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Keypad Optimizes the set of actuation and resets points with customizable and lighting effects to suit your gaming styles.

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  • Impressive lighting with adjustable modules
  • Razer Synapse enabled with an in-game configurator
  • More than 20 innovative programmable buttons
  • RGB backlighting for customization
  • The programmable 8-way directional thumb pad
  • Multiple-profiles through razer synapse
  • Fully programmable keys with scroll wheel
  • Naturally contoured design with onboard memory
  • Customizable backlighting through the LCD display
  • Ergonomic design with comfortable keys
  • Supports upto 5 gaming profiles
  • Fully programmable macro keys
  • Adjustable soft magnetic wrist pad
  • Connects PC with USB type C
  • Compatible with all operating systems
  • 34 programmable keys with 4 macro keys
  • Fully programmable Blue switches
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design
  • Best gaming keypad for mac devices
  • Built-in MCU for good portability
  • One-handed macro mechanical keyboard
  • Easily programmable keypad for space
  • Best gaming keypads for android
  • Singlehanded gaming capability with more keys
  • Highly compact and portable design
  • Most affordable gaming keypad with 46 keys
  • Best gaming keypads for doors
  • Best gaming keypads for desktop
  • Three dedicated macro keys with multiple commands
  • Fully programmable keys with RGB backlit
  • Portable and mini-keyboard construction
  • 25 fully programmable keys
  • Wrist design offers two different positions
  • Customization with more lighting systems
  • Best gaming keypads for beginners
  • Double shot injection keycaps and independent macros
  • Mechanical keys built for long lastings
  • Vibrant RGB lighting with different colour options
  • Best gaming keypads for pc

Buy Top-Rated Gaming Keypads For Ultimate Gaming Experience

Are you finally tired of losing the video games you play? Do you feel frustrated about losing a game by a few seconds? Sure, you are a pro at the games you play, but even the most experienced gamers are bound to face trouble without the right gaming keypad. In the era of video games and subsequent competitiveness, no one likes to lose, even for fun. Now, you can win all your video games with the aid of the best gaming keypad.

To understand the need for a gaming keypad, you must first know the difference between a keyboard and a keypad. Once you know how beneficial the gaming keypads are, you will be delighted to have them while playing. However, you might face confusion upon viewing the numerous options available. To get the best gaming keypad, you can take a look at the various gaming keypad reviews. So, gear up to get the best weapon in your arsenal for winning the video games.

Know Difference Between Gaming Keypad and Gaming keyboard

Advancements in gaming technology have led to the manufacture of efficient and stylish gaming keypads. While the most basic difference between a keypad and a keyboard remains in the fact that the keypad consists only of numbers, and the keyboard has the whole set with numbers and alphabets.

However, over the years, the gaming keypad has made significant progression. Now, they are much more convenient, provide great feedback, and come with programmable keys. These are fine alternatives to gaming keyboards. Also, with the usb gaming keypad, you can now play games easily. Gaming keyboards are not as compact as the keypads are. No matter how tightly the buttons are squeezed and unnecessary keys removed, it is still much larger than gaming keypads. However, the use of a mechanical keyboard is an excellent choice.

Which Games Work Best With Gaming Keypad?

MOBA and MMORPG regularly advantage from gaming keypads as they, for the most part, require countless specific buttons. Some are intended to enact forces and utilize capacities to feel normal rather than a hurried or monotonous procedure. A few, if not all, keys on a Keypad from brands like Redragon and Delux can, as a rule, be modified to do a characterized task.

So assume you frequently press a few buttons in a particular request with detailed planning to utilize an assault in World of Warcraft. Programmable buttons permit you to rearrange that procedure. This is valuable for an entire host of highlights. Some program buttons change outside perspectives like mouse affectability on the fly.

Others may utilize an exceptionally redundant order, for example, purchasing in C.S.: G.O. and supplant that mind-boggling order with a set purchase full scale. Best gaming keypad likewise has various formats, so it might make activities, for example, utilizing an elixir or hunkering more straightforward and more advantageous once you map out the keys. One more angle is the capacity to appoint instant messages to macros for simple correspondence or deactivate keys that you unintentionally press in the warmth of battle. Spamming visits with a button sucks for everybody around you however, it tends to be helpful in certain circumstances.

