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Track and analyse advertising campaigns with the best affiliates marketing software; it offers live video session training to business partners to accomplish goals.

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  • Easy to navigate and manage
  • Accurate affiliate tracking software for market
  • Fraud protection system for transaction
  • Monitor and optimize marketing links for small URL
  • Offer video training for startups
  • Built in security feature for transaction
  • Represent Graphic design logos and charts
  • Provides both online and in person sessions
  • Track order from coupon and email marketing
  • Simple design dashboard for easy operation
  • Sharing with social media through facebook and instagram
  • Well- Suited for Seo ranking
  • Dashboard display for manually and automatically approved affiliate
  • WSWYG editor for email/message and text formatting
  • Built in fraud protection technology
  • Perfect affiliate marketing for online business
  • Offer beautiful templates for websites
  • Push notification alerts on smartphones and desktops
  • Easy to read reports and analyse data
  • Best affiliate services for social media platform
  • Built in promotional resources for affiliate programs
  • Promote business with social sharing facebook and twitter
  • Best affiliate tracking tools for sale
  • 24/7 customer and technical support
  • Multi- currencies and flexible payouts
  • Manage , track and analyse advertising campaign
  • Offer Integrated payout services
  • Helps to promotes products and services
  • Automatic Affiliate account creation for new customers
  • Fast and reliable wordpress plugin for business grow
  • Suitable for online sale marketing
  • Real time reporting and tracking data
  • Unlimited advertiser and custom domains
  • Advanced Anti-fraud logic system for cybersecurity
  • Flexible subscription plans
  • Integrates with eCommerce platform
  • Easily connect partner app for tracking affiliate orders
  • Update programs looks with customization options
  • Visualize all marketing data in one place
  • Support network all marketing channel
  • Works smarts with data driver marketers
  • Provide reporting access to media partner, clients and remote workers
  • Additional security and privacy for data
  • Multichannel marketing for business
  • Ideal affiliates marketing for professional service
  • Provides real time tracking data marketing programs
  • Easily share link across multi social network
  • Live data in form of graph and reports
  • 24/7 customer support services
  • Built in security against fraud protection
  • Engage with new partners
  • Perfect for small business
  • Seo-friendly links to convert in short URL
  • Automation of on-boarding and call tracking system

A Detailed Guide To Choose The Best Affiliate Tracking Software


Are you planning to enter the world of affiliate marketing but confused about the tracking systems in play? If yes, then it’s time for you to embrace the boom of marketing tools with open arms.

Believe it when we say that affiliate marketing is the next big thing in the digital domain. With an immense power to generate significant revenue and drive massive online sales, affiliate marketing programs are right up there, in terms of potential and money-making capabilities. 

With 81% of global brands already into the mix, Affiliate marketing, without a doubt, is a great way to make money online. Moreover, the concepts are easy, and you need to have a working network that benefits when products sell online.

That said, besides the right quality products, a rewarding affiliate marketing initiative requires handy conversions. This is where tracking becomes essential, and so is the role of a good affiliate tracking software.

Features To Look In Affiliate Tracking Software

Before we purchase the most appropriate tracking software for our affiliate marketing endeavors, it is necessary to look at the desirable feature sets.

Customer Registration

Your affiliate tracking software should support customizations based on registration and recruitment. Therefore, you must have access control concerning different aspects of the program. You should also have the power of linking various aspects of the affiliate program, to gain a better customer-centric perspective.

Automated Payouts

Nothing beats the utility of tracking software that delivers automated payments on a timely basis. It is necessary to opt for software capable of handling multiple accounts and making payments accordingly.

Fraud Detection

The best affiliate tracking tools come with a host of security features for eliminating fraud. The exciting platform should offer complete control to the user besides having the ability to flag malicious activities, if and when encountered. Compliance with the GDPR regulations is also necessary to take into account.

Holistic Portal

If you are serious about affiliate marketing, you will require a proactive feature that automatically reports insights, assets, and other aspects to optimize overall engagement. Therefore, the best affiliate tracking software is the one that brings a holistic platform into the mix while streamlining processes.

