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Innovative and commercial lead generating call tracking software for businesses trace consumer profile and create local and toll-free numbers.

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How to Pick the Best Call Tracking Software for Marketing Agencies?


Call tracking makes it a whole lot more accessible for companies to connect with customer's requirements. To put it simply, it provides data to distinguish the purpose of a person in a call. Call tracking software gives a context of what the customer is expecting from your service. Before even picking up a smartphone, you get the idea of why the customer is approaching you via monitoring software. By knowing beforehand, you can take many measures to ensure that person that's calling gets all the expected information delivered. In such a way, the company can establish a better relationship with both existing and potential clients. 

While call tracking software provides some worthy merits, there are variables you should consider before purchasing one. A company's status influences reputation with clients, and the best call tracking software can smooth it. That's why you must get your research done about this software. Have a look at some of these factors before getting your call monitoring software.

Tracking Numbers

These numbers integrate with the main number that Call Tracking software provides. When you peep into this software, you will find tracking numbers associated with it. The amount of tracking numbers depends on the scale of your business or frequency of calls. For instance, if you are running a small scale business, you don't need more than a few tracking numbers. But if you are selling a vast range of products, you will have to consider getting a call centre type system.

It also depends on how you are going to implement these numbers. Usually, businesses distribute their advertisement in the form of an online ad or flyer. However, these flyers will also contain different tracking numbers. Say if flyer 'A' advertises about product 'X,' you will have the ability to assign a different number to it. Hence whenever a customer comes across this flyer and gives a call, you will immediately know what that customer is expecting then after you can directly connect him to personnel that works in the jurisdiction of product 'A.' 

Call Routing

It is the most prominent feature of call tracking software, and it is what makes the whole call analyzing thing effective. While you search for this software, the first thing that should tick the box has to be this. Here's why this feature is the backbone of call tracking. Imagine your company has three consultants. One is an expert on your products; one has a good grasp of your services. Similarly the other knows about the company's facilities. Now imagine a scenario where a customer stumbles upon an online advertisement that lists down facilities that the company offers.

Here, the customer most likely impressed by the ad will give a call on the number. Now you have call tracking software implanted in your system. It will allow you to know the location of the call. With the grasp on what the caller intends to find, you can direct him to a respective consultant. It is possible because of the call routing feature. You can directly call towards an extension where an expert of the respective field is sitting by having this feature. So, for buying the best call tracking software, never miss this feature. 

Call Recording

It is yet another feature that call tracking software must possess. This factor is especially integral for a business that is in its initial stages of operation. The call recording feature can provide excellent feedback support and extract information about things that need improvement. You can check it out through Phonewagon.

The call recording feature allows you to record a conversation during a call by all legal means. By listening to this recording, you can scrutinize the discussion and point out things that require improvement. It will help in preparing well for future calls. In addition to that, it is also beneficial for new consultants as it will establish a training practice for them. 


For getting a better outlook on customers, it is necessary to call tracking software to have the ability to integrate with other software. It will be easier for you to know more than just a surface about customers with integration in place. You will be able to get essential data and records about him and prepare your approach as you receive the call. This eases the conversation and establishes a better link between caller and company. 


The pricing of call tracking software varies depending on various parameters. You might find some software offering more features for less cost and vice versa. It has a lot to do with the reliability and reputation of software. In this case, the best approach is to look for software that suffices your requirement of features. At the same time, pricing should be within budget. Generally speaking, pricing mainly results from the range of services offered by software and scale it provides. 

Another thing regarding pricing you need to keep in mind is that software sometimes comes in packages. They will give you a basic version of the software which will have limited features. You can try this for a few days and determine if it's worth spending more. If software fits your criteria, you can buy an advanced version of the same with more price features.

Customer Service

Another important aspect of selecting call tracking software is the reliability of customer service. The software can't always function correctly. Things can go south, and there are instances where the system goes down due to network issues. If you are a big enterprise, then the frequency of calls you receive will be insane. This kind of situation will hamper your business. That's why customer service should be quick in its task and restore service as fast as possible. You can balance it with the help of Clixtell software.

Final Words

Call tracking software can elevate your business model to a new platform and that too at a fast pace. If the business is communication dependent, then there's no need to have any second thought, immediately get Analytic Call Tracking software. With all the factors mentioned above in mind, you can end up with the most suitable software.

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