Best Bluetooth Mouse

Ergonomic and low profile design wireless mouse reduces physiological stress by perfectly moulding to fit your hands.

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  • Smart cursor with tracking feature
  • Truwave technology for smart cursor control
  • Works with bluetooth enabled computers and laptops
  • Ultra-slim and lightweight design
  • Snaps flat and slips for every pocket size
  • Advanced and convenient full scrolling panel
  • Comfortable and ambidextrous design
  • Intuitive design with 4-way scroll options
  • Smart technology to instantly connect with bluetooth
  • Advanced rechargeable battery design
  • Dual-mode wireless mouse for free switching
  • Universal compatibility with android, ios and Mac
  • Dual connectivity and smooth switching option
  • Ensures longer lifespan with supreme durability
  • Advanced versatility versions for long battery life
  • Fully-integrated designed bluetooth mouse
  • Dual-connectivity system for laptop and PC
  • Bluetooth synchronization connectivity system
  • Low-battery indicator warning when turnoff
  • Smart rechargeable battery design mouse
  • Improve posture and eliminate hand fatigue
  • Transfer text, images and file effortlessly
  • Customizable design with easy-switch button
  • Rechargeable battery upto 70 days of power
  • Compact design to carry anywhere and anytime
  • One-button switch system for advanced feature
  • High-end structure design with Y shape for better grip
  • Budget-friendly price bluetooth mouse
  • Patented magnetic scrolling for precise control
  • Custom-made design with three programmable button

Buying Guide to Select Best Bluetooth Mouse for Smooth Movement


Getting the best Computer Components and Accessories are an easy upgrade for your beloved desktop or laptop. The versatility and ease of using a wireless mouse make it a great device. Usually, a wireless mouse is available in two varieties. One operates on radio frequency (RF), and the other operates on Bluetooth technology. Out of these two, Bluetooth technology is more popular. 

The gaming mouse should be your top choice if you like to keep your work desk simple. RF mice need a dongle to connect with your computer. On the other hand, Bluetooth mouse are fully wireless and don’t need any other supporting devices. If unlimited convenience is what you have in your mind, opt for Bluetooth mouse. What’s more, you can move from one device to another with utmost ease. 

What is the Best Bluetooth Mouse?

Bluetooth technology wirelessly connects various types of computer accessories. As a receiver can accommodate several peripherals at one time, it is referred to as a personal area network. 

The mouse usually operates on the gigahertz frequencies to facilitate wireless connection. Bluetooth technology allows a mouse to be wireless. If you frequently travel for business assignments, then having a Bluetooth mouse is handy. No doubt, wired mouse are excellent and accurate. But managing long lengths of wire while you are on the move can be difficult. They also come with a more impressive range of communication than a wired mouse. 

You just have to follow instructions to pair the mouse with the laptop. Note that a Bluetooth mouse is only compatible with computers that have a receiver built-in. Before setting out to buy, make sure that your laptop or PC has the latest drivers. 

Key Features of Bluetooth Mouse

When you think about the best ways to upgrade your laptop, we don’t usually give much attention to the mouse. Quite interestingly, a mouse is one of the most-used components of our computers. Thus, an upgrade to the best Bluetooth mouse and keyboard makes sense. Replacing the age-old computer mouse can drastically improve productivity levels. With the right Bluetooth mouse, you can control a computer from a distance of 20 feet. 

Easy to Set Up

No doubt, the Bluetooth mouse is quite easy to install and set up. You just need to pair the mouse with your computer’s connection. But before pairing, you have to know the Bluetooth version which your computer can support. You have to put the mouse into discovery mode so that the computer can quickly establish a connection with it.

 Electromagnetic Scroll Wheel

The electromagnetic scroll wheel can determine the accuracy of the mouse. Moreover, it also facilitates the freewheeling motion, which is useful for artists. If you are a designer, buying a Bluetooth mouse with an electromagnetic scroll wheel would be great. 

Swift Pairing Capabilities

The best Bluetooth mouse without a dongle you are opting for should possess swift pairing capabilities. Most wireless mice out there can take long to pair with your PC. This can be downright frustrating and confusing to a new user. Always go for a mouse that can pair at the shortest possible time. 


The Bluetooth mouse Logitech you are buying should be ergonomically suitable. It should comprise gentle hand and thumb support so that the experience of operating it is not painstaking. Moreover, the wheel tilt inputs should give tactile feedback in long hours of operation. 

