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Premium quality and stunning design cable chompers provide protection against bending and breaking over repeated use.

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  • Compatible with all kinds of phones and Macs
  • Great accessory for cell phones
  • Provides soft protection against breakings
  • Eye-catching tiny animal design
  • Best cable chompers for chargers
  • Irresistible good quality material construction
  • Protects cables from bendings
  • Indestructible design against pulled and pushed
  • Best cable chompers for desktop
  • Smooth touch with a lightweight design
  • Protects cable fro daily tears and wears
  • Helps to prevent data line breakage
  • Best cable chompers for employees
  • Extended cable life protects against frayings
  • Durable construction with PVC material
  • Prevents cord from disconnections
  • Best cable chompers for electronics
  • Protects cable from breaking and broken cord
  • Cute and practical heat resistant construction
  • Compatible with a wide range of cables
  • Best cable chompers for free
  • Protects cable from rips and tears
  • Helps to disconnect cable with ease
  • Unique and fun looking design
  • Best cable chompers for cars
  • Colourful end pieces to make cable stand
  • Made with environment-friendly material
  • Compatible with most USB charging cables
  • Best cable chompers for home
  • Sleek design with cord bytes cable protectors
  • Organic material and unique cord buddies design
  • Enhanced premium quality animal design cable
  • Best cable chompers for iphone
  • Provides soft protection against damages
  • Best cable chompers for personal use
  • Last-longer design prevents bendings
  • Durable silicon rubber material construction
  • Compatible with lightning cable designs
  • Prevents cable from damaging and disconnection
  • Most effective typical cord protectors
  • Best cable chompers for office
  • Variety of cute and attractive animal designings
  • Premium quality non-toxic PVC construction
  • Spiral protecting rope with bright multi-colour
  • Best cable chompers for phone

How to Select the Right Cable Chomper for Mobiles?


Humanity may have ruled the planet since they first learned about the wheel, but now another thing rules us all. It is a mobile phone. Since Motorola's fateful day unveiled their two-kilo weighing brick of a phone, the world changed forever. Since then, we have come a long way with our wafer-thin and sleek modern smartphone that are little computers waiting for our command. But let's face it, nowadays it feels like that thin small black box is the king and us, its mere subjects. And we dread the day something might happen to it bringing our world to a standstill. And probably the biggest problem that threatens the use of our phones is a faulty or broken charger cord. And now we have a savior in the form of cable chompers to maintain the Top Quality Mobile and Accessories.

What powers our phones? Their chargers. And what is the major problem with charger cables? They break easily only after months of use right at that point where it meets the socket of the phone. This has become a constant irritant for the new generation, and dare I say even for the older ones. You try to angle the cable or bend it. You decide to change the direction hoping for the God of charger cables to take pity and charge your phone. But at one point, you find that nothing works. And that's why you should buy cable chompers before your charging wire starts to give up on you.

What is a Cable Chomper?

Cable chompers are these recently invented quirky products developed by think tanks that have become the best accessory to the phone. They are shaped like cute little animals, and these cable chompers animal protectors bite, or shape is designed in such a way that they swallow that critical point of your charger and create a supportive structure to prevent its breakage. Many websites sell these cute chompers at a cheap rate, which you can buy in a variety of designs and numbers. Iampok Animal bites offer high-quality Animal Cable Chompers that protects your cables from bending. 

Why Should you Buy Cable Chompers?

There are many reasons why you should buy these adorable and endearing accessories. Here are a few of them.

They protect your cable wire

The most important reason you should buy these things is because of the primary purpose for which they were built – to protect your charging cables. They are specially designed to provide long-lasting and constant support to that vulnerable site of the wire where it bends while you try to use your phone while it is charging. The ingenious design ensures that this delicate point is gripped or bitten tightly so as to give it maximum stability even if the wire itself is bent from a relatively farther away point. You will find many cable chompers in the store that do this job nicely but beware of the ones that can easily break or get damaged themselves rather than protect your cable. 