However, there have been a couple of old school games, for example, Deus Ex, that depended on the general set-up of F1-F12 to control your character. Games with tangled control plans or more established games that didn't age well may not profit from a Keypad. However, these are minor hiccups as more established games have either a fan-made mod that will fix it or the buttons that are missing are not significant enough to slaughter the gaming experience. A decent Gaming Keypad will permit you to rescind the internal controls by essentially changing your keys' estimation; also, this implies no contentions.

General Features of a gaming keypad

The features present in a gaming keypad largely depend on the brand. If you are wondering what is the best custom gaming keypad, you must consider some basic features. Being aware of the basic features will help you determine the aspects that must be present in a gaming keypad. The general features of a pc gaming keypad are –

Key Type

There are different types of keys that you can choose from. The major types are – rubber, mechanical, and membrane keys. Keep in mind that there are no such things as membranical or semi-mechanical. The mechanical keys are the best for gaming. However, if you are looking for a cheap gaming keypad, you can opt for the membrane ones.


Anti-ghosting is a technical term that is often associated with gaming keypads. In this feature, the technology ensures that the keypad does not register false key presses. It is deeply interwoven with the N-Key Rollover feature. It is impossible to have N-Key Rollover without anti-ghosting technology. This is the most basic feature that is present not only in gaming keypads but in all normal keypads and keyboards.

N-Key Rollover

N-Key Rollover feature is the technology, which allows the users to register the simultaneous keypresses correctly. Both N-Key Rollover and anti-ghosting are required for an effective gaming keypad. But, you must also keep into account the number of correct registers by the keypad. You must opt for a keypad, which has at least a 6-key rollover. It is even better if you can go for a 10-key rollover.


Backlighting not only aids the gamers to customize their keypads but also helps them to see when the surrounding light is non-functional. Now, you can either opt for a one-color lighting or RGB lighting. But, if you choose RGB lighting, the cost is going to increase dramatically. Moreover, you must look out for independent key lightings.

Macro keys

Even though macro keys are no longer popular in today's gaming world, it is still highly productive. A macro key can be used to perform numerous specific functions. Gamers can easily press the macro keys and perform several functions at once.

Multimedia Keys

Multimedia keys offer shortcuts and make the gaming experience even more enjoyable. Several high-priced keypads have multimedia keys that control music play, the sound volume, turn on and off the gaming mode, etc. Even if you don't have multimedia keys, you can at least opt for multimedia shortcuts.

USB cable

There are mainly two types of the USB cable that you can choose from. These are – non-braided and braided. The braided USB cables are much more durable and are less susceptible to damages. However, they are also quite expensive. The non-braided USB cables are cheap, but can easily tear and sustain damage. Also, if you have pets at home, it might be wise to consider buying the best wireless gaming keypad.


Accessories have no connection with the functionality of the keypad. But, they do increase the value of the product. The more accessories you get with the product, the more beneficial it is for you.


The type of software used in the gaming keypad is essential if you want to personalize it. Some keypad comes with the most basic software and as such offers limited scope for customization. However, some keypads are equipped with advanced software that allows different levels of personalization.

Factors To Consider While Choosing Best Gaming Keypad


The design of a gaming keypad might not seem a crucial feature, but it is. Ignoring the design as nothing but an external appearance is foolish. While it is true that keypads in gaming have a wide variety of styles to choose from, you must keep in mind the genre of the game you are particularly interested in.

Some keypads are designed specifically to play certain games. Thus, it is necessary to consider the games you play and your existing setup before buying. You can also consider a gaming mouse with keypad combinations. Usually gaming keypads remove the buttons that are not of much importance like caps lock and replace it with other commonly pressed buttons. If you just want a normal keypad without any fancy outlook, you can go for it too. You can also choose open back headphones for greater user satisfaction.