Ease of Using Affiliate Tracking Software

When it comes to factoring in the choices, the ease of usage plays a vital role in the selection process. The best affiliate tracking tools come with simple and easy to deploy interfaces. In most cases, the setup is seamless, and no plugin downloads are necessary. Moreover, an excellent tool also comes with a predefined user manual to simplify things for the user.

Furthermore, the concept of seamless usage also extends across the process of integration. A right tracking solution supports quick and easy integration of the shopping car or even a concerned e-commerce payment gateway.

Another factor regarding ease of usage concerns the ability of the relevant tracking tool to pair in multiple affiliate programs. You might have a mesh of affiliate networks to work with, but the concerned software must have the capability of adding them all.

Are Affiliate Tracking Tools Customizable?

A useful affiliate tracking tool is completely customizable. Validating this statement involves looking at the management control options associated with the same. The best ones in the business work pair up with diverse user requirements, regardless of the product or service in play. You can pair the tool with web hosting, e-commerce, and underlying retail affiliate platforms, and the software will continue to offer tracking analytics.

There are multiple tracking options that a powerful tool offers. However, to qualify as customizable, it must work with referral links, flash cookies, and even the IP address of the concerned affiliate user. In simpler words, the affiliate tracking tool must not showcase restrictive abilities.

Apart from that, a customizable tool also supports multi-tier affiliate marketing, followed by the inclusion of multiple creative for the job. If the tracking software is customizable, it must support page peels, banner advert development, and more.

Last but not least, multi-lingual support is yet another aspect that denotes the credibility of an excellent affiliate tracking tool. The concerned software must have the ability to process seamless multiple language translations, specifically to assist the affiliate marketers, regardless of the demographics.

Benefits Of Best Affiliate Marketing Tracking Software

Needless to say, a good affiliate tracking software comes with a host of perks for the marketers. These include:

Statistical Edge

Good tracking software like ‘Voluum’ offers a host of analytical tools and expertise to the user, including the availability of stats. Statistical insights, in the case of affiliate tracking tools, allow marketers to analyze the diverse aspects of an affiliate program. These include the number of clicks, overall conversions, total sales, ISP, language, and more.

Straightforward Integrations

The best idevaffiliate affiliate tracking software makes it easy for marketers to support integrations. With a decent tracking tool at disposal, affiliate marketers find it easy to integrate diverse traffic sources and networks, according to preferences.

Improved SEO

There are quite a few resourceful affiliate tracking tools that feature hashtag URL support for a given affiliate link, right before public viewing. Therefore, the Search Engine Optimization performance of the website increases, followed by better Google search rankings with the Tapfiliate software for e-commerce platform.

Tiered Rewards

Many affiliate programs have built-in tracking options in play. However, the best 3rd party affiliate tracking tools make way for tiered rewards, structured payout, models, and special promotions, which sweeten the pot further for the affiliate marketers.

Affiliate Tracking Flexibility

The best affiliate tracking review feels incomplete without discussing the flexibility of the same. Resourceful tracking tools, in most cases, offer the flexibility of open-source integrations. Here is one aspect that allows marketers to power the tracking tool based on preferences by installing new applications, software, and features.

Cost Of Affiliate Tracking Software

Although the prices vary depending on the features, customizability, and statistical presence of the concerned tracking tools, most of these are incredibly affordable. Moreover, any form of investment is easily re-procurable after a month or two of productive marketing. A useful affiliate tracking tool also makes may for additional discounts and even packs in a host of free resources for the marketers to make use of.

Customer Support System

The best affiliate programs for the website come with built-in tracking solutions and exceptional and prompt customer support systems. Moreover, the 3rd party solutions are also known for an efficient customer support system courtesy the inclusion of chatbots for addressing client queries. That said, once you purchase affiliate tracking tools, they remain functional for an extended period, courtesy of the frequent updates released by the company.


Affiliate marketing programs are incredibly productive when online money making is concerned. After the extensive survey we suggest you to opt for the best Post affiliate tracking tool for secure transactions. However, every marketing endeavor falls flat on the face if proper tracking solutions aren’t available. Affiliate marketing tracking software, therefore, makes it possible for the marketers to track their progress, followed by gaining insights regarding the ISP, customer buying patterns, and all the relevant aspects of marketing.

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