They are compatible with both Android and iOS models of phones

A common and recurrent question among prospective buyers of this product is that “do cable chompers work with android phones?” And the answer is a resounding and vehement YES! These sweet little cable biters do indeed support all types of phone models, be it Android or iOS. The android cable chompers are usually no different from iOS cable chompers, but some specific varieties may differ from each other since the wires in Android and iOS chargers may differ in thickness. Thus the corresponding cute cable chompers will have an appropriately snug grip. Tuparka offers some of the cutest cable chompers that are compatible with multiple gadgets.

They come in the cutest little shapes

If you think about it, a practical designer would have just made boring black, grey or white chompers that would do its job and nothing else. But thank God for human creativity and love for an aesthetic that they choose to portray enchantingly delightful little animal cable chompers, both real and imaginary. They come in a variety of animal shapes such as cat cable chompers, unicorn cable chompers, panda cable chompers, tiger cable chompers, and many more. The most popular searches for such cute cable chompers animals are hippos, alligators, penguins, foxes, birds, dolphins, corgis, lizards, and so many more. And they don't just stop at animals; they can make stars, ice-creams, and other shapes for you too. There are even some stores that sell custom-made cable chompers whose design you could choose yourself. We even have glow-in-the-dark wire-biters now that will help you instantly locate your phone when the room is dark.

They are budget-friendly

These products are rightly, or one might even say significantly priced for the essential yet easy job that it does, they are made out of rubber or silicone molds and doesn't get damaged easily. They are cheap and easy to find. Cheap cable chompers are the best little gifts you can give to your phone. It's not something you need to think twice about. After a bit of bill payment, you will have a bunch of darling little animals protecting your charger cable, and by extension, they are protecting your phone itself. And the cost of a new phone charger is definitely and considerably more than the price of one of these little biters. In the long run, buying a bunch of these will save you money that you would have spent on a new charger.

They are trendy

The winsome product quickly climbed the charts of internet popularity and has set a trend of its own. Many social media influencers sport a charming little critter protecting their cables, and slowly all their followers followed suit, and the cable chompers reviews domain became a favorite site to visit for everyone. So now, all the trendy ones have begun to showcase their collection of cable chompers on their daily vlogs, and the product is going out to protect more and more charger cables as more and more customers click buy as they fill their carts with these cable-biters. 

They are collectibles

While this train has not seen much steam, but cable chompers have the potentiality to be collectibles. Many have already collected all the variety of animal cable chompers they could lay their hands on. But soon enough novelty designed phone cable chompers will probably come out, and fans will go crazy trying to collect the ones from their favorite book or movie franchise. Collectible items gather value over the years. So who knows, maybe these recently launched amazing products will someday become a vintage collector's set, and your great-grandchildren will thank you for your lovely collection and the money it will bring when they sell it. It does seem like a far cry, but hey, no one knows what will happen. A man can only hope.

How to Choose the Best Cable Chompers?

If you are buying your first wire-biter, there may be somethings you want to do first. Firstly, make sure to check all the designs of these products that are available both online and offline like corner cabin for android device. Since there are a diverse range and hundreds of these items, it is best to see all of them before settling on one. Who knows, maybe you buy the first ones you see and later want another that you see after an hour or so. Of course, you can buy them all, but hey going easy on the pockets and making an informed decision no matter how small never hurt anyone.

Next, it is best to check the reviews under the description of the product thoroughly. Most people buy these products online as not many locations stock up on these cute little cable biters as they should. So, to ensure the quality and durability of the product, make sure to thoroughly go through all the reviews and settle on one with the best ones. And if you are buying offline, then check the product all over and do not miss any details as even a littlest of a wrong angle or damage may affect the grip of the product and thus making it virtually useless. Always choose one that is made out of rubber or rubber-like material such as silicone molds. Do not buy plastic ones as they tend to break easily. And do not forget to take along your charger to check the product’s grip on it. 

Cable chompers are one of those little things that human beings have made for themselves that may not seem like much but are actually something that brings a smile to your face as well as comfort in your lives. Their cute shapes, adorable designs, and darling quality will light up your look even with a glimpse, and the practical purpose that they serve cannot be adequately done by any other alternative. They bite onto your wires and never let go and become one of the few things in life you can rely on. So order a few of those now and do not forget to choose the ones tuparka, which has the cutest little snouts and the sweetest little paws.

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