Different Types of Bluetooth Gaming Mouse

Daily issues with entangled computer wires are quite reasonable. To get ultimate freedom from wires, opting for a Bluetooth mouse is the best bet. Bluetooth mice aren’t hard to find. However, the sheer variety can overwhelm the best of buyers. Deciding on the right type of Bluetooth mouse would significantly improve your productivity. So let’s look at some of the types:-

Gaming Purpose

With a Bluetooth Gaming Mouse, ditching the wires becomes much more manageable! As the name suggests, these mice are built especially for gamers. With various buttons built-in, gamers can concentrate better on the gameplay. The best Bluetooth mouse gaming also comes with an array of shortcut buttons that helps gamers. 

Photo Editing

Modern-day image editing mice are fast gaining popularity among designers. The best Bluetooth mouse for photo editing consists of various buttons and commands integrated with the graphic designing software. They are specialized accessories and are meant only for professional designers. 

Bluetooth Mouse without Dongle

A Bluetooth mouse with the dongle can be your best bet if you don’t have empty USB ports. The Microsoft arc bluetooth mouse ergonomic relies on your computer’s built-in Bluetooth adapter for pairing. Note these types of mice are more advanced and tend to have a higher DPI. They also have a more massive range, which exudes practicality to modern-day users. 

Benefits of Bluetooth Mouse 

In the last decade or so, Bluetooth technology has become immensely popular. Once used primarily for file transfers, Bluetooth has now expanded into connecting computer accessories of varied types. While most of us are quite familiar with its functions, we tend to ignore its popularity in the realm of computer mouse. When working correctly, a Bluetooth mouse can be used with multiple devices. 


The term Bluetooth is always synonymous with mobility. Well, you can take a mouse virtually anywhere. Also, it is easy to carry and can be put virtually anywhere. With the Bluetooth mouse left-handed, you no longer have to worry about wires. 

Readily Compatible

One of the highlighting reasons to select the Bluetooth laser mouse is its compatibility. Usually, Bluetooth mice are compatible with various types of OS and computer models. Your computer just needs to have the adapter built-in to receive signals. They also work with smartphones, MP3 players, and PDAs. 


Modern-day Bluetooth mice operate at high frequencies. Hence, the frequency levels in which they operate are not crowded. By relying on gigahertz frequencies, a Bluetooth mouse facilitates a dependable connection. 

Power Efficiency

When compared to other mice, the best Bluetooth mouse for the iPad is quite power-efficient. A Bluetooth mouse transmits to a computer with less power. This also implies that you can use the mouse for a more extended period of time. 

Things to Consider Before Opting for Bluetooth Mouse

A majority of reputed mouse makers offer configuration software so that you can tweak the settings. At their most basic, the configuration software permits you to remap the mouse’s button.

This enables you to change the configuration of the buttons. There are various things to consider while selecting the best Bluetooth computer mouse. For instance, you should check whether or not the Bluetooth mouse is ergonomically sound. Let’s take a look at some of the common aspects to consider while buying:-

Optimum DPI

DPI, also known as dots per inch, denotes how far the mouse will move when in use. Note that the higher amount of DPI is not always right. There are other aspects that you need to think about while selecting the best DPI. Note that high DPI is perfect for multi-screen setups. Lower DPI would help you maintain accuracy with the pointer. If you are a graphic designer, always go for a Bluetooth mouse with a lower DPI. 

Polling Rate

While buying the top-rated Bluetooth mouse, you should be aware of its polling rate. Polling rate refers to the number of times a mouse reports its position to the computer. Note that if the polling rate is higher, the Bluetooth mouse would be more accurate. 

Affordable Cost

The price of the Bluetooth gaming mouse depends on a variety of factors. For instance, the price may depend upon the brand from which you are buying. In case you are buying it from online platforms, you can get various discounts on Bluetooth mouse. 

Warranty Services

Warranty associated with the best value Bluetooth mouse varies from brand to brand. However, any physical damage would likely void the warranty policies. In case you are buying the mouse from e-commerce stores, you would be eligible to return it within a specified time period. 

Conclusion - How to Select the Bluetooth Mouse?

While buying the best Bluetooth mouse, you should always assess your preferences. It is always recommended to buy a tecknet wireless mouse that crafted based on your needs. Some dominant productivity mice comprise up to seven buttons that can be confusing to understand. Hence, it is advisable to implement a wise buying decision while opting for wireless devices like mice. 

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