Best Day Trading Software's

The software incorporates an automated process to enhance your trading experience with real-time streaming of market trends.

By Customer Feedback

  • Performs technical analysis with advanced tools
  • Trades with multi-regulated companies
  • Hassle-free deposits and withdrawal feature
  • Managed portfolios on various themes
  • Detailed statistics on trading performance
  • Profits from improved risk management
  • Multi-asset web-based trading platform
  • Control your positions and orders from anywhere
  • 50 integrated indicators for technical analysis
  • Smart news feed to make tradings
  • Tests your investing strategies
  • Video tutorial for basic tradings and fundings
  • Provides a wide range of various payment methods
  • Live FX and spot metal quotes
  • Videos for learning technical analysis concepts
  • Ultimate risk protection and security
  • Large number of strategies for tradings
  • Full control of investments with tight speeds
  • Provides access to various strategies
  • Perform an unlimited number of open deals
  • Variety of technical analysis tools
  • Fast and secured trading with technical analysis
  • Algorithmic trading with technical analysis
  • Virtual stock exchange with custom alerts
  • API access to the real-time data stream
  • Commodity futures with private equity
  • Collaborative platform with up-to-date notifications
  • Provides daily pre-market video analysis
  • Superfast trade executions with an account manager
  • Wide range of trading instruments
  • Provides in-depth trading analysis every day
  • Proven trading strategies for maximum profits
  • Tracking of finances and linking of bank accounts
  • Multiple regulations from different countries
  • More than 100 chart indicators from the web platform
  • Alerts on percentage change and price movements
  • Email and push notifications on market trends
  • Simple and easy to use intuitive platform
  • Quick bar tool for trading throughout the day
  • Access to morning star trading reports
  • Free stock, ETF and option tradings
  • Secure mobile app for enhanced security in tradings
  • Cost-efficient pricing structure
  • Advanced software components
  • Real-time scanning and filtering feature
  • Automatic refresh intervals on sorts and scans
  • Browser and application-based tools
  • Integrated order system with a money-back guarantee
  • Professionally managing expert teams
  • Provides best-in-class online and mobile tradings
  • Easy to use tool with mobile application
  • Access to the extensive research function
  • Large investment selection process
  • Low-cost option trading contracts
  • Easy platform to execute buys and sells
  • Mobile and IRA tradings
  • Best for beginners and advanced traders
  • Outside charts with advanced trading tools
  • Fast execution with true direct order routings
  • Flexible and hotkey customizability feature
  • Large selection of ECN order routes
  • Efficient direct access order routings
  • Best for advance day traders
  • Streaming charts and studies
  • Research reports with direct market access
  • Fast order routing with data feeds
  • Streaming of L2 quotes and basket order entry
  • Automated trades of exceptional analysis