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High-end professional style band saws are essentially a serrated metal blade that runs in a continuous loop for cuttings.

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  • Dust ports for dust collection
  • Heavy-duty base for maximum stability
  • Aluminium fence surface for most accurate cuttings
  • Top blade tensioning wheel for better work
  • Upper and lower ball bearing blade guides
  • 6 inch of maximum cutting height
  • Quick-release blade tension lever
  • Special knob design to prevent injuries
  • Consistent tracking of cutting performance
  • Aluminium trunnion table for long-lasting durability
  • Poly-v belt for smooth drive operation
  • LED lights for easy operation in dark places
  • Worm gear and belt drive
  • Durable and easy to use product
  • Convenient battery fuel gauge
  • Quick release blade tension lever
  • Large table made with cast iron
  • Dual handy speeds for cutting various materials
  • 2.8 Amp powerful motor
  • 2 years of worry-free warranty
  • dust port for maximum dust collection
  • 12*12 inch size with 45 degrees rotation
  • Industry-leading 10 Amp motor
  • LED sight light for convenient
  • Durable and adjustable material construction
  • Multi-position front handles
  • Fast and powerful cutting system
  • Variable speed with a durable design
  • Exceptional lithium-ion batteries
  • Adjustable foot boosts cutting accuracy
  • 5 in one cutting capacity of materials
  • Versatility of various trigger speeds
  • Integrated hang hook system
  • Brushless motor for long durability
  • Two speed operations for variety of tasks
  • Three in one dust ports for large dust collection
  • LED headlight and Triple filter dust port

Buying Guide For Personal and Professional Bandsaw


What is a Band Saw? A band saw is a powerful tool that is used to cut a variety of objects. It is popularly used for giving shape and design on surfaces like wood and metals. The unique design of the tools grabs the attention of the users. It has a blade that is powered with a motor and is used to cut the objects. The blade travels through the wheels, an upper wheel and a lower one. The blade moves in one direction towards the surface. A skilled and creative mind recognizes various uses of the tool and can make unique designs. 

Different Types of Band Saws

There are different types of Band saws, and the buyer should be familiar with this fact. It helps them to make the right decision and take an optimum buying decision. 

Stationary Band Saw

It is a practical approach to fix the band saw in the working space. It can be installed on a base as per the required height to be performed with ease and precision. Comfort matters a lot as the working time can be lengthy. Such a machine is justified in a permanent setup with a regular work pattern. It is advised that there should be room in the front and rear of the machine so that big pieces can be moved and handled with ease. 

Portable Band Saws

It is designed to work around the piece and be moved to give the perfect cut and shape. It is operational using handles. The user can guide the machine as per the requirement of the piece. It is opposite to the stationary one in which the piece has to be guided according to the machine. The working principle for both the machines is the same but still, both are different in their way. These are more compact and lightweight. Changing the blade in such machines is a simple task. These are popular in carpentry and used for giving bevel cuts. The cordless variety under this category is popular among the users. It is compact and much in use by the contractors. Power is generated through rechargeable batteries, and portability allows it to be carried anywhere. Band Saws are useful to cut wood, metals, and soft materials. 

Amazing Features To Look In Band Saw

The tool has advantages over jigsaws and scroll saws, and the fact is that the blade can work continuously on the surface. The users had recognized a variety of uses, and some of the most popular ones are listed below:

Cutting Circles and Curves

This is one of the most common and popular uses of the band saw. The hands are free to give design and shape to the stock laid on the table with the blade working on top of it. For fine finishing, a narrow blade with teeth should be used. More workpieces can be stacked simultaneously, and the blade can easily work to acquire the best results. 


Cutting thick boards on the thicker side and making it into two boards can be easily accomplished with band saws. Such a process is very popular to create a mirror effect on cabinets, doors, or windows. The carpenters are often seen doing such a task with the help of the band saw. 

