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Bring well-rounded convertible sofas to give a modern look to home interiors and perfect accommodation to guests.

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  • Tufted Faux leather upholstery
  • Budget-friendly futon
  • Easy transformations of lounger, chaise and sleeper
  • 100% polyester cover for easy to clean
  • 8-inch thick mattress with high-density foam
  • Easy adjusts from mattress to lounger
  • Multifunctional piece for small living space
  • Tufted back and stitching piping for impressive look
  • Tapered wooden legs
  • Ergonomics design with 5 adjustable positions
  • Thick fabric material for a soft and cosy feeling
  • Best convertible sofas for outings
  • Non-toxic and hypoallergenic memory foam
  • Capacity of 4 people upto 1000lbs
  • Fine-grain woods, ultrasoft fabrics
  • Pocket coils and serpentine springs
  • Ottoman mid-century modern sofa
  • Strong foot support and capacity upto 660lbs
  • 100% microfiber material covering
  • Fingerguard protection for safety adjustments
  • Multi-positional from lounger to sleeper with 3 angles
  • Foam and polyester seats for comfortable sitting and sleeping
  • Slanted chrome legs weighed upto 600lbs
  • Modern look with squared tufted design
  • Plush ultra-suede material for comfort
  • Flexible to toddlers activities
  • Flip chair with three Convertible positions
  • Unique Split-back design with pillows
  • Tufted and filled with plush padding and hypoallergenic
  • Easy transformation to a guest bed

Comfortable Convertible SOFA - Reviews, Buying Guide 


What if your couch starts performing the function of a sofa as well as of bed altogether? Yes, you are making the accurate prediction, we are on our way to discuss the variants of the convertible sofa. Everyone knows the fact that a convertible sofa acts as your mate in your living room. We understand that deciding on buying a convertible sofa is easy but selecting your kind of piece is a bit challenging. Be carefree as we are ready to carve up pioneering 3 options of convertible sofa based upon our massive research-

Top-Selling Convertible Sofa Brand Reviews


Emily is our top priority, and every feature of this convertible sofa makes it worth investing your money. It demands mere seconds to flip it into a bed from your loveseat sofa. The 3 sitting capacity adds on to the preference of the user. It holds the final layer of Faux leather, so you need not think twice about its durability. Anyone can shift it from one room to other in no time, thanks to its lightweight factor. The designing parameters formulate the love for this convertible bed. All and all, it could be a smart choice for you if you dream of buying a commendable convertible sofa. 


Serving you the ease of convertible sofa system LUCID 4 Inch Folding Sofa and Play Mat deserves to be the part of your home. This king sofa doubles a play mat for providing a service playing area to your kid. Be it movie time with your loved once or plan of sleeping calmly, LUCID 4 acts as your exemplary convertible sofa bed.

The presence of side handles shapes the user-friendly qualities of this couch. When this sofa gets tidy, you can wash it as it's removable and water-resistant. The sofa set dimensions are 76*80*4-inches with folded version measurements of 28*76*12-inches suit all your demands that associate with an incredible convertible sofa.


Firstly the charming design of this convertible sofa sleeper bed is leaving all of the other options truly far behind. High-quality linen fabric never lets you down on the grounds of softness and shine. Besides that, the sturdy wooden legs ensure the long life of Novogratz convertible sofa bed. 

By introducing great versatility, this sofa takes into account hyper comfy cushions. The factor of tufted bed compiles a vintage look while allocating you the utmost ease. It will be quite challenging to stop yourself from by this sofa by keeping in view noteworthy color and details. It offers you a 3 seater arrangement so you can consider it for your whole family. 

Convertible Sofa Buying Guide

Do you want to eliminate the stress of arranging extra bedding for your guests? Aren't you inviting friends for a sleepover because of space issues? The convertible sofa is the solution to all of these problems. There are so many options that seem appealing to you but how do you know which convertible sofa is the one for your house! Let us see some important factors to consider before you invest in these sofas.

Convertible Sofa And Its Types

As the name suggests, you can convert the sofa into a bed. There are various types of convertible sofas like a sofa bed, futons, day beds and pull-outs. Let's have a look at each of its type!


These types of convertible sofas can fold out quickly, and lightweight nature makes them movable. Moreover, they are affordable too.   

Day Beds

These are twin-sized beds. Day beds are less of a sofa and more of a bed. If you need the convertible sofa for sleeping purpose mainly then go for this day bed. These pieces of furniture will fit into compact spaces easily and are an excellent choice for people with small apartments.

Pull Out Convertible Sofa

Lucid sofas come in King and Queen size both. There is a mattress present inside these sofas. When you remove the sitting, the mattress comes out, and the sofa becomes a bed.

Mattress Sofa

The level of comfort you get depends on the quality of the mattress. There are mainly two types of mattresses: Spring and foam.

Spring Mattress

There are springs inside the mattress that give the full convertible sofa a bouncy effect. The higher number of coils present in the spring, the more will be the degree of comfort you get. Choose springs that are stress-relieved as they are the most comfortable of all.

Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses are made of high-quality foam. These mattresses are more functional than spring mattresses. Convertible sofas take the shape of your body and give you better support. Memory foam mattresses are quite flexible and hypoallergenic.

Convertible Sofas - Other Essential Parameters

Smooth Edges

You surely don't want your sheets or your mattress to rip because of sharp edges. So, see that your convertible sofa has smooth edges to avoid any discomfort.


The frame gives your sofa support and should be solid. Avoid frames that are made up of softwood. Frames that are made up of hardwood or plywood should work the best for you. This factor ensures support while sitting as well as sleeping.


Check the weight that your preferable sofa can support. Normally, convertible sofas can handle 200-300 pounds of weight easily.
Every buyer can select the design of your convertible sofa according to the vibe that you want to create in your space. We would suggest going for a luxury fiber and vibrant colors or neutral tones that give a calming effect. Emily convertible sofas are budget-friendly for the features they provide, and you will not regret.

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