Best Espresso Coffee Machine

Fully automatic pod machines have a powerful pressure pump system to maximize the flavor in every espresso drink.

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  • Sensor grinding technology for consistent grinding
  • Advanced latte system for perfect milk texture
  • Dual heating system between brewing and frothing
  • Handcrafted precision with a 1-second quick start
  • 12 step grinder adjustments
  • Removable brew cup for cleaning
  • Smart sensing water filtration system
  • Aqua clean compatible machine
  • Wide selection of pods and flavours
  • Guided display for fresh brewings
  • One capsule for all drink flavours
  • Unique and excellent K-Fee crema feature
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Multiple pre-programmed drinks
  • Single-serve portion for optimal freshness
  • Authentic simple one-touch control
  • Centrifusion extraction technology
  • Convenient two different cup sizes
  • Automatic ejecting of the capsule after brewing
  • Simple one-touch operation system
  • Visual pressure gauge system
  • Dual temperature control for water and milk
  • Two in one filter holder
  • Powerful manual milk frothing feature
  • Removable stainless steel mesh drip tray
  • Steaming nozzle for high powered milk foaming
  • Easy adjustable for making own drinks
  • Ideal for living spaces and reception areas
  • Removable cup holder design
  • Double temperature control system
  • Aroma rich-tasting espresso
  • Simple design of push control button panel
  • Advanced thermoblock heating system
  • Easy viewable and removable water tank
  • Fine mesh for making smooth coffee
  • Pressure relief hole for better machine performance
  • Automatic build-in stand warm
  • Thermo block heating element
  • Two in one machine for cappuccino
  • Massive power of 19 bar pressure

A Completed Buying Guide of Espresso Coffee Machine


There are many types of coffee machines available today. One such type is the electric espresso coffee machine which comes in a variety of sizes kitchen appliances, and the small ones can easily be accommodated into the smallest nooks inside your kitchen.

Espresso coffee machines need no introduction. They are one commodity that makes every household complete. There are many things to look for and consider before buying a coffee machine. While a cheap coffee machine can save you money today, it may need more care and cost you more in the long run.

How to choose the right espresso coffee machine?

Size Of Espresso Coffee Machine

Like anything else occupying space in your kitchen, the size of an espresso coffee machine matters, too. If you are looking for a multi-functional coffee machine, the size of it will be bigger than a single purpose serving machine. Some machines are also compact, with many features added to them. However, these machines can dig a big hole in your pocket. With size, we also refer to the amount of coffee the machine can produce at one time. Needless to say, smaller machines will brew less coffee, and bigger ones will make more. Also, take into consideration the size of your favorite mug, and whether it will fit under the brewer. You can also consider brewers that fit a pot under them so that you don't have to go through the trouble of placing mugs after the other!

Amazing Features

Even though it is a coffee machine, it can do much more than just brewing coffee. The k-fee espresso coffee machine come with auto-shut, a beeper (which lets you know that the coffee is ready, or signals low water or beans), auto-timer with which the machine starts without having to turn it on manually and many other features. Some people like to wake up to a brewed coffee, while others like a simple and easy to manage machine that gets the job done. You can also customize the options as per your liking, and not only set timers, but set the temperature, strength, and size of each cup of coffee. The world has indeed come quite far, even for a simple coffee maker! Other features to look for:

Inbuilt grinder: Some coffee machines not only come with the availability to choose from multiple brewing options, but they will gladly grind your coffee beans for you.

Warmers: Usually helpful in settings like offices, these warmers keep the hot coffee longer, once brewed so that the machine doesn't have to be turned on again and again.

Frothing: If you like milk in your coffee, and the added number of varieties that adding a little cream to your coffee brings, then this feature will impress you the most. Coffee machines also come with frothers which not only keep the milk warm but also produce different types of drinks for you.

Type of Coffee

When it comes to brewing coffee, there are many ways to do that. Some use coffee beans, some use partially ground beans, and the most common use is of the fully-ground coffee which comes in powder form. It is always wise to go for the machine which has multiple options for brewing coffee. However, they must be bought depending on their cost and size. There are other single-purpose serving machines, too. They cost less but remain loyal to one kind of coffee (ground, semi-ground or not ground). If you have the space for it, you can definitely get more than one machine, but if having options is your way to having a good day, then a multi-functional espresso coffee machine should be your choice.

Automatic, Semi-automatic, or Manual

A fully-automatic espresso coffee machine comes with a set timer, which can be altered as per convenience so that you can wake up to an already steaming cuppa. A semi-automatic espresso coffee machine will give you a nicely brewed cuppa as well, but it consists of some button-pressing and a minute of waiting. The third type is the manual coffee machine. It comes with a piston and is preferred by some of the connoisseurs of coffee. It is believed by many that the best taste of coffee comes from a manual espresso machine.

Brand And Reliability

With all said and done, you should make sure the brand you are choosing has experience in building electronic and kitchen appliances. It is especially useful if you look for feedback from other users of the same product and reviews. Check various platforms for what people say about them and how they advertise themselves. Long-term experience in the field is also directly proportional to the reliability of the brand, on the basis of experience they offered the philips for users. 

Cost Of Espresso Coffee Machine

This is the most important aspect of choosing a coffee machine. Like any other device, coffee machines are not one-time-expenditure. The amount of coffee powder you will need, the amount of maintenance the device will need, and ease of finding its spare parts should also be included in its cost. Espresso coffee machines can easily cost you a few hundred dollars, on top of that, the cost of beans or powder. If you are on a budget, go for a cheaper machine, which may lack a few features but get the job done perfectly. Take into consideration how many times you will need to use the fancy machine in a day or week. If you are someone who likes black coffee most of the days, and on occasions prefer to drink frothy drinks, then it is wiser to spend on a simple device. The number of family members who will be using the device also matters.


These days options for coffee machines aren't scanty. With a little bit of research and a list of specifications, you will be able to get your hands on the perfect espresso coffee machine. Espresso or not, coffee machines have become a necessity in every household. You can save a lot of money on coffee if you choose the right delonghi coffee device for office. So, keep all these points in mind when you are going to buy the coffee machine of your dreams.

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