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Vida Cotton Mask

Vida Cotton Mask

Vida Pure 100% Cotton Protective Face Mask At Affordable Price

Vida Cotton Mask Features

  • Adjustable ear straps for comfortable and snug fit
  • Carbon activated fabric defends harmful germs
  • Protective mask with integrated metal nose piece

Vida - Protective Face Masks With Adjustable Straps For Superior Fit

Vida is here to offer the best face mask with design that provides for a comfortable fit and can be worn for daily use purposes. The face mask for ultimate protection has been crafted in 2 layers of 100% cotton that easily adapts to the different sizes of the faces with the help of adjustable straps. It features a hidden, metal nose piece which has been included for the best kind of snug fit to put it precisely. In the present times, a number of face masks are available like best Mother Denim face mask, etc. 

The arena where Vida leaves its exclusive mark is the fact that each mask comes with a multi-layer PM2.5 filter which has 2 layers of Meltdown filter and 1 layer of Carbon Activated filter that protects against harmful germs, unseen bacteria, and deadly viruses. The filters need to be replaced every 7 days for the best of benefits. Masks come in different patterns, colors, and designs like the best Arnold Schwarzenegger's face mask, etc. The Vida face mask has been crafted in 100% cotton and the dimensions of the face mask are 8.67" W x 6" H (ear loops not included). It is recommended that the face mask is hand washed and needs to be hanged to dry. The filters of best Vida face masks need to be removed before washing and since the filters are not washable therefore, it is recommended that they are replaced every 7 days of total usage.

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