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Platform offers Large audience of potential investors provides both exposure and high potential backing for entrepreneurs

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  • Identify and engage with backers
  • Social CRM collaboration tools
  • Campaign audit with a professional expert team
  • Provides auto-follow and welcome messages
  • Project tracker to show the progress
  • Carefully selected green team for agriculture backups
  • Low term logistic projects
  • Great responds to projects with in 24 hours
  • Qualified investors for advice and tips
  • Unsecured loans upto 60 months duration
  • Simple and automated investments
  • Direct structure to loan directly
  • Manual investing of portfolio management
  • Campaign and prospect manager
  • Investors for agencies, enterprises and SMEs
  • Laser focused approach for faster fundings
  • Complete control over marketing and PR process
  • Full access to ongoing funds
  • Safe and secure platform for fundings
  • No approval process
  • Available globally with major currencies
  • Tracking of fundings and backings
  • Arts, games, music, food, film, publishing backings
  • Updates from pledged projects
  • No fee for charitable projects
  • Industry leading cloud based community platform
  • Build relationship with brand ambassadors
  • Optimize customer experiences
  • Tracking, validating and reporting management
  • Featured profile to attract professional backers
  • Major outreach system of media and newspaper
  • Delegating tasks and to generate funds
  • The versatility of contract negotiation
  • Responsive user page design layouts
  • Embed campaigns in blogs and websites
  • Dedicated team of experts for progress tracking
  • Innovative technology for effective payment gateways
  • Single shareholders
  • Taxation free full payments
  • Peer-to-peer lender system
  • Pitch for 60 days to complete the campaign
  • Full legal and tax documentation system
  • Equity-based backings for campaigners
  • Prototyping and productions fundings
  • Flash fundings and creative, & Entrepreneur services
  • Backing for health&fitness, business
  • Backed up for more than 2100 projects
  • Predefined criteria for fractional loans
  • Extensive fast Id verification system
  • Intuitive dashboard with auto-invest tools
  • Outstanding promo video creation
  • Accelerates private angel investor fundraise
  • Expert guidelines and advice
  • Comprehensive campaign consultation
  • Immediate withdrawal of received money
  • Pre selected honeymoon travel options
  • Flexible platform to receive gifts
  • Webpage to share on social media platforms
  • Straightforward and hassle-free process
  • Builds long term customer relationship
  • Flexible and professional services
  • Organises shareholder votings

Everything You Need To Know About Crowdfunding Platforms

Many people have great ideas growing in their minds, but it's always the money that prevents it from blooming. In today's scenario, it isn't easy to find investors willing to put their money and investment in your idea. So, where should a person turn to go? Well, the internet has done wonders for us, and in this case, it has provided us with crowdfunding platforms. These are online platforms where you can globally find donors who are willing to help you.

Features of Crowdfunding Platforms

Many transactions will happen in crowdfunding programs, so you have to be calculative in selecting one. For your convenience, we have come up with certain factors that can help you in that. Let's see them one by one.

Target Location

Determining the target location of your venture is the very first step in deciding about fund services. Various web spaces cover different regions of the world. Some platforms form based on particular or specific countries. On the other hand, you would find some plans that operate globally. It's up to you to decide how wide you want to spread your campaign. In any case, getting a stage that covers the entire globe is always the best option. By opting in, you can reach out more and gain more funders. But it comes with its variables. Thus, you have to be mindful of that as well.

Platform Fee

The concerned fee is the amount of money that goes to the crowdfunding assimilation from the fund you have collected. It varies for unique venues. Apart from platform fees, there is another fee that some funding address charges. This fee is what we call the transaction fee. Note that not all platforms charge this type of payment. Most of them only include prices in their package.

These fees usually vary between 2% to 10% of the total fundraised. Similarly, if the transaction fee is eligible, then it is of some percentage from a fundraise. It all boils down to how much funds you are willing to give in to the policy. But again, well-reputed forums generally have higher fees, but they perform better, so choose wisely.

Model of the crowdfunding services

You will find specific types of models in these collaborations, in which two are most famous. Those are the equity platform and reward-based program.  Besides, you can also opt for Robo Financial Advisors. Now both of these have their pros and cons. Let's see them briefly.

