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Super soft, quick-drying techniques beach towels obtained with highly absorbent material for soaking moisture from the face and body as well.

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  • Perfectly suitable to wrap full-body wiping
  • Versatile and comfortable for every use
  • 100% velour made soft and absorbent cotton
  • Microfiber fabric material cloth
  • Quickly dry towel for travel use
  • Refund policy with one year warranty
  • Best beach towel for family usage
  • Easy to clean machine washable towel
  • Terry moist towelette for everyday use
  • Helps to absorb body moisture
  • Premium quality ring-spun cotton
  • Give soft and delicate beach towel at a low price
  • Thick and soft towel for optimized comfort
  • Oversized feature with strips patterned design
  • Premium quality and durable cotton for longevity
  • Softest cotton fabric moist towelette
  • Luxurious oversized looped designed
  • Machine washable material for easy clean
  • High-quality 400GSM thick cloth
  • Vivid bright colored bath time, pool, beach wipe
  • Durable beach towel for softness and longevity
  • In-built hang looped feature to dry easily
  • Compact beach towel for outdoor adventure
  • Gentle micro fabric material designed wipe
  • Highly absorbent microfiber material
  • Easy to wash thin beach towel for family
  • Equipped with convenient straps for folding
  • 100% finely-spun polyester soft towel
  • Perfectly suitable for beach blanket
  • Dual-layered weave fabric to prevent sand and dirt

How To Buy Premium Quality Beach Towels: Beginners Handbook

Though a towel is our most common thought, a beach towel differs from other towel types in many different ways according to the buyer’s lifestyle. Susceptible to extreme wear and tear and used for considerably longer times under sun and rain in a salty, sandy stretch, a beach towel is needed to cater to so many different needs than a normal rag used in a household.

They are normally larger, stronger, and more water-absorbent than a common towel we use in the kitchen, basin, and washroom. The best-monogrammed towels are often lighter and softer too. When a normal bath rag only soaks the water and dries us up after a bath or shower, all monogrammed colorful rags are also used for lying on the sandy beach and sunbathing. they dry us up to our bodies faster after a sea bath and more effectively clean our skin from adhered sand.

In addition to durability, the other two main imperatives for best quality clothes are absorbency and the ability to dry quickly. As they are exposed to heavy wear and tear due to repeated lying on the beach and stepping in, scorching sunlight for an extended time, exposure to salty water, the GSM, Weaving techniques of the fashion industry, and material type need careful selection based on usage criteria.

Materials for Beach Towels

Even though cotton is soft and usually more comfortable, it is not as abrasive as other blended fabrics. There are varieties of different materials available in the market, and the right material for towels to choose from does invariably depend on the type of use and your preferences.


Fully cotton beach towels are made up of 100% natural cotton and absorb more water faster. Faster drying helps shake the sands off more easily and get it ready to lie on the beach again. Drying many times over a day is possible with cotton-made, best  towels.

The only issue with cotton rags is durability as it gets worn out faster and mostly on the edges. For allergic skins, 100% organic cotton-made. They are normally chosen over regular cotton, grown by applying pesticides and chemicals.

All cotton made towels are not the same in characteristics. Grams per square meter or GSM dictate the fabric's weight or density, and there are many different weight categories available in the market. The lower the GSM, the lower is the weight and thickness of the towel. Medium GSM types with 400 to 600 GSM are normally used.

The four main types of cotton mostly used for beach beach towels are Regular, Egyptian, Turkish, and Puma. While regular kinds of cotton are not handpicked, the other types are. Egyptian cotton is high-quality cotton than the regular one due to long fibers and a greater capacity to absorb water.

Egyptian Fibers:

Due to the extra length of Egyptian fibers, they can be threaded easily and always make very soft and porous towels allowing air to pass through. The highly absorbent beach towels of Egyptian cotton are more water-absorbent and prevent salty sweats' foul smell. The long stress-free threads due to handpicking are naturally more durable than the regular machine-picked cotton.

Turkey Towels:

The Turkish types are exclusively grown in Turkey, and the fabric lengths are usually less than the Egyptian fabric. Puma types are grown in America and are almost equal in quality to the Turkish variety. Both Puma and Turkish type towels are more durable, easier to dry, and more water-absorbent than the regular cotton make beach towels.

Non-Synthetic Fabrics:

Rayon, Bamboo, Nodal, and Hemp are also sometimes considered the best materials for beach towels, especially for travel. Though less in common than other material types, these are non-synthetic fabrics derived from cellulose, beech trees, etc.


Microfibers are synthetic or human-made fibers making recent headways in the towel market. Mostly made from Polyester, these fabrics have split ends that make them highly water absorbent, quick & easy to dry, and more durable. The microfiber designs are most compact, lightweight, and foldable; however, lacking in look and comfort compared with cotton make types. Dock and bay beach towel is usually a blend of cotton and Polyester for travel purposes.

Beach Towel Types based on Manufacturing

Cotton Spinning

Cotton spinning is mostly used and the least expensive way to produce clothes. Spinning usually produces a somewhat rougher finish and lacs in softness and comforts. Ringspun types are, however, costlier due to added manufacturing steps of twisting and thinning of cotton fabric that make the towels more soft, smooth, and durable.


Ringspun and combed are most expensive as combing is also done for better uniformity by removing impurities and broken fibers. The combed type beach towel has the maximum softness and durability.

Single or Double Yarn

Most of the monogrammed clothes and rags are made from single yarn rather than a double yarn and for all types of fabrics. Single yarn rags are easier to clean off sands and are lighter.

Basic Factors To Consider While Buying Beach Beach Towels


Beach rags come in different sizes and mostly larger in length and width than the bathings. Average towels are 31 inches wide and 63 inches long. Men's towels with larger sizes are also available for taller men and protect their skin with hot, scratchy sand. Ladies' clothes are usually smaller in size.


A single yarn fabric with less thickness is usually preferred. The Laguna beach towel often dries up faster under the sun and wind on a beach due to its relatively less thickness.


Density is expressed as GSM and generally varies from 200 to 900

Color and Appearance:

A Beach is normally bright with the sun and the blue ocean. There are huge varieties of patterns and designs available for clothes like tropical, monochrome, graphic, animal print, etc. Colors and styles are normally chosen to compliment the ambiance.


All beach towels to be tumble dried and machine washed and never to be bleached. Shaking off or vacuuming before washing is recommended to remove the sands before washing.


They have standard pricing, with discounts available from time to time. In most cases, these are highly affordable, with manufacturers inclined towards striking the perfect balance between the cost and value.


They are covered under a one-year standard warranty. However, you wouldn't even need to worry about the same, as manufacturers like Pendleton, ensure longevity in colors, material, and texture. You must then adhere to the washing and caring standards to take the best care of the same, especially when dealing with oversized and thick clothes.

Bottom Line

The best beach towels' bottom line is durability, followed by comfort and minimal fading over a long duration and repeated washing. Nevertheless, it would help if you always considered purchasing the ben kaufman beach towel for the best possible experience.

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