Veneer Making

Veneers are used as decorative carvings on doors, windows, tabletops, or cabinets. The demand and requirement depend upon the users, and the machine can help them to accomplish the results. Woodgrain patterns are beautifully created with the help of veneer designing. The designs can also cover imperfections on certain surfaces, and the users are happy with the results.

Metal Cutting

Apart from woodcutting, metal cutting is also done with such machines. But the user should put thin pieces of metal on the table for cutting because the metal is hard and thus requires proper handling to get desired results. 

Meat Cutting

The product has found a place in the food industry, particularly in meat cutting factories or manufacturing units. It is used to cut the bones as the bones are the hard part of the animal body. 

Rip Cutting

Rip cuts on a thick surface can be done with the help of rip cutting. It helps reduce the size of the stock, and several industries have such requirements and the expertise to increase productivity.


The importance of the blade is unavoidable, especially in powered band saws. These are a long strip of toothed steel. Teeth per Inch (TPI) is the main factor that helps users determine the blade they want to use. It also helps in determining the speed and the cut of the object. The blade tracking adjustment feature prevents the damage and breakage of the blade. It can only delay the wear and tear of the blade and save the replacement in the near future. Both the variety of band saws is equipped with this feature. Grizzly is a popular brand in the market that has grabbed the attention of the buyers. The following are the blade types that are easily available in the market:

Hook-Tooth: These types of blades can cut through the object with ferocity. Thick woods, metals, plastics, hardwoods are cut through with perfection. The teeth of the blade-type are large.

Skip-Tooth: The teeth space is more. This prevents the build-up of resin in the space. Softwoods, non-ferrous, and plastics can be handled with ease.

Regular-Tooth: This blade is good for diverse applications. It can be used on a majority of materials. 


The motor is a vital component of the band saw as it makes it modern in approach and aids in providing precision. It is measured in amps. Band saws are found holding motors with up to 10 amps and even more. This empowers the blade to do the cutting job with perfection to obtain the desired results. The speed of the product is measured in FPM that means feet per minute. This means the time taken by the blade to move on the object per minute. Two types of motors are found:

Brushed Motor: These have been around for a long time and commonly found in the band saw. The brush and commutator are the two parts of the motor. These are carbon brushes that lose their efficiency with time.

Brushless Motor: This type of motor has a small electronic circuit board. It draws the required energy to perform the task. These are more efficient to yield output and eliminate friction to operate smoothly. 

Cutting Height

Cutting height in portable band saw (310mm) is less than the stationary one (up to 550 mm). So the buyer can decide the machine depending upon their requirement. 

LED lighting

This is an additional feature that is in high demand amongst the buyers. It allows users to work in dark environments. Wen Two Speed Band Saw is a great option that the buyers can easily fetch having LED lights. 


The wheels are made of cast iron or aluminum. Aluminum is a great option for the wheels, but it is difficult to work on heavy objects since it is light in weight. For a lightweight tabletop band saw, this wheel is a great option. Cast iron can work efficiently on heavy objects. Stability and speed efficiency is also achieved with cast iron. 


Tables can be adjustable by 45 degrees. Tables use trunnions that are made up of different types of metals. A cracked trunnion can turn the experience into a nightmare for the user.

Safety Tips While Using Band Saw

  • Protect your fingers and keep them away from the blade.
  •  It is advisable to pull the board from the back of the saw while re-sawing. 
  • The length of the blade should be minimized so that accidents can be avoided.
  • Take infeed or outfeed support while working for longboards. It yields precision and accuracy and aids safety too.
  • Every task requires a particular width of the blade to work properly. The users should adjust the blade accordingly. Thick blades can perform well while cutting straight cuts, and thin boards work well for cutting curves. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, Delta steel frame bandsaw is the best choice. Moreover, it is essential to do the homework and equip the mind with the pointers that one should look for in the product. It helps the buyers to make the right decision and buy the perfect brand and product that can multiply the production and add precision to the tasks. But it also depends upon the individualistic needs of the buyers, and this is one of the most important factors that should not be overlooked. 

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