Best Free Photo Editor For Mac

Automatic image enhancement by photo editor with incredible exposure, layout design functionality to offer premium touch to photographs.

By Customer Feedback

  • Intelligent editing option for frame-worthy print
  • Sensei AI technology with automate editing
  • HEIF and HEVC video files for faster performance
  • Best photo editor for HD images
  • Countless sticker and unique font collection
  • Best photo editor tool for face beauty
  • Advanced HDR editing tool for color, size
  • In-built professionally designed templates
  • Good interface for understanding
  • High-resolution graphics to embed presentation
  • Designer made templates with customized color, fonts
  • Fancy designs and patterns with texture effects
  • Automatic adjustment for bright and contrast touch
  • Customized designed frames with digital photos
  • Affordable and user friendly editor tool
  • Allow to remove skin blemishes, dye hair
  • Raw picture editing essentials for finest sharing
  • Advanced lighting technology to focus pixel brightness
  • Professionally edge and competitive image editing
  • Over 550 camera models with batch preserts feature
  • Raw editing and panorama stitching feature
  • Perfectly suitable for photographers
  • Get magical inpainting brushes to remove dark spots
  • Professional lens correction function for great appearance
  • Powerful editing tool like patch, skin smoothing
  • Seamlessly erase unwanted spots for better look
  • Precise curve highlights, split tone, and more
  • Best for brand image building
  • Accurate aesthetic photo effects functionality
  • Hassle-free content creation elements
  • Perfectly suitable for quick edits and beginners
  • Image export format include PSD, PXD, WebP
  • Increase local adjustment and mask management
  • Adjust pixel to match lightness for repair mode
  • Latest mask management to give flexible editing
  • AI skin and portrait enhancer for realistic view
  • Natural lightning feature to give original effect
  • Denoise functionality to remove digital sound
  • Best photo editing tool for professionals
  • Artificial intelligence technology for great images
  • Face recognition option to remove imperfections
  • Perfect photo editor for family and friends
  • Detect inaccurate optimal exposure
  • Award-winning software for photo editor
  • High quality bracket, merging, and colors
  • Automatically recognize noise with HDR feature
  • Localized contrast touching for clarity
  • Perfect photo editor for graphics
  • Editor include cut out, collage, color picker, raw images
  • In-built themes and languages software
  • Ideal editor extension for photoshop
  • Best photo editor access with window 10
  • Adjustable exposure, contrast, and brightness
  • Edit and import RAW pictures with A9 clips
  • Advanced machine learning techniques
  • Best photo editor for hashtags, instagram
  • Offer premium quality photo manipulation
  • Perfectly suitable for artwork creation
  • Intuitive user interface elements and mockups
  • Build icons and graphical designs as well

How to Choose the Best Free Photo Editor for Mac 


Do your photographs lack a professional touch? Are you wondering how to make your photography designs look perfect? Worry no more, as we have a solution for you. Your images will not be perfect with a little help from photo editor apps for Mac. Several free photo editing softwares available for Mac which can help professional and amateur photographers produce the best possible results.

Over 85% of all professional photographers take their photographs to the post-production stage, which means that they use certain softwares to enhance their photographs and add various elements to it which helps them present the image in the tone they desire.

Features To Look While Selecting Free Photo Editor Tool

Resizing And Cropping Images

The best photo editors for Mac should allow you to resize photos easily. Resizing photographs is an important function which you will require especially when you plan on uploading these images. Different platforms will require different sizes of the image. Ensure that the photo editor allows you to expand or contract the size of the image while keeping the resolution of your image intact. 

Similarly, the cropping tool is one of the most popular and effective tools used in photo editing. This photo editing tool is essential, and one must have access to it. There will be many instances where you will be required to edit out certain objects or subjects from your image, or you may even have to keep only certain elements in the frame. The cropping tool plays a major role in these situations, and these are situations a photographer faces regularly.


All professional photos are not just taken in one single shot. There are various layers of elements that are used to make it look more artistic and neat. Make sure that your free photo editor for Mac allows you to add layers to your picture. The benefit of adding layers is that one can add png objects, color temperature filters, or even additional shades to the objects. This tool gives you the freedom to be more creative and add more to your pictures while keeping the original photo intact. As the name suggests, layers are additional elements to the image and can be removed or customized. 

You may be required to add texts, logos, and watermarks on your images, and these are highly essential aspects of the photograph. The layering system makes this task easy and improves the overall presentation of the image.

Color Grading 

You may not have the perfect light settings during a photoshoot to capture the exact effect you desire. This shortcoming can be compensated during the post-production stage with the help of the color grading tool. The color grading tool is one of the most important tools that help photographers make their pictures look more vibrant and accurate to the colors and shades. While looking for a free photo editor for Mac you need to make sure that the software supports the color grading tools as it will help you to enhance your photographs and produce the best results.uf98

File Conversion And Compression: 

Digital photographs can be produced in various formats. Ensure that your photo editor for Mac allows you to export your photos in whichever format you require. While trying to upload your photos, you will find that many forums do not accept certain file formats. This can slow down your work as you will have to use other softwares to convert your files. A good photo editor like Pixlr should give you access to these tools to avoid any hassle.

Similarly, high-resolution images usually take up a lot of memory space. Digital photographs are always shot to be transferred or uploaded somewhere. A large file is always a trouble to transfer and upload as it takes a lot of your time and creates another hassle when downloading. While selecting a photo editor, make sure that the software compresses the files without compensating for image resolution and quality. Being able to compress files within the software itself will help you save a lot of time and effort. 

Free Selection Tool 

Your photographs may have an object or a subject which may require re-touching to highlight it. A free selection tool is an important tool that allows you to select objects manually or based on pixel colors. The selected objects can be shifted, placed elsewhere, or deleted entirely from the composition. This tool is a very handy one, and you must look for editing software that supports it.

Perspective Control 

The angle from which you have taken a shot may not be the best one. But once the shot is taken and the moment has gone, there can be nothing done. However, with the wrap and distortion tool's help, one can control and manipulate the image and its angles. Having this tool in your editor will allow you to rectify major errors or changes in your photographs concerning perspectives and angles. These tools are used with care to ensure that the structure of the image is not distorted.

Merging Images 

This feature is important when one has to present the contrast or even similarities of two different images. The tools allow you to merge two or more images into one frame and control the image's ratio overlapping to your liking. You may also be required to add logos online or similar stamps to your pictures. Dissolving two or more images into each other can also be done with the help of this tool. 

Final Thoughts

As a photographer, Mac's free photo editor is a major changemaker from which you can benefit immensely. Photo editors for Mac can save a lot of time and resources. The top-notch tools like Adobe Photoshop are available for little or no cost and can be easily accessed on various websites. Many of these editing softwares are available as online editors do not need to install and run it on your devices. This is a convenient and simple tool that helps you take a step to a more professional photography level.