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Visual Underwater Drone

Visual Underwater Drone

Visual Underwater Drone Mini RC Submarine for Aqua Photography & Fishing

Visual Underwater Drone Features

  • Long 4800 mAh battery capacity
  • 1080P Full High Definition camera
  • Underwater anti-lost warning alerts
  • Built-in 16 GB of storage space

DJG Underwater Drone

The best drone is a contemporary Technology and stylish underwater aircraft with optimistic buoyancy free supervision can be affixed to the sports camera, the lighting device is light and gorgeous/effortless to restraint, not water-repellent, can also swim effectively.

The visual underwater drone mini RC submarine can go way Deeper than any other underwater drone. In order to see the more elegant underwater 50m extreme depth, you can get included in the abysses you have never been to.

The underwater drone is Powerful: a strong twin-engine with an optimal mortar algorithm that delivers up to 12kg of the significant impetus for an unparalleled underwater experience.

The wireless underwater drone has a built-in smart chip, creative energy detection, two high-quality batteries resume to cruise, along with a low battery mechanical warning. It has a modest operation mode, high speed and low speed, 60mins enduring life, swimming underwater world. The severable battery can be restored at any time. One machine can be fitted with multiple batteries and renewed in 3 seconds to meet the wants of the family.

The body of the undersea drones has an exterior interface, which can be fitted with a sports camera, etc., to seize the wonderful moments of underwater glamorous images and apprehend the underwater world.

The integrated layout of the mini RC drone main buoyancy cabin is modern and mobile, diminishing the looseness of elements brought by loading and unloading, credible and solid. The buoyancy cabin and the fuselage are melded, which is beneficial and straightforward. The machine has zero buoyancy. When the hands are released, the device will slowly float to the covering of the water. There is no need to worry about the appliance sinking into the sea. 

The mini RC underwater drone has a Simple and easy to use, the left and right propellers are balanced and designed, stable and easy to control, the button position matches the finger grip posture, and it is ready to use. Many further brands look at like qianlai or thorrobotics

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