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The Ultimate Buying Guide - How to Choose Best Blogging Platforms?


Blogging is the platform to share your thoughts, ideas, and create your identity. So, when blogging becomes so important in your life, it is key to discovering how you are comfortable and like the blogging. If you feel confident with the platform of marketing tools, it boosts your chances to hit the bull's eye, not producing improved work and results. But, if you do not, there are more chances to put an end to your vision. But, there are numerous options as important as other things when choosing the best platform and using it specific to the needs and perspectives of the content marketing creation team or writing tools. 

What is Blogging?

Blogging started its journey as a personal choice, slowly moving into the broader spectrum that captured the internet as the next frontier. Whether for profits or to express views, blogging is now used as a tool to support business objectives or create recognition individually. Some standalone websites evolve as blogs, whereas other personal blogging emerges as an essential add-on for corporate or large enterprises. 

When you need to blog, you need a writing tool platform facilitating content creation with text and image formatting and orchestration through a website framework. Simultaneously, a blogging platform aids effective marketing and advertising opportunities that improve search engine results among virtual visitors. they also perform as touch-points, and hence you must consider some key considerations before choosing the best options for you. 

Steps to Select the Most Efficient Blogging Platform 

While choosing a platform, you may have heard of the most common options, like WordPress. But, there are more beyond this only choice. 

Before knowing your best option, review your options as well. 

Find Out What Are Your Requirements

Blogging services are there to accomplish different users' needs, for say, different professions, such as high-quality web development activities or online writing tools. Make a list that could contain all the must-haves required by you. 

Finding answers to questions such as "how about a commercial website?" Or does a ready-made solution fit the bill, or do you need a more sophisticated hosting with custom features? When you browse through a range of platforms, you must prioritize these requirements beforehand. 


Depending on your varying levels of requirements, preparing a listicle that showcases the specific blogging platform's pros and cons might help you come out with the most options. 

Furnish Details

To facilitate your search, use a spreadsheet to note down every journal hosting platform's features, integrations, ease of use, and design. Now, closely check all website features, compare, and select that unlock possibilities to grow. Now analyze great blogging platforms for the kind of services you want to embrace.

Blogger – Free for Beginners 

An old master of all times in the blogging niche, Google offers great scopes to startups or beginners to move forward without any steep learning curve. It is free to use, and every Google user can easily leverage this service with simple account registration.Old-time writers found significant benefits from this platform, but today's users can gain several advantages from it. 

Write a blog, add images, video, and publish it. While users can add widgets and edit HTML codes, they can also monetize with AdSense integration. Ease of use publishing platform is well integrated with other Google products like Google Analytics to monitor performance and make improvements to grow traffic. It depends on you if you want to use the domain or use the custom domain. 

As long as you limit your expansion, Blogger is fine-tuned with your requirements. But the moment you expand and move it to another platform, this is not allowed. Users may outgrow journals with fewer options for upgrades and customizations through the canva platform for popular memes. 

WordPress- Software and CMS

Currently, there are more than 30% of the websites on the internet powered by WordPress. WordPress is the most popular platform now out there, including designhill platform for business use. There are two versions of WordPress. If you want to make your hands at blogging, turns to be the simplest yet cost-effective medium. If you aim to turn your growing journals into a potential business identity and generate leads, use

So much of the similarities between these websites confuse the users. However, the key difference between these two platforms is hosting. offers free web hosting on its servers, while asks for third-party web hosting solutions. Most serious influencers prefer WordPress as the leading platform. With loads of features such as hundreds of customizable themes, plug-ins, SEO tools, and social media integrations along with sharing tools, WordPress takes care of your response. It also offers embedded analytics to look into the performance of the journal through metrics and graphs. Areas of use with WordPress sites include - e-Commerce, real estate, photography, travel, and classified sites.

Also, you can use this blogging platform free also for non-commercial purposes. But, if you want to monetize your journals or use it commercially, you must pay for the personal domain.

Squarespace -Substitute for WordPress 

The most intuitive and flexible LayoutEngine technology of Squarespace has attracted so many active users' attention. This is an amazing feature that allows drag-n-drop images, resize images or content, and placement adjusts, which no other blogging platform could offer. 

Moreover, with add-ons such as customizable themes, Getty Images Integration, and integrations of Google AMP and other tools, users can have a great level of flexibility to build the most attractive and beautiful article. The key difference between WordPress and Squarespace is flexibility and simplicity. Wordpress is flexible, while Squarespace is simple to use. An Excellent Platform for Microblogging 

Tumblr is an easy-to-use and free microblogging platform that easily collapses the wall between a blog and a heavily infested website. Fast to create and simple to use, Tumblr prefers everything concise. It appears more like a social media platform that collaborates with just images, links, and photos. 

With a shorter length of content designed with various elements, including jokes, images, and videos, this blogging platform turns out to be a great tool for more than 450+ million different users. It allows reblogging your post to any of your Tumblr just as social media channels. 

Final Thoughts

Writing content only does not suffice your objectives to bring success to your blog. A personal blog is a tool to generate user attention, while a business journal is an indispensable tool for every website and part of a comprehensive marketing strategy. Some blogging platforms offer limited SEO features, while others make the best use of analytics or free service with the Sendinblue blogging platform. Take your time and pick one that does not distract others with misinformation.

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