The quick-connect tips come attached with the pack that allows easy connection of the tip to the steel spray of the products. This makes the cleaning sessions productive and results are superb. A variety of cleaning tasks are handled to perfection and this also accounts to customer satisfaction. The spray pattern can be changed at the tip for different cleaning purposes. A narrow spray can generate high speed and high-force at the tip while a broad spray can cover wide areas with lesser force. The users can make the selection as per their choice and requirement. 

PWMA Certified

The gas pressure washer should be certified by the concerned authorities so that the product respectfully makes it to the marketplace to become a hot-selling item amongst the buyers. The Pressure Washer Manufacturer’s Association has the authority to verify and certify the products manufactured by various companies. The product has to pass the quality testing standards set by the concerned authority in the laboratories. Simpson is a qualified and verified product that has achieved great customer reviews. 

Detergent Cleaning

The product should have a detergent filling part so that the cleaning results are desirable. With the help of features like detergent and cleaning brushes, the cleaning efficiency is doubled. However, be careful about not using bleach in the internal parts of the products as it can damage the product. Use a product that has a detergent-friendly part so that good cleaning results are achieved. 

Understand the Working of Pressure Washer

Before aiming to buy the best or ideal product, the buyer should always be aware of the product and its working. The offline stores are providing demos of the product to optimize customer behaviour and satisfaction. Nut online buyers are, at large, dependent upon the product details. The product description should be ideally understood by the user so that the working of the product is known to the users.

Size of the Product

Various types of sizes and shapes of the product are easily available in the market. Consider the requirement for which the product needs to be purchased. The requirement will play a deciding factor for the buying decision of the buyers. The questions like how many cleaning cycles can the product handle in a day and how long can it work in a single session needs an answer. The product that can provide a satisfactory answer to the inquisitive mind of the buyers ideal pick. 

Horse Power (HP)

This means the power that the engine of the product can produce. This is an important factor to consider while buying the product as it can help in making the right decision. It directly relates to the kind of pressure and volume the pump of the product can deliver.

Pounds Per Square Inch (PSI)

The pressure that is generated by the pump of the machine is expressed in Pounds per Square Inch. Pressure plays a pivotal role in ideal cleaning procedures. Hence this parameter needs to be judged correctly by the buyers.

Cleaning Power Units (CPU)

It quantifies the cleaning ability and capacity of the machine. To get the exact CPU, gallons per minute (GPM) is multiplied by PSI; GPM*PSI. For deep cleaning results, it is considered that higher the CPU, greater is the ability of the machine to perform. These may sound like small factors but can take the buying decision a long way and help the buyer get an ideal product home. 3100 PSI is considered to be a medium-duty product that can be a great help for cleaning errands to be done at home. A commercial washer with 4000 PSI is considered to be a high-efficiency product but can also be dangerous at times if the above-mentioned safety tips are not followed properly. 

Life Expectancy of the Pump

Make sure to find the life expectancy of the pump before buying the best gas pressure washer. Low-cost pressure washers have a low life expectancy like 60-100 hours. Be categorical about finding the life expectancy of the product and insist that the manufacturer provides you with this piece of important information. 

Direct Drive or Belt Drive

The common ones are Direct Drive systems. In this machine, the pump is bolted directly to the motor. It requires fewer parts and space. Direct Drive is cheaper than the Belt Drive machine. The pump of the Belt Drive moves at a slower speed and this results in better performance because pistons and valves in the pump are large. Hence the Belt Drive machine has longevity compared to the Direct Drive one. So the buyers can make the selection based on such factors. 

Pressure Water Hoses

The ideal length of the hose is considered to be 50 feet. If the hose is shorter than 50 feet, then the machine will require frequent movement to achieve the cleaning goals. A hose that is not high in quality and requires occasional movement while performing may break soon. 

Detergent department

The machine should have a part for the detergent to get better cleaning results. The application of detergent in the cleaning procedure will lead to cleaning of tougher stains easily. 

Safety Tips While Using Gas Pressure Washer

Here are some handy tips that should be followed by the user to have risk-free cleaning experience. It is important to learn about such tips because the product produces high-pressure and water gushes out with much force that is powerful enough to cause injury to the users. Hence, the following tips are very useful for users:

  • Be careful while using the gas pressure washer and do not point it towards people or pets. Do not put your hand in front of the nozzle. The pressure with which the water gushes out can penetrate through the skin and cause damage.
  • It is advisable to wear water safety glasses while operating the product.
  • Don’t use pressure washers while climbing the ladder for cleaning. The pressure is powerful enough to cause imbalance and the user may have a serious fall. 
  • While cleaning surfaces that are electrically-powered, be sure that the power is off and a distance of at least 6 feet is maintained. 
  • While changing the nozzle tips, be sure that the safety lock is engaged. 

Final Thoughts

The user has to understand the usage of the machine and the frequency of using the machine. When such points are properly analyzed by the buyers, then they end up buying the right product. Of all, PowerBoss is a highly reliable product in the market. The brand name is also suggestive about the powerful results that it can produce.

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