Type of Key

The key type is most probably the most important criteria that you must decide on. There are mainly two types of keys that can be found in the best pc gaming keypad. These are – mechanical keys and membrane keys. The mechanical keys are faster and provide efficient tactile feedback. Moreover, you do not need to press them fully to ensure that the keystroke is registered. But, keep in mind that the clicking is usually loud, and you are most likely to tip your budget if you opt for this type.

The membrane keys do not have any underlying sophisticated mechanism. These are merely keycaps placed over rubber done. Once you press it with considerable force, it collapses. They are much quieter, and the most beneficial aspect is that they are extremely affordable. Most gamers prefer the mechanical keys due to the preciseness and agility but it mostly depends on their budget.


Here, there is no particular size that you must adhere to. But, what you must consider is the size of your hand. There are various options that you can choose from. If you prefer small tightly designed gaming keypads for relative convenience, then go for it. However, if you feel that you require larger keypads for better control, you can opt for it. Also, if you are a leftie, you can keep a left hand gaming keypad option. The most vital aspect is to keep in mind your hand size and comfort level before making the decision.

Button Configuration

It is vital that you understand that the numbers of buttons present in the keypad and the keyboard are not the same. While keyboards are quite big and have about 80-100 buttons, keypads are much more compact.

As such, the number of buttons varies, ranging from as few as 15 to more. More than the number, it is important to take note of the buttons that are programmable. These are specialized buttons that aid in gaming. Check out if the buttons are programmable before making the purchase. With the programmable gaming keypad, you now have better chances of winning.

Comfort level

While we understand the need and excitement in winning video games, comfort must never be compromised. It is advisable to look out for gaming keypads that have a wrist rest. This way you get to play for a long period with minimum pain to your wrist. You can also opt for a wireless gaming keypad. This way you can carry it anywhere with ease. You can also check out keypads having a palm rest. You must prioritize comfort for better health. Also, you can choose keypads that come with a mouse. With the best gaming keypad and mouse, victory is yours!


According to your want, the ability to manipulate buttons is a vital feature that only high-quality software can offer. The more good the gaming keypad's software is, the higher your chances of programming the keys according to your desire.

One of the beneficial aspects of having top-rated software is the mapping of keys. In this feature, you can program a specific button to meet the game's requirements that you are playing. Moreover, good software offers compatibility with a lot of products. Also, keep in mind the operating system the software works on. It is better to opt for the one that provides support in all operating systems. The Logitech G13 Gaming Keypad comes with ergonomic design, customized LCD backlighting. It also supports 5 gaming profiles.

RGB Technology

One of the most advanced technologies integrated into keypad gaming is RGB lighting. Apart from giving a cool outlook to the keypad, it has specific functionalities. The lighting up of the keys aids you play even when the place you are in is dimly lit. Moreover, the best RGB gaming keyboard offers individual coloring of every button. You can use it to remember the vital keys needed while playing.

Type of Switch

If you have opted for mechanical keys, you must know more about them. Generally, in the gaming world, mechanical keys are also known as switches. These switches are categorized into three types. They are – Linear, Click, and Tactile. The linear switch offers a smooth feeling. The click switch ensures that you hear the sharp clicks when you press any buttons. Lastly, the tactile switches have a bump that you can feel while pressing the buttons.

These switch types are often differentiated based on colors. Also, there is no particular color attached to a switch type. The different brands have different colors for the switches. You must read up the instructions carefully before purchasing them. It is wise to opt for the keypad, which allows fast keystrokes and the least resistance level. Now, you can win the most difficult games with the mechanical gaming keypad.


Price is an essential criterion when it comes to the purchase of the best keypad for pc gaming. If you want more sophisticated functions, faster keystrokes, and overall benefits, the price will go up. Keep in mind what money you can afford before investing. If you think that buying a cheap gaming keypad is not worth it, you are wrong. Maybe, you won't get the added advantages but with time, skill, and patience, you will master it too.


With the best computer gaming keypad at your disposal, you can now easily win those games and bragging rights. Isn't that exciting? Overall, the Razer Orbweaver Gaming Keypad is a great choice. The customized RGB lighting, along with adjustable modules and 20 programmable buttons make it quite impressive. If you want to be the undefeated video gaming champion, it's time to get one of these cool gadgets.

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