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VIK Mini Drone for Kids

VIK Mini Drone for Kids

VIK Foldable Mini Drone for Kids & Beginners | RC Quadcopter Toys

VIK Mini Drone for Kids Features

  • Access remote control system upto 30-40 meters
  • Mini and portable quadcopter for children
  • Ultra manoeuvrable 3 modes of speeds
  • Auto takeoff, landing, and one return key
  • Best mini drones for playing indoor games
  • Ultra maneuverable and friendly for kids
  • Altitude hold mode and 3 speed switch function
  • 2 in 1 battery charging hub to charge 2 battery same time
  • Foldable design drones for comfortable carrying
  • 3 speed level option for controlling drone speed
  • Built in modular2 batteries to fly upto 14 minutes
  • Automatically takeoff and return back options

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