Best Crowdfunding Platforms

Platform offers Large audience of potential investors provides both exposure and high potential backing for entrepreneurs

By Customer Feedback

  • Identify and engage with backers
  • Social CRM collaboration tools
  • Campaign audit with a professional expert team
  • Provides auto-follow and welcome messages
  • Project tracker to show the progress
  • Carefully selected green team for agriculture backups
  • Low term logistic projects
  • Great responds to projects with in 24 hours
  • Qualified investors for advice and tips
  • Unsecured loans upto 60 months duration
  • Simple and automated investments
  • Direct structure to loan directly
  • Manual investing of portfolio management
  • Campaign and prospect manager
  • Investors for agencies, enterprises and SMEs
  • Laser focused approach for faster fundings
  • Complete control over marketing and PR process
  • Full access to ongoing funds
  • Safe and secure platform for fundings
  • No approval process
  • Available globally with major currencies
  • Tracking of fundings and backings
  • Arts, games, music, food, film, publishing backings
  • Updates from pledged projects
  • No fee for charitable projects
  • Industry leading cloud based community platform
  • Build relationship with brand ambassadors
  • Optimize customer experiences
  • Tracking, validating and reporting management
  • Featured profile to attract professional backers
  • Major outreach system of media and newspaper
  • Delegating tasks and to generate funds
  • The versatility of contract negotiation
  • Responsive user page design layouts
  • Embed campaigns in blogs and websites
  • Dedicated team of experts for progress tracking
  • Innovative technology for effective payment gateways
  • Single shareholders
  • Taxation free full payments
  • Peer-to-peer lender system
  • Pitch for 60 days to complete the campaign
  • Full legal and tax documentation system
  • Equity-based backings for campaigners
  • Prototyping and productions fundings
  • Flash fundings and creative, & Entrepreneur services
  • Backing for health&fitness, business
  • Backed up for more than 2100 projects
  • Predefined criteria for fractional loans
  • Extensive fast Id verification system
  • Intuitive dashboard with auto-invest tools
  • Outstanding promo video creation
  • Accelerates private angel investor fundraise
  • Expert guidelines and advice
  • Comprehensive campaign consultation
  • Immediate withdrawal of received money
  • Pre selected honeymoon travel options
  • Flexible platform to receive gifts
  • Webpage to share on social media platforms
  • Straightforward and hassle-free process
  • Builds long term customer relationship
  • Flexible and professional services
  • Organises shareholder votings