Best Couch Covers For Pets

Get a beautiful design sofa cover through the best pet couch covers comes with ergonomic and high-quality material to protect the furniture from dust and spills.

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  • Water-resistant design sofa covers for home
  • Ideal for both pet and people
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  • TPU waterproof coating couch covers
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  • Velvet plush material for ultimate comforts
  • Reversible sofa furniture cover protector
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  • Adjustable elastic straps to prevent sliding
  • Available in many colours and patterns
  • Lightweight and durable thick protection
  • Ideal for sofa, loveseats and recliners

How to Select a Couch Cover Which Protects from Pets?


Pet lovers like having dogs, cats in their house and sometimes they can get wild and naughty. In this situation, pets can cause damage to your furniture, which includes your couch. Now, most of the time, the pet sits on the couch and directly makes contact. Your pet can scratch it, stain it, or even dirty it. To prevent any of this, the sofa can use one of the covers, especially for the same condition. These are what we call couch covers that safe the entire sofa or other required furniture. Buying a perfect shield that matches your furniture can be a tricky task. There are lots of things you can look into. But only a few will help you in deciding the most suitable cover for you. Let's have a glance at relative factors. 


Pets tend to scratch off the furniture  if left without protection. That's why the material has to be of excellent quality. Apart from scratching, many other things can result in direct or indirect damage to the couch. For example, pets can shed their hair or dirt onto the sofa and make a mess. 

Similarly, they can wet it and increase your cleaning cycles. So to avoid it, make sure that the extra long couch cover for pets is resistant to all that. Your top priority has to be obtaining the most durable enfold. However, for eradicating the chances of damage you should buy the best dog nail grinder for your pet. In that way, you will be able to defend the couch against surprising incidents. Also, you will be able to provide the pet with a comfortable place to sit on. 


Couch shields for pets are available in all different varieties and sizes. It's no use if the fabric doesn't align with the sofa correctly regardless of its quality. Thus, better make sure to take measurements of your set of furniture before purchasing a couch cover.


Even if the cover is of top-class material, it will need consistent maintenance to last longer. Various things can be considered here. Firstly, its ease of washing should be as high as possible for your convenience. It is beneficial if you can clean the sofa cloth with few swipes which will essentially save your time. Also, the thing you can count is the frequency of cleaning. You wouldn't want to clean the material every day. Hence, to catch the best deal, search for stuff that can stay put much longer without needing a wash. 

Odor Absorption

We all know how pets smell and sometimes the smell is unbearable. Therefore, when these pets sit on the couch envelopes, they transfer their odour to the sets. Now odour will be gone or stick to the cover depending upon the properties of the sofa cover. 

Odour absorption is one of the crucial characteristics you have to check for while investing in a shelter. Without this property, the sofa shield is pretty much useless your pet doesn't smell. You can find if this plus point is present in the enfold or not in the product description. Still, we would suggest you to buy Surefit Sofa cover for staying carefree about the scratches on your furniture.


A stunning couch protection cloth for pets will be a great addition to your home décor. For your suitability, these couch covers are available in countless styles. For tracking the best match, first, you have to notice the type of furniture that you possess. You can browse through the library of various options and select the most fitting one. Colour, design, overall presence are certain factors you can consider at the time of choosing the best matchable futon shelter for you. However, it is a subjective thing; just get the one that appeals most to you.


No, it's not referring to the engravings on the sofa set covers that increase the aesthetic appeal. It relates to how accommodating the couch protector for pets is. See once you get a couch protection fabric, you expect it to fit into the couch without any issues completely. But many times it just happens that the cover doesn't correctly compile with the furniture. It tends to slide out even on light pushes. Moreover, it is an unprecedented situation that can potentially ruin your couch. If the cover doesn't sit well on the sofa, the pets will be straight exposed to it. This aspect will directly result in damage to the couch. So the great practice here to do is cross-check that the design of the same compiles the couch. 


Now when we talk about couch coverage, it doesn't necessarily mean it has to be for the futon. In many cases, these covers are useful in a similar fashion for the futons, loveseats, or even chairs. It's up to you whether you require the enfold solely for the couch or other furniture as well. If a multiple application is what you demand, then you have to seek for different designs. For the sake of accommodating furniture, the design highly varies. Precisely, keep your eyes on the compatibility of couch safety covers for pets before having it in your house. 

Waterproof Nature

It is yet another essential characteristic that a couch cover for pets must possess. Like briefly explained earlier, pets can potentially wet the couch protection layer. Furthermore, you could accidentally spill water or any other liquid over the engulf. If the shelter isn't waterproof, then you will be having setbacks and potential reduction in the quality. That's why you must prioritize the waterproofing property of the couch safety cover. It may cause you more money than usual, but for a long-term plan, it is a better option. 


If you have an electronic washing machine, then you would certainly want to wash the cover in it. But the design of some of these clothes isn't suitable for such a wash. Having to clean couch envelopes manually can be a hectic task. But the washing machine can get rid of it and provide you better overall clean. That's why when you grab a shield; it will be more helpful if its design allows washing from the machine. For people who like cleaning every nook and cranny, the manual wash is better—no need for this feature in such a scenario.

Arm Covers

You may want a sofa enfold to have arm covers if you desire more comfort. Most of the couch covers don't possess arm covers and don't cover the armrest of the couch. Now it's entirely possible that pets will keep their paws or legs over the arm shelters. In such a circumstance, even if you own a couch enclose, the pet will make contact with the couch. That is why it is always advised to have arm covers attached to the couch security cover. Apart from protecting the sofa, it also adds a nice touch to it and provides you comfort. 


Couch protection layers can come with two different colours as well, one in front and other in the back. Such couch covers for pets are called reversible covers. These are aidful in many ways. For instance, if your couch protection cloth is dirty and guests are arriving, you can flip the cover. Similarly, if you are lazy and don't want to wash regularly, don't worry, you can only use another side. Besides that, having reversible couch engulf provides you versatility. Since you are acquiring different colours on the same fabric, it can become easy to match multiple furniture. 


It is more of a personal preference when it comes to selecting couch shelters. Usually, these covers come in three different styles which are namely slipcover, pad, and blanket style. You can guess from their names. Slipcover is the most common style and usually more economical. For pad covers, they provide the best fit and hide most of the surface. Blanket covers are not suitable for couches but beds or car seats. Precisely, it all boils down to what kind of thing you are expecting. For the sofa clothes, pad style is probably the best choice out of these. 

Online Reviews and Ratings

It is always better to have an opinion from a third party whenever you purchase any new product. Reviews entail some insights that you can't find on the internet. They will give you a fair idea of what to expect from the couch covers. We would recommend you to look for the reviews with three stars or mid rating. These reviews usually give off both good and bad things about the product. By reading them, you can form an opinion and then decide whether to purchase or not. Consequently, whenever you shop online to buy these pieces of fabric, make sure to take a glance at reviews.

Final Words

For marking the best possible choice, you can go with Granbest Couch cover. More than that, you can rely on the factors mentioned above. There is no better precaution than having a couch safety layer to protect your set from pets as pets can get rowdy and directly and indirectly cause damage to the sofa. Hence, your right bet is to spread couch shelter all over your sofa.

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