Best 8-foot Billiard/Pool Tables

Latest designed pool tables are incorporated with an advanced ball return feature for effective playing's with friends and family.

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  • Enjoy playing 8 pool with weathered finish billiard table
  • Stylish and stunning design pool table
  • Beautifully crafted with high-quality stained wood
  • Designed with a blend of Perfectly levelled and finished with rubber cushions
  • Premium quality and modern design billiard table
  • Features complete playing accessories
  • Constructed with cabinet grade wood
  • Luxury and complete playing equipment
  • Standard table for playing in home
  • Aluminum constructed billiard table
  • Metal table with anti resistant feature
  • Includes UV resistant polytech cloth
  • Provides excellent playability
  • Versatile waterproof 8 ball pool table
  • Aluminium construction ensures long lasting durability
  • Sleek frame enables tournament ready play
  • Contains ABS drop pockets, nylon cover, plastic brush
  • Signature series billiard table
  • Professionally crafted 8 foot table
  • Provides unlimited entertainment
  • Ultimate 8ft playing surface
  • Taper wood veneer legs
  • Diamond embossed synthetic leather pockets
  • Play bed with an internal levelling system
  • Great for indoor platforms
  • Oak finish concrete style legs
  • Manufactured wood play surface material
  • Professional grade wool felt the bed
  • Unique chip-proof billiard balls
  • Ultimate stability with metal frame
  • Slate play surface material
  • Plastic drop material packets
  • Noserubber for the uniform rebound
  • 4 canons and 2 rest shafts
  • Chrome insert on four extreme corners
  • Professional 8 feet dark brown playfield
  • Vintage red full optional mode
  • PU leather ball pockets
  • K66 thick bumper cushions
  • Scratch-resistant rail coating
  • Quick and simple installation process

Buying Guide To Buy The Best 8-foot Pool Table


The game of billiards has always been a popular way of socializing and making an entertaining Sports use of your time. It is known to us that whenever a game of billiards or pool would take place people would gather around and enjoy themselves, even as spectators. 

Today, the enjoyment of the games room can be brought into your home, and if you are looking for the same experience then the billiards table is just the thing for you. Not only does the pool table become your source of enjoyment, but it also serves as an excellent show-piece that will brighten up your living room and will always be something your guests will talk about.

What is a billiards table?

The 8-foot billiards table, which is also known as the '8 Billiards' is the standard sized table used for playing the game of billiards or even pool. The 8-foot billiards table is mostly used in homes or game rooms. The standard 8-foot billiards table size has a surface length of 88" | 224 cm and a surface width of 44" | 112 cm. The surface height of a standard 8-foot billiards table is 29 1/4 "-31" | 74.3-78.7 cm.

Now moving to the dimensions of the table, we need to understand that these dimensions are going to be the most vital factor to be considered while purchasing a standard 8-foot billiard table as this will help us to make space and place the table perfectly so you can have the best billiard table size for home use. The table length is 103" | 262 cm long, and the table width is 59" | 150 cm wide with the table height being 32" | 81.3 cm.

Things To Consider While Choosing The Best 8-foot Billiard Table


A standard 8-foot billiard table is a one-time investment that is expected to last a lifetime. A solid frame of wood is known to suit best on a pool table as it increases its strength and its capacity to hold screws. If you consider the fact that the frame is supporting almost 500 pounds, then you realize that the strength of the frame is highly crucial. You must look for the highest quality of wooden frames available within your budget as solid wood is the strongest and most lasting frame.

The screw holding capacity is also an essential factor, if the frame does not have a good screw holding capacity then it will not be able to maintain its rigid form. You must look for solid wood as it has a better screw holding power than particleboard and you won't have to worry about a wobbling 8-foot billiard table.

Top Rails

When you are looking for the top railings, you will find a wide variety of them in the market today. Go with the premium quality Harvil for better playing experience. Most of them are made of particleboard or solid wood. To get the most convenient one you must look into the solid wood rails as they are the best for multiple reasons.

The cushion rubber is glued directly on the rail surface. Years of playing cause the cushion rubber to be replaced, the particle board rail can chip; thus, it becomes unsuitable for re-glueing after the used cushions are removed. However, when you look at solid wood rails, this problem never arises.

Laminated Top Rails

The best playcraft billiard table manufacturers will advise you to select a modern billiard table which is laminated on the rails, you must make sure that the lamination is burn and scratch proof and a high-pressure lamination. The high-pressure laminate will give extra years to the life of your 8-foot billiard table.

Moreover, 8-foot billiard tables for kids require laminated rails the most, as it protects it from the damages that can be caused because of rough use throughout the years.

Two-Piece Rails

It would help if you always looked for a modern billiard table and full-size billiard table that have a two-piece wood rail which includes the rail cap and rail base. However, the rail base is usually made from pine. Keep in mind that the rail base made of poplar is much more superior as it is stronger than pine and can hold staples properly. You must ensure that the rail caps should also be made out of hardwood so that they don't easily dent or scratch.


Are you looking for the best cushion? Well, there are three vital features to look into a cushion. Firstly the cushion of an 8-foot billiard table should be a full profile K-66 cushion.

Second, the best billiard table brands will offer cushion, which is canvas-backed to give you the best experience with your modern billiard table and full-size billiard table. The canvas behind the rubber allows adhere to the cushion to the rail, and the canvas above the cushion controls the activities of the rubber in order to increase accurate and consistent play.

Finally, make sure that the cushion is of a good grade of rubber, preferably Grade A. The best billiard table manufacturers will provide you with the highest grade of cushion rubber to deliver excellent rebound quality.

Cloth Material

Wondering which cloth would suit your 8-foot billiard table the best? Well, then it would benefit you to know that a wool and nylon blend billiard cloth is mostly considered to be the best. No combination has ever proven to look more superior to wool and nylon and still manages to maintain the professional functions and playability. Ask your manufacturer or supplier for a 20 oz. Cloth with an 80% wool and 20% nylon content blend.

Leg Construction

It is not a surprise that the entire weight of a modern billiard table and full-size billiard table rests on its legs. This is the reason; strong leg construction is an important element. Most 8-foot billiard tables have either four individual legs or two pedestal-style legs. If pedestal-style legs are being used, you must make sure they are framed using solid wood instead of particle board or plywood. If four individual legs are used, you should ensure that the legs are of sufficient strength to be able to carry the weight of the table. Make sure you examine the method by which the legs attach to the table before purchasing it. This can help you understand the rigidity of the entire table.


The ultimate motive of purchasing the top class playcraft store billiard table is for it to last long so you can have a great time around it with your friends and family and if you intend to use it for a commercial purpose, well then it will require you to be more vigilant while buying an 8-foot billiard table as it will serve as your asset.

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