Equity Platform

In an equity management system, all donors get to have ownership of business established via the fundraised. It is more suitable if you are looking to grow a large corporation. In these models, the requirement for funding is pretty high. In this, you can fix a minimum amount of donation so that only a few people can donate. It is a quick and most efficient method of raising money but involves sharing ownership.

Reward-Based Platform

In this type of arrangement, donors get a reward once you donate a certain amount of money. Usually, it is not used for starting a business but for raising the fund for an artist. For instance, if donors donate a certain amount, the artist can give them a signed gift as a reward. Similarly, bonuses in this can also include various services or products. For starting a business, the equity system is more appropriate, while for personal fundraising, the reward-based platform is recommendable.


Scams and crowdfunding platforms are two things that go hand in hand. You have to be pretty cautious when selecting mass collection stages. Always do background research on the person in charge of the forum. If the person in charge has involvement with any of the scams in any form, back out immediately. It is always better to opt for platforms that have a good reputation among the people. Also, you must check the fundraising campaigns that the platform has carried out in the past. By collecting all of this information, you will be able to decide whether to trust it or not.

Number of Users

Now, this is one of the better methods of assessing the situation of crowdfunding joint ventures. When the number of users is more, it is a green light for you. But a question will always linger, how many users exactly? The number of users that can verify the credibility of the convention can't be determined. So a probable method here is to compare various associations and see their number of users. Whichever has the highest number of users, go with that one.

Track Records

It is another method of verifying whether the conclave is worth opting for or not. It is a simple yet significant way of determining the trust factor of the forum. A well-reputed colloquy runs multiple campaigns. So it's easier for you to track their activities and experiences of people with them. You can contact people who have worked with the said services and ask for an opinion. It may require your extensive research, but it's all worth it. A good track record is probably the only influential factor that can make you trust the platform.


The product here is just applied as a term. In this section, it refers to what kind of thing you are trying to raise funds for. You will come across pulpits that work equally well for all sorts of ventures. Similarly, you will find services that are very specific in their application. So you have to be clear about what your product is. If you want to start a business, select one that complies with your requirement. It all comes with what exactly you are trying to achieve.

Type of Funding

You can consider this factor while deciding the end goal of your funding campaign. Fundamentally, there are two types of funding, fixed and flexible. In a specified kind, you can establish a certain amount of money. Once you reach that goal, the campaign ends automatically. The second type is flexible, and you can get the gist of it by its name. In this type, you don't necessarily have to achieve the desired results. Regardless of whether you complete the goal, you will still end up with the money via different platforms including online money transfers. So it is more suitable for a campaign that requires gradual work. For startups and such related campaigns, fixed funding works pretty well. It's up to you to decide what funding type is most compatible with your project.


When it comes to marketing, the situation is quite tricky. A better marketing campaign will land you with more funds. But at the same time, marketing at a much larger scale will probably cost you more fees. You can observe the marketing schemes of providers by visiting their websites like Krowdster. Over there, you can find what pattern and algorithms they incorporate in supporting funding campaigns. Proper marketing can cultivate a perfect crowdfunding project. It helps you in reaching your goal within the required time. So pay attention to marketing policies when selecting a crowdfunding platform for your cause.


For large projects, the funds necessary are relatively high. Your regular crowdfunding platform can't suffice that. It is where a platform that can connect you with financially strong investors can help. If the website can connect you with millionaire investors, it will be beneficial for you. It is crucial; when you are running a campaign that demands a massive sum of money. Recognized individuals with a lot of money on their hands can certainly help you in achieving your goal. But for that, you have to look for platforms that have connections with these individuals. We would recommend you benefit from Honey Fund as it is one of the most established mass funding online spaces.


It may be difficult for you to come across legitimate reviews when it comes to crowdfunding platforms. You aren't buying products here, so it's not like you can see people's reviews and know their opinion. In this particular case, it is more related to people's experiences that used the said platform. You have to contact these individuals and ask them to share their experiences while using the service. From the benefits and luxury they got, you can establish a reference point for your venture. By using these, you can assess whether the crowdfunding platform is suitable or not.

Final Words

In this way, you can look at these factors in the crowdfunding ventures and select accordingly. Moreover, you can reach maximum people through Backer Database as it uses social CRM collection tools. These spaces will essentially affect the progression as well as a result of your campaign. Hence you have to be pretty thorough and calculative while selecting one. Narrow down the list of platforms that comply with your requirement and choose the best possible option.

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